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PJs :: Traits
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Jul 12, 2018 @ 10:09am
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PJs :: Traits

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With this mod I am (slowly) adding species traits to the game. Please give me requests if there's something you're missing (and please find a good PNG for it if you can)

Adding more than 5 traits to your species
You can get more than 5 traits per species from my Increased Maximum Traits mod.

Getting more trait points
You can get this from my Trait Point Technologies mod.

Severed Nerves
This is a special tech that gives you a trait with the same name. You can find the technology and trait in my Nerve Stapled Technology mod.

New Traits
  • Asari
  • Eldar
  • Quarian
  • Photosynthetic
  • Partial Photosynthetic
  • Psionic
  • Spartan
  • Vaulter
  • Artisan
  • Militarist

  • Geneticist - Uplifting tech from start
  • Gargantuan / Tiny - ???
  • Give me requests!

There should be no compability issues with this mod.

The idea for my Psionic trait comes from a previous mod, but I cannot remember which. I think it was a mod adding Asari, but there are quite a few of them now so I have no idea which. Kudos on whoever you are! Trait icons from This, and This mod.
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spazzie2098 Apr 18 @ 9:19am 
Now the reasoning for the Protoss:
Caste based people who are innately Psionic and use this connection to link their entire people together in something called the Kahlah. Are hyper advanced and have a great understanding of shielding and particle technologies. Due to Caste system the Protoss are not very good at diversifying, not to mention their technology is very opulent, often times if not made using Psionics then it takes them a very long time to finish construction. Protoss feed off light from stars and are absurdly long lived but as a result have few children
spazzie2098 Apr 18 @ 9:19am 
Now the reasoning for the Zerg:
Hive-minded Species known to "Consume Entire Worlds in hours" with nothing but biotech as their only technology. The Zerg Swarm grows their buildings and are hyper adaptable. The thing is, they treat their army units like cannon fodder due to the fact that they can simply pump out thousands more in mere MINUTES as such they have nothing to fear from most forces. In order to even Function properly they use most of the resources they harvest for the gestation process. The Zerg have an innate understanding of their own genome to the point where they are able to modify it with nothing but the cocoons from which they gestated from.

spazzie2098 Apr 18 @ 9:18am 
Your welcome also Here is some Starcraft 2 Inspired Traits

+500% Pop growth
+500% Army Training Speed
-90% Army Health
+70% Habitation
-50% Job Resource
+300% Bio Research Speed
+300% Civil Engineering Research Speed
*this trait is Hive mind exclusive
*Starts with Genome Mapping Tech

-75% Pop Growth
+500% Unity
+90% Army Health
-10% Reaserch Speed
+500% Ship Shields
-90% Ship Build Speed
+100% Ship Cost
+310% Particles Research Speed
+310% Psionics Research Speed
*Starts with Psionics Trait
*Feeds off Energy
PrinceJonn  [author] Apr 18 @ 6:04am 
Which means the krogans should have good pop growth but there should be a new trait called genophage which makes it lesser. I like it!
CaptainKampfkeks Apr 18 @ 4:54am 
@spazzie2098 Ah, I see. Wouldn't know, since I don't have ME3, only 1 and 2.
spazzie2098 Apr 17 @ 5:27pm 
@CaptainKampfkeks In ME3 you are allowed the option to remove the genophage virus that prevents the Krogan from reproducing at a absurd rate
CaptainKampfkeks Mar 26 @ 8:01am 
You're right. Kind of forgot about that one. Purity in mind, not so much in blood. I can see the point in that.
Shade Mar 26 @ 12:02am 
Dude, Advent were the influence/mindrape empire. Remember the whole ability to build broadcast stations to push your influence onto enemy empire colonies and make them turn to the advents side/rebel? They are _the_ opinion masters.
CaptainKampfkeks Mar 25 @ 10:40am 
@Shade My own two cents:

Human Traders
+25% (or 10%) trade value (not just from jobs, but space as well)

Vasari are spot on. Though maybe a small buff to energy weapons, like 10%, to represent their advanced phase weapons.

Personally, I see the Advent as more of a single people, who like to keep to themselves, aka Xenophobe. So I'd say no to "+20 opinion with other empires if you got them in your empire"

Ass Effect (nice one)

Isn't it almost impossible for Krogans to reproduce, or did the Genophage lifted in the later games? Only played ME1 and a bit of 2 yet.

Geth are a nice idea, spot on.
Shade Mar 24 @ 2:35pm 
Ass Effect;

Krogan: +200% Army Health, +50% Army Damage, -25% Army Cost, -25% Pop Growth Speed, -20 Opinion Of Other Empires.

Geth (Robot Trait): Like the hoarder trait, this may be to much work. Idea is, they get -20% research (all) from jobs base. But for every pop on a planet, they get a stacking planet modifier for +1% research from jobs, up to +50% at 50 or more pops, to represent the geths ability to become more intelligent in larger numbers.