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Surviving Mars

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ChoGGi's Mods
List of all my mods for Surviving Mars (that are on the Workshop).
Have a suggestion on how to improve one of my mods, or an idea you want to implement?
Post below or on the SM Modders Discord[]

More on Github[], mods are also available on NexusMods[], or filter ChoGGi on ParadoxMods[]. If there's a mod on here that isn't on Nexus/Paradox, let me know.

Github/NexusMods have mods that don't work with the Workshop:
  • Skip Logos Seeing them once is more than enough for me (plus I restart the game a lot).
  • Skip Missing Mods & DLC Msgs Yes, I know I don't have that mod/dlc installed, but I don't care.

If you're thinking of donations; MSF[] would appreciate them.
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Expanded Cheat Menu
Created by ChoGGi
and Modding Tools. Enables cheat menu, cheat info pane, console, examine object, adds a few hundred menu items.
The mod for modding Surviving Mars.

Requests are welcome.

If you don't know where a menu item is; Menu>Help>List All Menu Items (use "Filter I...
ChoGGi's Library
Created by ChoGGi
Contains stuff needed by most of my mods: Mod options, UI elements, and other stuff.

Chinese (Simplified) by aiawar.

Also available at:
Infobar More Info
Created by ChoGGi
Want to know if your battery storage will last the night? See how many resources are remaining in occupied deposits. Curious why you keep getting a "not enough power" warning even though capacity is full?

Resource tooltips:
Stored Resources Remaining ...
Construction Show Buildable Grid
Created by ChoGGi
Show different colours for different types of hexes during construction (disable in mod options).
Press Numpad 0 to toggle grid anytime (rebind in game options).

Passable (drones/rovers can drive here), Buildable (buildings can be placed here)
Green = pas...
Construction Show Dust Grid
Created by ChoGGi
Obsolete: Devs added this to base game (you can still use it, and it works better than their implementation).

Show dust grids for all dust generating buildings during construction of any building.
Press Numpad 2 to toggle grid anytime (rebind in game...
Remove Unwanted Colonists
Created by ChoGGi
Adds a button to the colonist selection menu to send them back to Earth.
Use mod options to automagically suck up colonists of certain traits/ages.

A pod will come down and hover around the colonist till they make the mistake of going outside.
Once th...
Orbital Prefab Drops
Created by ChoGGi
Prefabs are now stored on a space station that will launch them down to the build site.

Something like this was removed from the beta builds? For shame ;)

Mod Options:
Inside/Outside Buildings: If you don't want them being dropped off inside (or out...
Martian Carwash
Created by ChoGGi
Drive your ride through our full service car wash. You don't want to drive a dirty ride, and you shouldn't have to look at one.
Also does drones.

This only affects visuals, not maintenance points.
Dome Teleporters
Created by ChoGGi
In-dome teleporters that act like passages (also shows connected lines when you select one).
This will allow you to have pure resident domes that connect to the work/leisure domes.
You can set shifts that colonists are allowed to use the teleporter.
Treat ...
Find Map Locations
Created by ChoGGi
Find landing spots with/without a combination of breakthroughs (Extractor AI), resources (metals2), threats(dust_devils4), etc.

Left click an item to move the globe to it.
For something easier to use: Surviving Maps[]
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