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How I Play AlphaMod 2.1
New version of the game, it's time for a new How I Play. Here's where I add various mods that I've made that work with AlphaMod 2.1, as well as a few by my favourite mod authors that I can confirm are compatible.

Oh noes red exclamation mark? See:

RE: v2.2
A lot of AlphaMod's features and content looks likely to become redundant (myself and PDX do tend to want a lot of the same stuff for Stellaris), so I'm planning to split the mod up into features and content that can be salvaged, after I've had a chance to play v2.2.

Once I'm done with the separate releases, I'll take a look at them and decide then whether to pull them all together for a complete AlphaMod for 2.2.

Want to say thanks for the mods I make? Clicky one and cheers for your consideration!
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AlphaMod 2.1
Created by AlphaAsh
An unofficial expansion for Stellaris.

RE: v2.2
A lot of AlphaMod's features and content looks likely to become redundant (myself and PDX do tend to want a lot of the same stuff for Stellaris), so I'm planning to split the mod up into feat
AlphaMod: Civic Virtues
Created by AlphaAsh
Tweaked and new civics for AlphaMod.

Requires AlphaMod 2.0 or AlphaMod 2.1.

  • Numerous changes to vanilla civics.
  • Some give you more free stuff.
  • Adds some new civics. More planned.
  • Increases starting
AlphaMod: Divided Loyalties
Created by AlphaAsh
More faction conflict for Stellaris.

Requires AlphaMod 2.1.

- Take suppressing vanilla factions one step further and ban them!
- Several 'extreme' factions can form, that will be difficult to please.
- Includes new 'slave' factions,...
AlphaMod: The Frontier
Created by AlphaAsh
Initial colony development automation.

Requires AlphaMod 2.1.

Combining the features of Shanty Town and some deprecated buildings originally found in earlier versions of AlphaMod, this supplement automates the initial development of n...
AlphaMod: Traders (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Galactic opportunities for galactic profits.

Requires AlphaMod 2.1.

Tech: Interplanetary Trade Initiatives
To begin building your trade empire, you'll need this tech. It will unlock the Trade Station building. This can ...
AlphaMod: Traditional Thinking
Created by AlphaAsh
AlphaMod technologies and buildings unlocked by traditions.

Requires AlphaMod 2.0 or AlphaMod 2.1.

Certain tradition picks will now unlock a technology and/or a special building. Some of these unlocks are ethos restricted.

Alternative Building Names
Created by AlphaAsh
Renames and reskins some buildings. That's it.

Hydroponics become plain ol' farms. Power plants become urban centers. Mining networks become industrial centers. Only names and icons of buildings are changed. Nothing else is altered.

Alternative Tilesets (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Alternative tiles for Gaia, Alpine, Savanna, Tomb & Ringworlds.

Includes two tilesets originally released separately, for Alpine and Savanna worlds, two tilesets originally released in AlphaMod, for Gaia and Tomb worlds and a tileset for Ringwo...
CityScapes (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Additional selectable cityscapes.

Adds a new cityscape, Medieval, enables two vanilla cityscapes for use for player empires, Industrial and Pre-industrial (Spiritual), and brings five modded variants based on existing cityscapes, Graphite, Mili...
Defence Exhaustion
Created by AlphaAsh
Losing Defense Armies causes War Exhaustion.

Saw whinging on forums. Threw mod together in 10 minutes.

Over-rides 00_defense_armies.txt so biological and synthetic defence (sorry, defense) armies give 0.5 WE when deaded, and robot and machin...
Do Want (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Strategic Resources worth fighting for.

Associated empire unique buildings worth destroying. You know, strategy stuff.

This mod nerfs vanilla strategic resources, and a large chunk of their benefit now comes from an associated empire unique ...
Gods and Guardians (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
New missions for Observation Posts and related events.


We Are Your Gods
The natives are led to believe that you are their gods. You effectively enslave them from above.
Cannot be used by: fanatic spiritualists, ...
Hands of State (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
A small collection of additional governor traits.

This leader is a number cruncher who can squeeze energy credits out of a rock.
Energy Output: +10%
Pop Happiness: -5%

This leader knows how to keep every...
Homeworld Ethics (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
16 empire unique buildings for an empire's homeworld.

Which can be built is based on the ethics of the empire.

Each fanatic ethic allows the player and AI to build both the fanatic and non-fanatic empire unique building on their homeworld.
Natural Selection (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
A small selection of traits with a focus on the concept of natural selection.

This mod does edit the vanilla file 04_species_traits.txt in order to define appropriate opposites with available vanilla traits.

Orbital Riches (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Rare and rich deposits in orbit.

This simple mod adds a small chance of a rare and relatively rich deposit being added in orbit of a star or non-habitable planet, once surveyed. Each system may only ever generate a maximum of one and the more b...
Outpost (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
More useful Outposts.

Spun off from the now redundant mod Spaceport, this mod makes a number of changes and additions to Outposts.

  • All Outposts are now listed in the outliner, in the Starbases category.
  • All Outposts now h
!AlphaMod: Outpost X
Created by AlphaAsh
Even more useful Outposts in AlphaMod.

Requires AlphaMod 2.1 & Outpost (2.0/2.1).

The mod makes some changes and additions to Outpost, including:

- Outposts now have one module as well as one building slot available.
- The AI gets...
Planet Specialising Edicts (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Because I like planet edicts and specialising planets.

I've no idea why planet edicts were removed and changed into empire edicts either. So I did some new ones for planets.

Each edict has a base cost of 100 influence and base duration of 50...
Centers of <Planet Specialism> (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Planet Unique buildings for specialised planets.

Requires Planet Specialising Edicts.

This mod allows you to build an appropriate center of excellence on a planet that is specialised. Once an empire has five of a particular center, it...
Capitals of <Planet Specialism> (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Empire Unique buildings for specialised planets.

Requires Planet Specialising Edicts and Centers of <Planet Specialism>.

Four empire unique capitals (please note, these do not upgrade or replace vanilla capitals), requiring a n...
Psion (now with Extra Fluffy!)
Created by AlphaAsh
Next level Psionic Ascension.

Requires DLC: Utopia.

This mod adds some additional content and features for those who pursue psionic ascendancy.

CIVIC: Psionic Awakening
Jump start your psionic ascendancy. Take a look at the...
Ringworlder (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Ringworld populations and buildings rescaled.

Ringworlder takes a stab at trying to scale up ringworld populations and buildings without utterly annihilating game-balance.

Shut Up, We Don't Care! (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
No more diplomacy alert spam.

Ding ding ding. The constant ding of crappy AI continuously changing its mind about rivalries, defensive pacts and all that other s h i t I don't care about.

Patch notes continue to suggest the spam has been r...
.SR. Starbase Buildings (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
New buildings for Starbases in systems with strategic resources.

Seven new buildings for starbases, that leverage a tapped strategic resource in the system.

The SR is not consumed. Each building provides a bonus to ships built at the starbas...
The Utopian Dream (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Tweaking and expanding Utopia.
Requires Stellaris: Utopia DLC.

This mod includes specialised habitats and a huge terraforming world-shell.

Genesis Initiator
World-shapers can construct this around...
Ethical Habitats
Created by AlphaAsh
Habitat variants for each ethic.

Requires Utopia DLC and The Utopian Dream.

Each fanatic ethic may build a maximum of 2 of their variant. Each non-fanatic ethic may build a maximum of 1 of their variant.

Variant habitats may ...
Vanilla Buildings Revised (2.0/2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Revises the balance of vanilla buildings.

The balance-point revisions work best with AlphaMod but you can use the mod standalone. If you don't like the changes, don't use the mod.

  • Practically all build times and costs revised.
  • S
Wormhole Generation
Created by AlphaAsh
Generate wormholes with a starbase building.

To unlock the building requires the Wormhole Stabilization tech, and then either the Voidborn ascension perk or the Gateway Construction tech.

A wormhole will be generated at the end of the month ...
Xeno Fauna (2.1)
Created by AlphaAsh
Find and exploit animals on alien worlds.

This simple mod adds several planet-based alien animals (strategic resources) for you to discover and exploit.

Here's how you go about doing that:

1 - Research Xeno Fauna Exploitation (a new tier ...
Claims Decay - Dynamic Diplomacy
Created by Toaster
Ever been unable to invite a long-term associate to join a federation because of a war they had with a member 200 years ago? Can't form a federation in the first place because you took a system someone wanted of a mutual enemy 100 years ago? This mod shoul...
EAC: At War
Created by The Dadinator
NOTE: This mod is not being updated to version 2.2. Sorry.

Tired of sitting passively while your enemies bombard your planets? Need carrier ships that can launch strike craft early and stay back from the fight? Your bastion citadels feel underpow...
Extra Ship Components 2.0
Created by NHunter
!!! This is the Stellaris 2.1 version of this mod !!!
You can find 1.9 version here
You can find 2.2 version [url=
Extra Ship Components 2.0 - Overwrites
Created by NHunter
!!! This is the Stellaris 2.1 version of this mod !!!

This mod contains the overwritten files for "Extra Ship Components 2.0":
- Vanilla ship component...
Futurama Voice Advisor
Created by NotSoBraveDave
[img] [/img]


By using simple compression, rarefaction and some harmless gamma radiation, I've managed to harness your voices into a playable Stellaris mod!

Although I slightly miscalcul...
Gateway Icons - Construction Notification
Created by Toaster
Keep losing your gateway construction sites? Wish they showed up on the map just like deactivated gateways did?

Gateway Icons
Every gateway construction site shows the same red 'Gateway in system' icon on the galactic map that deactivated gat...
Guilli's Plantoid Ship Graphics Pack
Created by Guilliman
Guilli's Plantoid Ship Graphics Pack

Compatible with version 1.4.+ and all other DLC.
This mod requires the plant...
Masters of Nature
Created by starchitec
2.1 for now, 2.2 is coming

Land Clearance Improved

Tired of mastering nature and thinking, all I got was one lousy tile? Well now you don't have to stop at flattening mountains and filling in the sea, you can create underground cities...
!Masters of Nature AlphaModded
Created by AlphaAsh
Integrates subterranean and sky development with AlphaMod.

Requires AlphaMod 2.1 and Masters of Nature/Land Clearance.

  • You can no longer carry out subterranean development of a habitable gas-giant, asteroid or molten world, o
Technology Ascendant
Created by starchitec
Dynamic Research
Have you ever felt technology across the galaxy was too equal? No one rising to the top in a certain field, but lagging behind in others? Do you miss institutions from EU4? I know I do.

This adds twelve breakthrough te...
Tiny Building Constructions
Created by folk
Tinyifies the list of buildings available for construction on planets!
100% compatible with 1080/1440 addons, and all addons that add buildings, basically.

I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun...
Tiny Planets! (in Outliner)
Created by folk
"Tiny Planets! (in Outliner)" removes most of the cruft from the planet list in the Outliner!
1.3.x Compatible.

It removes the star system name and planet class tag.

Occupation, Blockade, and Invasion icons are shown as of latest upd...
Unique Systems Spawn 100%
Created by had
With this simple mod vanilla unique solar systems will be in every game.

Dlc systems like leviathans, enclaves and so will be in every game if you have needed dlc.

For Stellaris 2.2.*

Savegame compatibility
New game needed....
!Alphamod Polish Version
Created by Mr.Kocur
Modyfikacja zawiera spolszczenie :
AlphaMod 2.1 ( )
AlphaMod: Civic Virtues ( )
AlphaMod: The Frontier ( https://steamcommun...
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thelazygun2001 Nov 29 @ 3:53pm 
Yeah please keep up the good work as PDX need people like yourself to make the game complete these days. God its rough without mods to play.
Sullfer Nov 23 @ 11:31pm 
Keep up the great work!
AlphaAsh  [author] Nov 23 @ 2:13am 
A lot of AlphaMod's features and content looks likely to become redundant (myself and PDX do tend to want a lot of the same stuff for Stellaris), so I'm planning to split the mod up into features and content that can be salvaged, after I've had a chance to play v2.2.

Once I'm done with the separate releases, I'll take a look at them and decide then whether to pull them all together for a complete AlphaMod for 2.2.
Astraeos Nov 22 @ 4:26pm 
So any news whether or not you are continuing modding after 2.2 or not?
SmartCats Oct 28 @ 10:39am 
Thx, it might be too much anyway. Cool mod.
AlphaAsh  [author] Oct 28 @ 10:21am 
I don't know.
SmartCats Oct 28 @ 10:02am 
Is there a galaxy size mod that works along AlphaMod 2.1?
Vargeist Oct 26 @ 1:51am 
thank you for your work
AlphaAsh  [author] Aug 8 @ 1:16am 
Darn Aug 7 @ 8:36pm 
It's saying some of these mods are out of date, is it a false positive? or will these mods not work?