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[WOTC]Mass Effect Batarian
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Apr 30 @ 3:27am
Apr 30 @ 3:27am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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[WOTC]Mass Effect Batarian

This mods add a batarian from Mass Effect 3 to Xcom 2 in the form of customization parts available for males only

Batarian animated head static
Batarian animated head colourable

Batarian MP Sentinel torso
Batarian MP Sentinel torso with spikes
Batarian MP Sentinel left arm
Batarian MP Sentinel left arm with spikes
Batarian MP Sentinel right arm
Batarian MP Sentinel right arm with spikes

While the invisble head mod isn't required per se you do need A invisible head . Meaning if you use one of Kexx's mass effect mods like the palavan mod you can just that invisble head and be fine without the one listed here as required.

Bioware\EA - Mass Effect franchise
Firaxis - Xcom 2
nach77- for making the models and textures available
ArjenW -for making the thumbnail

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GUA May 9 @ 9:54am 
IGDOOD- You can use the augmentations power punch for him.
Pluvia May 9 @ 7:20am 
Cavily  [author] May 9 @ 4:35am 
@Pluvia I have been working on the Collectors, but I can't upload them as my laptop is away for repairs :steamsad: .
Pluvia May 9 @ 4:28am 
Hey, would you be willing to add the Collectors, the normal one, ascended, and captain, as characters? And Cerberus too?

I would absolutely love that! I'd even donate to your patreon for that!
Cylindryk May 7 @ 4:18am 
@Farley The Goblin King - Why? As I stated before, I watch people playing with that, so I know perfectly what it adds. Not enough, not for that price, not for what it breaks. And it gives you one perfect class for everything - Templar.
@Disco Mann - not exatly "DLC hatred". More like, when I have to choose WotC or LW2, I find LW2 better, more interesting. And, well, paying for a DLC like for a new game is stupid imo. Not worth it.
@Purple - Then install MOCX and have Batarians fighting against you. ;)
@Deadput - As I stated before, if noone says it, then there is no chance for it being converted to vanilia. If you felt annoyed - I apologize. But please try to see it from my perspective.
Of course all of this would be non-existing if LW2 make it to WotC, but, eh. :(
Purple May 6 @ 4:20am 
I won't tolerate any batarian scum on my ship, sorry
Ghoul Mann May 6 @ 12:29am 
I’ll be honest, I kind do wish for a non WOTC for those that cannot afford the DLC due to budgets, or in Cylindriks case living in that state of mind of dlc hatred
Farley The Goblin King May 4 @ 8:20pm 
@Cylindrik you have no idea what war of the chosen is about, clearly, so you should probably quit talking about it
TheOkri27 May 4 @ 1:46am 
Nice screenshots. I could never get that mode working.
dawntemplers May 2 @ 2:48am 
I think we also need a mod that turns the Lost models into the Husks from ME as well, even though they already behave the same anyway