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[WOTC]Mass Effect Vorcha
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Apr 29 @ 8:33am
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[WOTC]Mass Effect Vorcha

This mods add two vorcha models from mass effect 3 to the game in the form of customization parts

"Out all of the cool races and armour that could be ported from the Mass Effect franchise I chose the Vorcha"

UPDATE 29-04-16
Added smoothing to the vertices

Vorcha Multiplayer Head Static and Colourable version
Vorcha Multiplayer Arms Static and Colourable version
Vorcha Multiplayer Torso Static and Colourable version
Vorcha Multiplayer Head Static and Colourable version

Vorcha Main game Head Colourable
Vorcha Main game Arms Colourable
Vorcha Main game Torso Colourable
Vorcha Main game Head Colourable

Some small gaps between spikes from the elbow on the Vorcha model from the main game

The Vorcha Multiplayer model has second underarm thingies that connect from his torso to his elbow which look stretched when his arms move but this seems unavoidable to me
Due to the backwards bent legs of the Vorcha model from the main game I had some troubles rigging them to to human xcom skeleton. The legs work mostly fine but there are some clipping gaps on his knees when crouching mostly present when looting.

Also the eyes are animated , but they can clip slightly when the eyes move to their utmost right or left. Let me know in the comment if you guys find this bearable or if want me to make the eyes static and not animated

Possibly add face animations.

While the invisble head mod isn't required per se you do need A invisible head . Meaning if you use one of Kexx's mass effect mods like the palavan mod you can just that invisble head and be fine without the one listed here as required.

Bioware\EA - Mass Effect franchise
Firaxis - Xcom 2
nach77- for making the models and textures available
ArjenW -for making the thumbnail
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Cavily  [author] Jul 26 @ 12:12pm 
Not sure why they wouldn´t appear in game, they are appearing fine for me.
Orton Ville Jul 26 @ 10:25am 
I have 72 mods active in the alternative mod launcher and this is the only one not working. I have tried subbing/unsubbing for several times and have checked the content 1372274879 and everything's there, just not showing up in game. please help. thank you for your attention.
Neo Pacifist Weapon Jul 13 @ 10:55am 
it should be enemy ... realy
LAZORBORB Jul 11 @ 4:44pm 
Man, all of your cosmetic mods are great, but... I'd really love to see them turned into Allies Unknown plugins. Keep up the awesome work, and thank you for making XCOM more ME-ish!
jweller12 Jun 22 @ 12:36am 
now they just need passive regeneration, like in the lore.
Cavily  [author] Jun 10 @ 2:26pm 
@Poonikins I use the debug camera which is on the workshop
poonikinshorseguy Jun 10 @ 2:00pm 
How did you make the camera go into the bar in the screenshots?(Sorry if you dont understand)
rabIdFUNGUS May 4 @ 5:15am 
would love to see this turned into an alien unknown plugin
ImissAlltime May 3 @ 9:03pm 
Any plans to bring in Protheans? or some mass effect armors?
VertigoJockey May 3 @ 5:39pm 
Its weird but I actually can see the Vorcha working with the Skirmishers and XCom. Given how they were treated as vermin in the Mass Effect series, they'd be an unlikely ally due to actually being given respect.