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Gwen's Challenges 2.0/2.1
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Gwen's Challenges 2.0/2.1

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Gwen's Mods 2.1
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How Gwen plays Stellaris 2.1
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Can you beat the game with these massive changes in game-play granted by these civics? Split off from my drawbacks mod and provide additional and revamped versions of the challenges it had. the habitat challenge is based on my spaceborn civic from 1.6

There will be some balance issues, glitches, and other problems. Please let me know here or in my discord group so I can fix them.

Honestly, I don't really like the ship size challenges much but I know folks like them so I'm keeping them in and trying to think of a better way to balance them in the future.
  1. Someone to help me get the AI working better with the mod
  2. Someone to help me manage threads, forums, and similar things.
I edited the megastructures/habitats file to make the habitat challenge work properly.
To make this mod compatible with other mods that edit the same file modders just need to add this code at the bottom of the core habitat after the line "set_planet_flag = habitat"
If = { limit = { FROM = { has_civic = gwen_habitat_challenge } } set_owner = FROM best_tile_for_pop = { create_pop = { species = owner_main_species } } }

Someone is going to be writing better fluff descriptions for me when they have time as well as finish the icon work.

Support the mod!
You can support the mod by commenting on balance, making bug reports, and offering suggestions. You can also click these buttons to push the mod closer to the front page of the workshop. This is the best method for discovery other than word of mouth.

  1. My avatar is done by Jennifer D'aww. It is used as part of the title graphic.
  2. Thanks to kashou for editing the images together for the title card[]
  3. Special thanks to Alien From Beyond, my current #1 bug finder and playtester

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Vault76Survivor Jun 24 @ 8:09am 
Nice! Enjoying the hell out of your mods btw!
GwenBlanketKnight  [author] Jun 24 @ 7:55am 
I will at least give oikiphobic immunity to pirates to help deal with the issue
GwenBlanketKnight  [author] Jun 24 @ 7:53am 
sovled it. ti ws lsited as its own opposite due to a bad copy paste error on my part
GwenBlanketKnight  [author] Jun 24 @ 7:51am 
that is very very werid. I"ll look at it and get a fix up asap
Vault76Survivor Jun 24 @ 7:44am 
When you select The Few That Remain in the empire creation menu, the civic immediately turns red. Since the game will not allow you to select "Done" until all invalid empire options are fixed, you can't actually start an empire with The Few That Remain. Normally, you can float your mouse over the "Government and Ethics" button on the left to see incompatibilities that might cause this. For Few That Remain, though, the tooltip just says "The The Few That Remain Challenge Civic is invalid with your choice of ethics, Authority, and other Civics." I have yet to find a combination of civics and government that will actually allow me to play the challenge.
GwenBlanketKnight  [author] Jun 24 @ 4:29am 
trying to track down whats causign issue with the few that remain. not sure honeestly. what do you mean by incompatible with everything? it kilsl pops on a palnet so it shouldn't work with anythign that alters starting planet pops. and yeah oikiphobic was meant to have trouble with anything outside hteir borders. I hadn't thought about pirates much. I haven't reallyed palyed my own civics here yet. might be something but i'd ahve to think about it
GwenBlanketKnight  [author] Jun 15 @ 11:08am 
I could have sworn I set it so the AI empires woudl never get them. I"m working on an update for soem aspects of this mod and appreciate the feedback. I'll make sure to find an additonal solution to stop them from getting them.
Vault76Survivor Jun 14 @ 2:31pm 
Also, maybe it's just an update, but The Few That Remain seems to be incompatible with everything.
Vault76Survivor Jun 14 @ 12:42pm 
Interesting mod, but I have one question. Are Oikophobic races supposed to have 0 fire rate when in neutral territory? The problem I ran into is that pirates were pretty much immortal. You can't kill them in your own territory for obvious reasons, and you can't kill them by destroying their home station because that station is in neutral territory, so they just kind of run around rampant unless someone else kills them. Is there a counterstrategy I'm missing, or are pirates intended to be the ultimate killing machines against this challenge mode?
YRYR♪♪ | Funami♥ Jun 4 @ 10:17pm 
i'm enjoying the mod a lot, just that it seems EVERY Ai empire chooses one of the challenges so it makes the galaxy really weird