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CGO - Curated Gameplay Overhaul
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Mar 22 @ 9:36am
Jun 7 @ 6:55am
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CGO - Curated Gameplay Overhaul

This is a specially curated mod-pack with several modifications to the original mods on which this overhaul is based on.

This mod is firstly based off of "Petruxa's Cultural Overhaul [Ethics - Civics - Traditions]".
(It's a great mod which I can recommend on it's own as well)

1. I have however made modifications to how the ethics-system works:
*A civilisation has to choose 6-7 ethics (This means that every ethic cost 1 point)
*Every ethic has been adjusted as to have both positive and negative effects
*The ethics Capitalism, Fanatic Capitalism, Socialism and Fanatical Socialism are different from all the other ethics (these are the economic positions of the civ) in that the fanatical versions cost 2 points and allow the civ to only choose 6 ethics instead of 7. Also there are only positive aspects to choosing economic ethics.

2. I have included a selection of trait mods: "Svafa's Expanded Species Traits", "Proxima: Traits" and "Stellaris: More Negative Species Traits". I have however changed a few things in them:
*Every race can choose a mode of consumption (omnivore, carnivore etc.) for free with no trait cost or trait
count cost
*I have also made various minor changes

3. I have included Gatekeeper's "Planetary diversity" which adds 21 new planets including new 16 starting planets. I highly recommend (although these aren't mandatory) Dwaine and SoulDoubt's visual mods:
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, (Reworked) Planetary Diversity
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Base
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Inhabitable planets
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Uninhabitable planets

4. The following mods are mods that i have added in but which I have kept as is:
*Kalash Grum and Condutiarii's "Collection of flags"
*Guilliman's "Guilli's Planet Modifiers"
*Twink315's "Interesting cities" and "interesting Ships"
*Synarix "Free Camera Movement"
*JareeZy "48 Empire Colors Revival"

5. Lastly I have made a minor visual change with my favourite molluscoid race (minor thing).
I have also removed all of the pregenerated civs except for the humans of earth, which i have modified to fit the mod.

I am open for suggestions and other things, but I'm pretty new in the modding community, so I can't guarantee that I can see anything to fruition. And you are of course free to use and edit this mod as you please, as long as it's ok with anyone of the original content creators, I guess.

If you are one of the creators of the following mods and want this removed, for some reason, or to be credited otherwise please contact me and I will abide.

Lastly I give my thanks to the original content creators:

Petruxa for
Cultural Overhaul [Ethics - Civics - Traditions]

Gatekeeper for:
Planetary diversity

Guilliman for
Guilli's Planet Modifiers

Svafa for
Svafa's Expanded Species Traits

Twink315 for
Interesting cities and Interesting ships

Kalash Grum and Condutiarii for
Collection of flags

Krichase for
Proxima: Traits

Simultanious Lovin' for
Stellaris: More Negative Species Traits

JareeZy for
48 Empire Colors Revival

Synarix for
Free Camera Movement

And Dwaine and SoulDoubt for:
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, (Reworked) Planetary Diversity
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Base
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Inhabitable planets
Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Uninhabitable planets
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Chairman Meow  [author] Jun 5 @ 1:39am 
Hello and sorry for my absence.
I have run this mod quite a few times now but I haven't met any glitched systems yet.
Can you point to any reoccurring points, kamirAurelia?
I will try finding the problem with the Plentiful traditions and see what I can do, Kepos.
Thanks for your feedback guys.
Kepos Apr 14 @ 7:34am 
Found a missing perk in the Discovery traditions:

Had a similar problem with Plentiful Traditions 2.0.2 , but he offered a (now deleted) Beta hotfix, which solved it. Probably you may want to exchange with @Chairman Meow about.
Kepos Apr 14 @ 6:42am 
Fine mod compilation with a good bunch of mods I'm already using.

BTW, would you mind to think about Reworked Planetary Diversity Reborn instead of Planetary Diversity? The different roaster just makes more sense from my view.
KamirAurelia Mar 31 @ 5:09pm 
So anyone using this mod have issues with glitched systems appearing?