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Deus Vult Crusader armour&start(s) V4
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Mar 19, 2018 @ 12:30am
Mar 26, 2018 @ 1:05am
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Deus Vult Crusader armour&start(s) V4

This was mainly just made for me to test out porting, weight painting, custom armours, texture modification. It's pretty janky and terrible, sometimes because of limitations and workarounds from FCS and a lot from this being my first attempt and generally being bad at all of it.

Also because I'm tired of the fantasy/skimpy stuff you usually see in mods.

- NEW: Craftable crusader armour, after you do plate armour crafting and get the heavy armour smithy you can research crusader armor crafting which just adds onto the heavy armor smithy where you can make each piece. I have no idea if it works so tell me about it my dudes. Also it's gonna look weird without the underchain crusader race gets.

- Crusader start(s) with a really dumb introductory concept, with a single crusader, around eight, around fifteen and ninety nine crusaders

- Crusader race that constantly wears chainmail because setting a clothing texture under shirt or armour slot doesn't add both and I'm limited to a single mesh+texture per slot (atleast you get the full benefits by default and get some weird red deus vult underwear)

- Because I added all the chain to the chainmail skin and have no idea how to accurately do everything their neck is a shade off. Woops. Fixed that, probably. I think I did.

- Great helmet, coat top, skirt, and armor plates all really janky, especially because I had to decimate meshes alot to make Kenshi like them

- A longsword I didn't have to decimate that is okay but I'm unable to set a seperate texture for the sheath, so the sheath looks kind of dumb but it's my fault for not wanting to spend too much time on it

- Missing breasts when wearing armour because setting the shirt to hide them doesn't do anything and I don't trust you guys not to set the breast slider over 2000 then complain how bad the clipping is In order to make males work, I had to renable the chest piece I had hidden before. If it clips, I'm sorry but your tiddies aren't christian certified.

- Legplates that clip through the skirt because I couldn't get overlap meshes to work, I don't even know if this is my fault or another limitation

- Female only because I don't feel like making it for both and I started on a female model, could probably do male if you really like clipping and don't mind really buff mostly naked dudes

- Regular boots that make you scared when you take them off because you realise you're wearing a skintight chainmail suit that still has a few holes in itFixed the holes! I think. The ones that actually annoyed me, anyway. Chainmail is kind of a bunch of rings chained together and rings pretty muc-- I'm not gonna' get into it. Sorry, reader.

I probably wont make this craftable/obtainable at all outside of its start(s) and I probably wont update it too much unless certain limitations of FCS change or someone literally tries to kill me if I don't or something because it's not that great and only really good for the deus vult memer kinda' person. I dunno. I need to find a job and probably stop hoovering antidepressants.

Actually I might if people ask for it enough probably.
I did it or something I think I dunno yet

- Heavy Armor mesh by ActusReus
- Swords by Moraelin
- Witcher 2 Meshes & Textures by CD Projekt RED
- oi__io for his super guide that I mostly followed (sorry for being lazy!)
- Marco Yolo made the first video featured here! Super chill dude.

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Soul Oct 1 @ 5:35am 
cant find sword tho
M | Shakaama Sep 3 @ 10:11pm 
where do i get the sword to craft?
Cuddle_Rat Jul 19 @ 9:56am 
Okay so I've been told about this mod and it's video, so I'm here to see what all the craziness is about...I'm not so sure...*Watches video* DEUS VULT, DEUS VULT, *smashes sub button*
Balthasar"Gunny"Gelt Jun 23 @ 7:57am 
AverageOhioResident Jun 5 @ 12:03pm 
retake the holy land
djlikesfnaf Mar 20 @ 12:33pm 
Locke Mar 13 @ 10:23am 
I'm getting this mod for the damn video alone. Well done on that hilarious editing.
JohnBrick Feb 25 @ 8:38am 
Will i see crusader npcs?
Siforox Jan 23 @ 5:57am 
Hey man good mod really like playing with the crusaders

Is the sword also craftable or only the armor ?
eGGkun Jan 12 @ 2:20pm 
hands down the best video for a mod ive ever seen, had me laughing so hard. very excited to try! lol