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Releasable Nations
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Releasable Nations

ATTENTION: This mod will in the near future get an update which will remove most of the current nations and replace them with new ones.

I was in the steam workshop lately, searching for a "releasable nations" mod. After I had typed it into the search box, i was immediately overwhelmed by the pure mass of this kind of mods. And since it seems like everyone is making one at the moment, I thought I should join in myself, too. So here is my releasable nations mod. Have Fun!

To be removed in their current development status:
-Holy Roman Empire (HRE)
-Francia (FRN)

-Normandy (NMD)
-Aquitaine (AQI)
-Brittany (BRI)
-Savoy (SAV)
-Burgundy (BUR)
-Occitania (OCC)
-Toulouse (TOU)

Planned for the future:
-England (EGL)
-Great Britain (BRI)

-Brittany (BRT)
-Aquitaine (AQI)
-Burgundy (BUR)
-Corsica (COR)
-Occitania (OCC)

-Prussia (PRS)
-Bavaria (BAV)
-Pommerania (POM)
-Holstein (HST)
-Confederation of Rhine (RHI)

-Castilia (CAS)
-Aragon (ARA)
-Granada (GRA)
-Andalusia (AND)

-Texas (TEX)
-Louisiana (LOU)
-United States of the East Coast (USE)
-United States of the West Coast (USW)

-Sardinia (SAR)
-Piedmont (PIE)
-Lombardy (LOM)
-Venetia (VNT)
-Rome (RME)
-Sicily (SIC)
-Naples (NAP)
-Tuscany (TUS)

-Slovenia (SLV)
-Bosnia (BOS)
-Macedonia (MAC)

-Masuria (MSA)

-Tyrol (TYR)

Already in the game, just giving cores:
-Slovenia (SLO)
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[2ndFG] Frosty ⚜ Sep 16 @ 5:34am 
There are only about 10 releasable nations
Winter  [author] Sep 16 @ 4:22am 
again, i don't talk about millenium dawn submods. i talk about the millenium dawn mod itself. In that mod there are already multiple different releasable natons. so you don't need releasable nations mods for millenium dawn because that feature is already included in the mod itself.
[2ndFG] Frosty ⚜ Sep 16 @ 3:20am 
There are already lots of mods for vanilla and millennium dawn barely has as much as vanilla
Winter  [author] Sep 15 @ 4:34pm 
@Chillie I know how modding works, since i obviously made this mod. the problem is, that the md files are NOT accessable, because workshop mods do not have a folder, only a .mod file, where no usable information is in. also, you need not only one countries file, but two and also the country_tags as well as the colors file from the countries folder. all these files are not easy to get and since there are already releasable nations in md, it would be absolutely pointless work.
Chillie Sep 15 @ 3:22pm 
The mod file is acessible through the folder I thought? Surely you can look into the MD mod and see how it functions. All you really need for a custom nation is the country file being added as an extension. The province ids are examinable through 'tdebug' or through files.
Winter  [author] Sep 14 @ 7:35am 
no, millenium dawn itself has a few. in the mod. for example bavaria, basque and catalonia.
[2ndFG] Frosty ⚜ Sep 14 @ 2:16am 
there is only one mod, but it's kind of broken now
Winter  [author] Sep 13 @ 10:18pm 
first of all, millenium dawn itself has a few releasable nations, second, i would need to know the md files to modify them and i don't think i can get them that easy.
[2ndFG] Frosty ⚜ Sep 13 @ 1:28pm 
I'm not sure how hard it is but I'd really appreciate if you made one since there are so many for vanilla but not so many for Millennium Dawn :/
Winter  [author] Sep 13 @ 7:43am 
i don't think so, but maybe. i didn't test it.