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Releasable Nations
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Releasable Nations

ATTENTION: This mod will in the near future get an update which will remove most of the current nations and replace them with new ones.

I was in the steam workshop lately, searching for a "releasable nations" mod. After I had typed it into the search box, i was immediately overwhelmed by the pure mass of this kind of mods. And since it seems like everyone is making one at the moment, I thought I should join in myself, too. So here is my releasable nations mod. Have Fun!

To be removed in their current development status:
-Holy Roman Empire (HRE)
-Francia (FRN)

-Normandy (NMD)
-Aquitaine (AQI)
-Brittany (BRI)
-Savoy (SAV)
-Burgundy (BUR)
-Occitania (OCC)
-Toulouse (TOU)

Planned for the future:
-England (EGL)
-Scotland (SCO)
-Wales (WAL)
-Great Britain (BRI)

-Brittany (BRT)
-Aquitaine (AQI)
-Burgundy (BUR)
-Corsica (COR)

-Prussia (PRS)
-Bavaria (BAV)
-Pommerania (POM)
-Holstein (HOL)
-Confederation of Rhine (RHI)

-Castilia (CAS)
-Aragon (ARA)
-Granada (GRA)

-Texas (TEX)

-Sardinia-Piedmont (SAR)
-Lombardy (LOM)
-Venetia (VNT)
-Rome (RME)
-Two Sicilies (SIC)
-Naples (NAP)

-Slovenia (SLV)
-Bosnia (BOS)
-Macedonia (MAC)

-Masuria (MSA)

-Moldava (MOL)

-Tyrol (TYR)

Already Presentt in Vanilla just giving cores:
-Slovakia (SLO)

-Kazachstan (KAZ)
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Winter  [author] Jun 15 @ 10:29am 
that ones bigger than bulgaria, and i only do things that are smaller nations, because its releasable nations. for this pommerania a formable nations mod would be more fitting
FATEH Jun 15 @ 10:27am 
ok so pls add this pommerania pls im pommeranian :p
Winter  [author] Jun 15 @ 10:26am 
maybe theres more than one pommerania. there are also two galicias and two moravias
Winter  [author] Jun 15 @ 10:17am 
yes it was, germany was divided in many peoples in the medieval era, not all of which were germanic
FATEH Jun 15 @ 10:15am 
wait aint pommeranians slavic???
Winter  [author] Jun 15 @ 10:15am 
germany. it's the german baltic coast. theres a state called pommern, which is the german word for pommerania.
FATEH Jun 15 @ 10:14am 
i mean where is the pommerania in which country?
Winter  [author] Jun 15 @ 10:10am 
ok i do not understand one word of what you just said, but i'm pretty sure pommerania has nothing to do with either the soviet union, nor bulgaria.
FATEH Jun 15 @ 10:09am 
aight but which pommerania cuz idk i think i saw pommerania as state in sov union but the real one is bulgarin so?