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RPG Overhaul Specialization Pack - Necromancer
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Mar 10 @ 1:03pm
Mar 11 @ 12:55pm
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RPG Overhaul Specialization Pack - Necromancer

This mod adds new specializations for Musashi's amazing RPGO mod. They are made using the Necromancer class, and as such require it.

New promotion screen by default is not needed!

Specializations added:
*Death Disciple - uses knowledge from the sectoids and deeper learning to plague foes and raise the dead.
*Combat Disciple - manipulates psionic energy to create various attacks.
*Soul Disciple - restores and recoversallies, along with buffing them using psionic energy.

RPGO Changes:
*You can equip necromancer staves once you have the Raise Zombie perk. This staff is required for many perks to work, so be sure to equip it.


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GreatestKracken  [author] Oct 28 @ 12:33pm 
If using RPGO, it will show up in the classes. If not using RPGO, you'll want to use the original, standalone Necromancer class.
Terror Of Death Oct 28 @ 10:58am 
Mr. Kracken. Quick question can this mod be use from the start of the game? i mean 1st promotion to squaddie?

Btw, thanks for the mod
GUA Oct 14 @ 1:42pm 
Is anyone else able to get Army of the dead working? I follow the flow in Necro, but it says it requires Corpse explosion, which doesn't highlight for me.
( * ) Oct 6 @ 12:36pm 
Thanks, happy it wasn't a non spawning weapon bug.
Gonna craft it eventually. :)
GreatestKracken  [author] Oct 6 @ 11:54am 
It must be crafted. I forget where it is. While I'd love to meld these skills into XCOM a bit better, I didn't make the original Necro class and I'm too busy with my classes to try and do it myself. Sorry!
( * ) Oct 6 @ 10:48am 
After learning "Raise zombie", I can't find the necromancer staff in my inventory.
Must it be crafted? If yes, in which room?
LittleViktor Sep 23 @ 12:29pm 
@GreatestKracken, just great, great job, man. Thanks for the mods and ports to RPGO. Just one question: the lack of animations, plus the fact that the staff doesn't really meld well with my game flavour/lore... I was wondering if it would be possible to make the necromancer skills usable with the PsiAmp? That way we can use native animations, it'd be much more compatible with mods like utility secondaries, and primary Secondaries, etc. Plus for the people who love your skills but would prefer to think of them as psi skills from a lore perspective... Of course I'm not suggesting a new default, but maybe an .ini option somewhere for us? Thanks so much!
TZUYUNDERE Jul 15 @ 1:36pm 
@GreatestKracken I could help you test it out if you're up for it
Caridor Jul 14 @ 10:03am 
I'm running this and my necromancer has been trained to use the soulburn power, but is completely unable to use it in combat. Whenever I try, it always says no targets. I've ruled out it being a range or LOS issue. It's really annyoning me.

Any idea what could be causing this?
TZUYUNDERE Jul 14 @ 4:35am 
That would actually be amazing