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Assorted Precursor Adjustments
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Mar 10 @ 5:31am
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Assorted Precursor Adjustments

This mod (2.0) makes three adjustments to the Precursors, covering my pet peeves with the chains.

1) Removes the unity cap for investigating discovered precursor systems.

2) Allows you to always find the Cybrex chain. Accordingly, finding the Cybrex chain doesn't block any of the others. The non-Cybrex chains still block each other, however. I may change this (or put up two versions) if the non-Cybrex chains get similarly interesting rewards.

3) Forces discovered systems to spawn very near to your borders. This usually causes the hyperlane entrance to be within your borders, but it may spawn a system or two outside. It will always be 'neighboring' your borders.

You need to have an appropriate precursor system in your borders for this to work. It won't teleport the Cybrex ringworld across the galaxy for you

If you somehow haven't claimed a single appropriate precursor system, the game will hold onto the discovery event until you research a project after you have done so. The spontaneous project events can only spawn if you own these systems, so this won't block you forever, but it's a 20-year MTTH event that only triggers at the start of the midgame.

Compatibility: Modifies events/precursor_events.txt
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Any reason i keep getting the vult precursors?
Ariphaos  [author] 7 hours ago 
The ideal solution would be to ask the Visible Precursors person to incorporate my changes to the system spawn functions (change random_system to random_system_within_border, change max_distance to 20).

@Lahv this will work on current saves, but if you've already surveyed all Cybrex territory you won't get the initial spawn.
Lahv 19 hours ago 
Thanks for this mod mate. Does it work with current saves or do i need a new save?
the1sean 20 hours ago 
I actually came here to ask the same question as James Stone. Compatibiilty or including of some of that mod's features?
James Stone Mar 15 @ 10:51am 
Hey great mod! Any chance for a compatibility patch for Visible Precursors?
[KaMyHяKи] ☭ Kpoxa Mar 14 @ 9:10pm 
ok, thx
Ariphaos  [author] Mar 14 @ 9:08pm 
Make sure you've got an outpost in one of the places you got a Cybrex project.
[KaMyHяKи] ☭ Kpoxa Mar 14 @ 5:24pm 
Hello! Thank you for this mod, only I have 6 of the 6 studied Cybrex events, but the event does not appear on the home world, it's played several games, it's always the same.
muffin <3 Mar 14 @ 4:26pm 
Sweet. Looks like it even injects the Cybrex chain into existing save games.
Liare Mar 14 @ 9:25am 
how about a "no limits" version, let us discover the whole lot, you're including the most useful one anyway (dat repaired ringworld!) :)