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German atmosphere
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German atmosphere

This Sound Mod supports the historical atmosphere with speeches and documentaries of the Deutsche Wochenschau and known persons.

- Adolf Hitler - Address to the heroes of the Wehrmacht
- Adolf Hitler - Address to the party members of the NSDAP
- Adolf Hitler - The International Finance
- Adolf Hitler - Speech - 1937
- Adolf Hitler - Speech - 1942
- Adolf Hitler - Speech on the reconnection of Austria
- Adolf Hitler - On the question of Danzig - 1939
- Adolf Hitler - About the rule of capital
- Adolf Hitler becomes Reich Chancellor
- German newsreel - 1944 PW, LW, KM
- German newsreel - The Eastern campaign
- German newsreel - Hitler's birthday
- German newsreel - Battle expansion to Belgium and Holland
- German newsreel - Combat operations Eastern Front
- German newsreel - Battle of France
- German newsreel - Advance of the Wehrmacht
- Campaign in Poland - The fight for Warsaw
- Goebbels - 1943 Sports Palace
- Joseph Goebbels last speech
- Michael Wittmann - June 1944
- Rudolf Hess - Adolf Hitler
- Rudolf Hess - Address to in Stuttgart about National Socialism
- Oath of the Hitler Youth
- Swearing with the leader

- Works with Ironman, Achievement & Multiplayer
- Compatible with the current game version 1.5.4

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Originally posted by Rene:
I would be very happy about a small donation :-) [www.paypal.me]
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HerrShuvari Oct 9 @ 7:18pm 
Woher hast du das Audio für "Hitler wird Reichskanzler" geholt?
Es tut mir leid, dass mein Deutsch ziemlich schlecht ist.
OgMax420 May 31 @ 11:34am 
No unser fuhrer ist gefallen?
Pope Chikasius II May 10 @ 5:05am 
ReinerKruppstahl Apr 19 @ 10:15am 
Rene  [author] Apr 2 @ 10:15pm 
Hab gestern noch ein update des Musik Machen des gemacht. Sollte nun funktionieren.
karaffda Apr 2 @ 2:30pm 
In der Playlist habe ich nur die Deutsche Musik von Dir. Ich dachte die gehen beide gleichzeitig.
Rene  [author] Apr 2 @ 1:57am 
Hey Karaffad,
Hast du mal in die Playlist geschaut, ob diese dort angezeigt werden?
karaffda Apr 1 @ 3:28pm 
Hallo Rene! Super mods, habe die meisten instaliert. Bis jezt kamen keine Reden und Wochen schau auch nicht. Muss ich noch was beachten bei der Installation?
ultimate nugger Mar 31 @ 10:42am 
The Kaiser Mar 19 @ 4:41am 
I downloaded this hoping it would be epic, but the majority of these proved to be loud and abrasive. They were rather annoying when they came on. The only good one is Hitler's speech on intentional finance since it had a great music score playing along with the speech. I ended up downloading a bunch of speeches which had epic and very fitting music added to them off of YouTube, which I then replaced all of the tracks from this mod with and it worked wonderfully, adding greatly to the atmosphere. This is especially so when leading up to the war.