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Nightmare Creatures (wotc)
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Nightmare Creatures (wotc)

This mod contains 2 aliens/monsters that appear late-game that pack a punch.

The regenerator is a psionic type of unit that can revive itself sometimes once killed... This can be at complete random times as well so you might not be prepared for it.

The nightmare can chain itself onto enemies and everytime it is caused damage it will send pain to the person chained. It also has a retaliatory defense called dark tendrils that will hurt anyone who attacks it as well.

As of right now there are no corpses or research for these units. Eventually i might find the time to add rewards in and stuff.

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fireborn  [author] Apr 13 @ 5:21am 
cuz battletech!
Mr. Willy Apr 12 @ 11:56pm 
Why did you quit modding XCOM? :(
Mr.Pink Mar 24 @ 12:12am 
Ahhhh rats. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
fireborn  [author] Mar 23 @ 8:17pm 
Im not modding xcom anymore so nothing is gunna be changed :p
Mr.Pink Mar 23 @ 8:12pm 
Wow, this mod looks great and these would be great challenge. HOWEVER, as there is currently no reward for taking on these bad boys and they look like they could ruin your day in a big way ... I will wait to see what rewards you decide to give for them before I remove my brain and willing take them on.
Seti Mar 4 @ 12:27pm 
They looked so cool, great work indeed. However, it would be really nice if the regenerator could be killed, meaning, if it actually could be killed, it re-generated like six times, that destroyed really destroyed all the fun and feel, just annoying really.
Grognard_87 Feb 25 @ 8:36pm 
That thing reminds me of the greys and my lord are they terrorfying!
mynameactually Feb 9 @ 2:24pm 
I guess if the divided amount equals some decimal, then whoever takes the initial Source of damage takes whatever whole number is or 1 if it the amount shared is a number less than one. Any non-whole number amount that is shared can be felt by the rest as a certain amount of Will damage.
mynameactually Feb 9 @ 2:14pm 
Oh, idea for the nightmare's research. Something along the lines of Kizniver. Basically soldiers are able to form a special bond with other Kizanivers to share their wounds, but divided by the number of number of soldiers who have it. For example, a soldier takes 4 damage, but 4 soldiers are sharing wounds. Each of the soldiers take 1 damage instead of the one soldier taking 4 damage.
GUA Feb 9 @ 9:52am 
Have you considerd giving this guy the Wibbles treatment? I'd love it if this could be implemented.