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Parking Lot Roads
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Jan 28, 2018 @ 8:00pm
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Parking Lot Roads

I can't drive 55 - no really, I can't, it's a parking lot...

Parking lot roads contains several roads for use as parking lots, in addition to several functional parking lot markers specially crafted to work with these(and other) roads.
Everything in this pack can be found in the Roads menu under the Maintenance tab.

BonBonB Has created an excellent tutorial on the placement and general use of these assets!
Take a look here:

There are some necessities to use this pack, it is not meant to be a standalone solution, and requires familiarity with the mods listed below.
- Road Anarchy, Necessary to place the parking lot markers.
- Traffic Manager (or Rush Hour) with enhanced parking AI enabled, recommended because builtin behavior for parking will mean the custom parking lots will get very little use.
- Move It!, recommended for fine tuning the parking markers placement.

See Also:
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Contained in this pack
16m Service Road
22m Parking
40m Parking
58m Parking

--Single Space Parking Markers
1x1 Single
1x1 Parking

-- Special Parking Markers
1x1 Handicapped
1x1 Electric

--Row Parking Markers
4x1 Parking

--Double Row Parking Markers
3x2 Parking
4x2 Parking
8x2 Parking

For the sake of brevity, I'll forgo my usual table of stats, but the gist is:
-Each road segment and LOD is within the average for the stock roads.
-Same with the textures.
-The roads are ground level only.
-Cost is half of a builtin road of the same size, and scales slower the larger the road gets.
-Noise pollution is increased slightly (it's a parking lot, really).
-Some of the parking lot roads are not zoneable because they are non standard sizes, and I didn't want to destroy the zoning grid. (All of these parking lot roads are realistically scaled)

-The Parking Markers are all segmented planes for each space and very light on textures and tri count.
-They are sunken into the ground by 0.3m meaning they are the same level as surface roads, and cars will park without floating above the curb. (Stop parking on the dang sidewalk people)
-They are buildings because the invisible parking space will snap to it below ground level, and also for the reason that there is greater LOD control at distance.
-They slope conform, but don't push it too much or the invisible parking markers will exhibit odd behaviors.
-These buildings are using a dummy AI and have no stats, cost, or birds.

Tips for how to use these roads
-Place down the parking lot roads of whichever size you desire.
-Use Road Anarchy to place the parking lot markers on top of the road in the desired pattern.
-The roads feature worn areas on the pavement directing you to where the isles are. Cars will drive down each of the isles in both directions, use Traffic Manager Presidents Edition to disable the lanes if desired.
-Use Move It! to make fine adjustments to the parking spaces as desired. Since these parking spaces are inset to the ground, it can sometimes be difficult to remove the parking spaces without Move It!
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oempak 13 hours ago 
@Duff, yeah, I thought about that too, because this particular parking lot makes it faster for cims to cross to the other roads. Thanks anyway.
mjm92150 14 hours ago 
Is it possible to allow all your "parking lo road" compatible with underground and elevated ?
Thanks for your answer and very good job.
Duff 21 hours ago 

I think the only reason your vehicles are using your road through the parking lot is because it's faster/more efficient than using your other roads. Sometimes this occurs do to traffic patterns and the placement of your road(s) and or parking lots and the buildings around the parking lots..

You can try to change to speed of the parking lot road which should force the AI to stay on the main roads however, if there is a long stretch of road with no way to cross to another side and the parking lot is the best option, your AI will use that pathway.
oempak Jul 4 @ 5:54am 
is there any way to make vehicles not using the entrance/exit road as a regular road, and just for them who really want to park their cars ? Thanks btw.
miguelmajob Jun 21 @ 3:23am 
@lmdc.0891 -- I had the same problem until I found that the mod HIDE IT! has something to do woth this. If you've hidden parking spaces with the HIDE IT! mod cars won't park on your parking lots. But as soon as you "unhide" parking spaces cars will park on your custom parking lots.
Hope this helps! Found it here:
donZema Jun 16 @ 2:37am 
Hi, I'm just using this mod. Why do I found some of the cars floating on the parking lot? Some were normal, and some were floating.
L | Mr Krabs Jun 15 @ 1:13am 
I don’t have the double row parking markers for some reason
LemonsterOG Jun 11 @ 11:18am 
@PremiumBalkan -- You need to turn on anarchy with Fine Road Anarchy 2.x in order to place the parking spaces.
PremiumBalkan Jun 11 @ 10:54am 
I cant put parking sapces on it
Rolling Panda Jun 6 @ 7:57pm 
What mod is it the allows you to turn the building tiles on for the parking lot so you can grow businesses on them >?? I can make parking lots but I can paint the spaces for building to grow