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Cities: Skylines

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800kV Power Line
Assets: Electricity, Road
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Jan 28 @ 10:10am
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800kV Power Line

800kV Power Line by Kollati

Cost: 20/cell
Upkeep: 0.48/Week/cell

Triangles: 2.084
LOD Triangles: 72

Texture: 1024x1024
Lod Texture: 256x256

Based on a 800kV HVDC line.
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Th3_Jok3r_BR Sep 27 @ 7:06am 
@Nocadeus Can you make a guide how deploy realistic these powerlines, for example 800kv exit from a hydroeletric dam and go to a transformation station and then use 400kv and so on?
Overlord Aug 27 @ 5:03am 
@Novadeus so what is correct way how to use these different kV power lines? :) I noticed that these large ones are for example at nuclear power plant but where is the point when it switches from 800 to 400 in real life? Is it some substation or suddenly the 800kv splits into 2 and these 2 are already 400kv "only"?
bitsaul Jul 20 @ 8:56am 
Can't see them from more than a short distance away because of the LOD. otherwise they would be great
Novadeus Jun 24 @ 1:41am 
You can not connect an 800 kV HVDC line to a 400kV three-phase line for information only. There are huge differences! In reality there would be a huge bang everything would be destroyed. You could in reality only 800kV individually as a route, e.g. between 2 cities. But would be completely nonsense, because HGÜ lines should be used only from very large distances because of the economy. Something like that is being moved between two countries.
mr.v May 28 @ 1:19pm 
@chocolate and anyone who have the same problem, this mod may help you. I'm not tested but I think it should work.
Snckrz Apr 8 @ 4:53pm 
yep same problem as chocolate
toruk_makto1 Apr 3 @ 9:02pm 
And yet in the screen caps here, you can see way ibnto the distance. That is a setting on your end, Chocolate
hazy_l24 Mar 12 @ 9:21pm 
I agree with @chocolate... the camera isn't even that far away before it to toggles the LOD and disappear... :/
chocolate Feb 6 @ 6:45pm 
why aren't power lines visible from a far distance, the buildings are not even there, you can only see them up close. can you fix this please?