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Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
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Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

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Endlessftw's Singapore Skyline Project
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Marina Bay Sands Singapore is a three-tower integrated resort located south of the Central Business District of Singapore, and east of the Marina Bay Financial District. The resort is an iconic and integral part of Singapore's skyline.

It is one of the two integrated resorts built in Singapore (the other being Resorts World Sentosa), and features a casino as part of the resort. The casino was of particular note, as casinos are previously not legalised and there was no legal avenue for gambling, other than through the state-owned lottery.

The complex was inspired by card decks, and was designed by renown architect Moshe Safdie. At its 2010 opening, the hotel was the world's most expensive casino at a cost of S$8 billion, and Las Vegas Sands called it the most expensive stand-alone integrated resort property ever built. The resort feature a skypark 200 metres above the ground with an infinity pool, with wonderful views of the skyline of Singapore.

Model information:
Tris: 3211 (blender count)
Texture: 1024 x 1024 px
Height: 100 metres (half-height)

Other model information:
Level 5 unique building
$128 per week maintanence
500 visitor capacity
16 x 5 tiles

(Due to my lack of experience setting the various properties of a building, I used default template values. Any suggestions on what to set those numbers to would be nice.)

Pro and cons:
Pro: Good if you want Singapore-themed buildings
Cons: Not good enough for r/citiesskylines-level screenshots

Important Credits:
The model was based on a model uploaded to the 3D Warehouse on Sketchup made by Hafidh I., without which it would take me a long time to build this asset. Texture used in the asset mostly uses the texture that came along with the model. However, the skypark was entirely rebuilt and textured by myself as the model's version is around 16000 tris alone. The remade skypark is around 500-800 tris.

1. In my game, plopping this building will cause a few other unique building to have the building built symbol appear over its thumbnail. However, this seems to be cosmetic and it doesn't actually prevent you from building those affected buildings. I have no idea how to solve this issue, so, if you know what to do, please post a comment below.

2. Sometimes, the lights at night don't seem that bright. I do not know why or how to solve it also.

3. This is the first time I made a building from start to finish, and I have a lot of things that I have not figured it out.

The Marina Bay Sands logo used in the image above and in the tooltips/snapshots is the trademark of Marina Bay Sands.
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Envibe Mar 9 @ 3:01am 
Amazing that you made this, I have been waiting for this building for so long!

I truly hope, someone who is very experienced at asset making will pick up the idea and make a truly (rediculously) detailed version of Marina Bay Sands, with like people visible near the pool and the celavi skybar. However, I am not able to make any asset, so I can only be grateful that someone finally added this to the workshop!
Sinen. Jan 21 @ 9:42am 
Yeah, while it is usable and alright imo, the fact that the asset is pretty large in size and thus this makes the ingame generated LOD to look quite messy and noticeable especially from distance.

HOWEVER the asset is completely fine so don't sweat too much over the LOD if much can't be done, I personally don't know a thing about asset creating (I have gone through a course back in the day, but not like a month of work on a bunch of freemium programs could actually teach anything). and I def could not create something like that myself.

Anyways I've been waiting for this building for a while to pop up on the workshop and was pleasantly surprised by its quality as due to the size it is a hard one to make :), can't wait to see the other Singapore buildings to pop up in the workshop!

ps. sorry for a ramble :steambored:
EndlessFtw  [author] Jan 21 @ 9:28am 
Oops, I didn't mean to literally make it from scratch (as in start from nothing). I did go from having a model and cleaning it up and redo parts of it, to texturing, to making the specular and illumination maps and all the way to the final asset, but the initial model I heavily based it from was not made by me and I wouldn't claim that. But, you get my point, I did go through the whole process to get it appear in game though.

Anyway, I didn't considered LOD, and thought it was sufficient to have it auto-calculate one and call it a day. Until I saw your comment and loaded the game. Well, its bad. I am working on one right now. But the problem is, I could only reduce it to a roughly 300 tris model, when it is recommended to have 100-200 tris for LOD. I could texture that and add that as a LOD though, but I do not know a 300-tris LOD is acceptable or not. I do not have any experience at all with LOD, so I don't really know what to do.
Sinen. Jan 19 @ 2:50am 
for a 1st building made from scratch by you this thing does look great IMO! like the only thing that is slightly lacking in high quality is the LOD, which according to many is the hardest thing to make look good in large assets such as this one. Overall good work!