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Expanded Hive Minds - Non Vanilla Compatible Submod
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Jan 11 @ 6:17am
Feb 15 @ 11:32pm
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Expanded Hive Minds - Non Vanilla Compatible Submod

This is a submod of my Expanded Hive Minds mod.
You can play with this mod without the base mod, but you'd lose some content.
This one does change some vanilla files, and as such is considered as non compatible with some other mods.

New mechanics:
- Protector of the Organics: Most of the Hive Minds don't really understand individual organics, and tend to either let them off, eat them, or assimilate them. But not the Protector of the Organics. They dedicate themselves to the preservation of organic life, and their special spark which makes them unique. They will dedicate a big part of their resources to the protection of non Hive-Minded organic species. Machine Empire will be seen as abominations and hated above all else, as they had to slaughter or enslave their organic masters to take control of their world.
- Food usage: As a Hive Mind, you are much more biology oriented than any other empire. Some of your buildings and armies will require food for their construction. If this idea is popular, I will extend it to regular buildings and eventually ships.
- Hive-Minded efficiency: DISABLED MECHANIC Not a political faction like for regular empires, but rather a measure of how well your Mind's psionic signal can affect and control your drones and sub-units. Keep it high and your Hive will prosper, fail to keep it at an acceptable level, and your Hive will suffer.

New content:
- Hive Minded buildings: Synthetic Dawn brought many new buildings to Machine Empires, but nothing was done for Hive Minds. This mod aims to correct that. Several buildings have been remade, and even some are specifically designed for Hive Minds ...
- Hive Minded armies: Just like for the buildings, Hive Minds share the same armies as other organic species. This is no longer the case.
- Hive Minded technologies: Some of the new armies and buildings require new technologies. I recommend you to take the Expanded Hive Minds mod, as it also changes the localisation for a big part of the already existing technologies.

New empires:
The Havoll Hive: A Symbiotic Protector of the Organics

Next update:
More technologies
More buildings

If you like this mod, have any question, bug to report, or new content to suggest, please feel free to do so !
Every comment will be greatly appreciated.

Compatibility: 1.9.1, but should be compatible with every version of the game after 1.8
Achievements: Not compatible
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LeSingeAffame  [author] Feb 15 @ 11:33pm 
The Hive-Mind Efficiency has been temporarely disabled, until I can make it work without breaking half of the other empires
LeSingeAffame  [author] Feb 11 @ 9:24am 
Hmm, there might have been a problem while updating the mod.
We'll see if the issue is still there when I'll upload the version with the fixed government bug
I'm A Distraction! Feb 11 @ 8:34am 
Nope, not until I edited a name into the mod's file within that folder. Like I said, it could just be an issue because we've been playing around with the mod's files to try and work through issues as we play with the mod and test things. Its a simple fix on our end, I just wanted to point it out in case there was an issue with other people's. :)
LeSingeAffame  [author] Feb 11 @ 6:05am 
Yeah I'll try some games while disabling the faction mechanic, and if that's what is causing the issue I'll simply remove this part of the mod.

For the mod name, it should be fine (or at least it is on my end), Steam would have found a problem if the name was removed.
Does it show correctly in the Stellaris launcher ? If so, there should not be any problem
I'm A Distraction! Feb 11 @ 3:47am 
...Just a heads up, I think you 'may' have not named the mod (its file in the document/paradox interactive/stellaris/mod folder has nothing between the " " quotations marks for name). That could just be an issue on or end since I've been fiddling with the folders though. But can't confirm.
I'm A Distraction! Feb 11 @ 3:24am 
All good. Looking into the issue with the dispicable neutrals, my only guess is that it might be related to allowing the special faction for them? Its literally the only difference in the authority, but I'm at a loss how that could cause the issue either. And it doesn't seem to be related to the new civic/government types from my bit of testing (but it will reduce the chance for them spawning, or that could just be luck).
LeSingeAffame  [author] Feb 11 @ 2:10am 
Thanks, should be fixed by now !
I'm A Distraction! Feb 11 @ 1:44am 
Hello again, experimenting around with the mod again in some multiplayer games, and found another bug for you. :) The tier 1 power hub for machine empire's is set to require the hive mind capital building, instead of the machine empire capital building.
Theodorex Feb 10 @ 5:14pm 
Nevermind, Mod incompatablity (I have no idea which mod added that so i assumed this one)
LeSingeAffame  [author] Feb 10 @ 3:26pm 
What do you mean by queen's nest ? The only building which has a misleading requirement, which will be fixed shortly, is the Hive Nest, the Hive-Minded equivalent of the Gene Clinic. If that's what you're talking about, then even though it says you need a Planetary Capital, you need a Hive Capital Nest