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[2.0] Expanded Hive Minds
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Dec 31, 2017 @ 3:31pm
Mar 5 @ 7:51am
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[2.0] Expanded Hive Minds

Hive Minds are a really cool idea, and I love playing as them.
However, I feel they lack some content, especially compared to Machine Empire.

The goal of this mod is to ensure that the superior Organics will always have at least as much content as the filthy robotic Empires.

New mechanics:
- Infestation: You can infest other species in order to integrate them into the Hive Mind without relying to genetic modification. However, the infested species will always be weakier than normal species, at least until you are sufficiently technologically advanced.

- Symbiosis: Unlike the Infestation, the Symbiosis is the result of two species combining into one single organism. It can't be spread to other species, but once the Mind has enough knowledge on the genetic modifications subject, the Symbiosis will thrive.

New content:
- Technology localisation: Synthetic Dawn brought new technologies and new localisation for already existing one, but only a small fragment was also changed for Hive-Mind. So I updated quite a lot of them to be more fitting to Hive-Minds. Don't worry fellow Individuals Organics or disguting Machines, your localisation has not been taken away.
- New civics: Machine Empires have new civics, when the glorious Hive Mind are still considered not worthy by Paradox. Don't worry fellow Central Conciousnesses, you are not forgotten !

New empires:
- Bhenn'Thell Infesting Swarm : Infested Hive Mind
- Mishar Great Hunters : Symbiotic Devouring Swarm

Next update:
- More technologies have been rewriten to fit the Hive-Minded theme

- Expanded Hive Minds - Non compatible submod : This mod does its best to be as compatible as possible with the vanilla game, and as such does not change any vanilla file. However, this severly limits what I can do, and as such I created a submod, adding new content which needs the rewriting of some vanilla files.

If you like this mod, have any question, bug to report, or new content to suggest, please feel free to do so !
Every comment will be greatly appreciated.

Compatibility: 2.0.*, but should be compatible with every version of the game after 1.8
Achievements: Not compatible

Known bugs:
Infestation and Symbiosis : Upgrading the infestation / symbiosis tier of a species can reset their rights, forcing you to manually change their colonisation and pop control back to what they were
Infestation : The Perfect Symbiosis Ascension Perk does not have a working icon
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AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 3:03pm 
Building on my thought with the buildings representing the spores or w/e infect the host species, you could make it so there's a starting building that just infects, then have a few different buildiing upgrade paths based on techs/ascension perks that cause the building to upgrade the traits of the host race in different ways once infected.
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 5:57am 
Another thought, you could also try and make a way to win wars via infection. Rather than your armies doing actual damage, they could be tanky but have a chance to infect enemy pops when they attack.
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 5:55am 
Also, looking at it at this point, I'd either just remove symbiosis or incorporate it into infection (once again, making it so you can't have devouring horde and infection) and then make it the counter option to devouring horde.
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 5:53am 
Actually, I just thought of a way you may be able to do that. What if the "controller" pop was represented by a building you could make on a planet. While it's there, any pop occupying that space has a chance to become "infected" and it would give them all the traits related to the hivemind "controller" and remove the building. As the game goes on, you could even have upgraded versions of the building that allows you to skip stages from the infected tiers that you listed. And obviously, you'd have the building do nothing at all aside from the chance each month to infect the occupant.
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 5:49am 
Well, I was seeing the "controller" host as you put it, something you could make,where you have to purchase it similar to building bots, but make it cost something different; unity, influence, food? Then while on the map, the literally do nothing at al (as you said, can't thrive without a host) then each month they have a chance to merge with a nearby host pop.
LeSingeAffame  [author] Mar 8 @ 4:35am 
The Symbiosis upgrade is like the Infestation tier upgrade, the Symbiosis trait is replaced by a stronger version giving several bonuses (pop production, pop growth, leader exclusive boni, that kind of stuff)
Somone requested that I dropped this limitation because it allowed him to play as a race he read in one book, but it was previously there
That's already how the Infestation is supposed to work, it's just that I don't see the point of adding pure Controller pops, as they can't thrive without a Host. Adding special traits for them could be a very good idea, I'll just have to see if it's even possible to have a system like that. But I like it. So you'd have three type of traits : The one from the Host, the one being about the relationship the Host and the Controller have (represented by the Infestation tier), and the one about the Controller itself
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 3:39am 
You could even have it so you can use normal gene tailoring for traits on the basic organic races, but have a special trait point system for the sybiotic parasite similar to how machines have mechanical upgrade points.
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 3:36am 
Maybe try and make it so that you actually start with 2 species on your home planet; one being just a normal one you either get randomly or could select from options and the other being a fungoid that has that you then use to take over the other special (this is something that actually happens in nature with ants and otther bugs) then as you go out, you can take other species into your empire and having their pops on a planet and spawning in new, fresh fungoid pops you could then bring these other species into the hive mind. They'd keep all their original traits but then gain new traits from the fungoid as well. You could then have your empire be made up of a bunch of different species, just all of them being puppeted by the fungoid hivemind.
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 3:36am 
Also, you should make it so Devouring Swarm and Infestation block each other out on the civics selection. They're kinda not compatible. Pretty much with the addition of Infestation, it makes the 2 options just like the 2 special options for machine empires where you auto war and purge or you ttake them over and assimilate. I'd like to see something with symbiosis where something considerably different comes through.
AzraelSorrow Mar 8 @ 3:27am 
Okay, but what does Symbiosis being upgraded even mean? What does it do exactly?