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Triple Enemies Redux
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Dec 26, 2017 @ 8:35am
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Triple Enemies Redux

Compatible with all mods.
It will say this mod is not compatible with WotC, but the script was made in the wotc mod builder and transfered to the vanilla so I could upload. It works as should just ignore the warning.
his mod increases pod sizes significantly. I used to love this mod but the author said he wasnt going to port it over to WotC so here it is!
  • I also added support for all the current enemy mods so that the pods will have a mix of any that you have installed. ENJOY!
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matthew86918 May 28 @ 3:31am 
plez do a double pod size mod
Frizzeldian12  [author] Apr 18 @ 4:03pm 
thats smart!
JM001 Apr 18 @ 2:26pm 
haha yeah I figured as much. That isn't a big problem though because you can actually at least reduce the number of actual pods on that mission. So basically I reduce it to one pod it just means I have to fight the same number of enemies as usual just all at once instead of 1 by 1.
Frizzeldian12  [author] Apr 18 @ 2:20pm 
yeah... tey get triple the enemies too... Sorry man. Try investing your troops in some sneaking skills or git gud
JM001 Apr 18 @ 1:23pm 
Here's a question. Does this mod also increase the number of enemies on ambushes from covert ops that have been ambushed? I use the mod "A Better Campaign Plus" to increase enemy count quite a bit and found that the number of enemies in pods in those missions went from 1 to 3. This makes it a lot harder to do as there is no way for you to increase the amount of people you can take to those (in the mission defs there is a MaxSoldiers property for those missions but the UI for a covert op will never show more than 3 slots).

I can't find any encounter defs for pods on covert ops which to me tells me that it uses probably the weakest encounter pod type which I believe is 3 by default and cuts it in half which results in 1 due to truncation so it would make sense that if you increased pod sizes all around then covert ambush missions would also get more enemies.
Frizzeldian12  [author] Mar 18 @ 2:47pm 
oh man. I havnt been on he xcom modding tools in a minute because its jacked right now. Wont let me upload anything for wotc
Mithryno Mar 18 @ 11:22am 
Can you please do this redux for the other enemy pod size mods? I really loved the 'more enemies' 50% mod...
Frizzeldian12  [author] Feb 21 @ 12:08am 
whoa... 400 mods. Anything that adjusts your spawn counts will negate this mod. So another mod like double enemies or overwhelming enemies will conflict
Insufferable Smartypants Feb 20 @ 10:56pm 
Thanks, Frizzeldain12. It's not working for me - I must have some other mod that adjusts spawns going, but with nearly 400 mods, that'll take a while to go through and figure out.
Frizzeldian12  [author] Feb 20 @ 10:53pm 
It starts with triple at gatecrasher.. There is a mod calle "Quicker Start" That will allow you to skip that first mission with this mod.