Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Total Iran Rework
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Dec 14, 2017 @ 12:11pm
Feb 23 @ 7:02am
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Total Iran Rework


* development restarted *

A complete overhaul of Iran

*This mod is not finished*

- Focus Tree
- Events
- Music
- Unit VO's ( only one i could find )
- Recreating the Achaemenid Empire ( For you history nuts }

This mod was inspired by the legacy of Iran and it's leaders.

Any feedback is welcomed.

Features to come:
- Iranian Civil War ( For when going down the upcoming communist and democratic path )
- Iranian Revolution ( ? ) (( if the game goes on for so long ))
- Better portraits
- Historical Advisors
- Historical Companies
- More Generals
- More provinces
- More music
- Events for corresponding focus paths
- Events for focusses and archaeological findings ( Currently being worked on )
- More flavour

As you can see this is a lot to do, as a single man team i cannot promise alot but i will do my best to bring you a total Iran rework.

Compatiblity issues:
Weird things happen with Road to 56 and Persia Rising
Should work with GFX mods and mods that do not alter Iran in anyway.

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Feb 15 @ 2:35pm
PINNED: Suggestions
Reza Shah Pahlavi
< >
Pedram Momengharib 6 hours ago 
This was a great mod well done but why there is no focus to join allise?
Mein Shaft:Hitlers sex life Feb 17 @ 12:41pm 
@Reza Shah Pahlavi
it works now for some reason. Oh well.
Mein Shaft:Hitlers sex life Feb 17 @ 12:34pm 
@Reza Shah Pahlavi
Also just a suggestion, the tree is really aggressive in terms of engagements, especially if you go against the allies. Maybe either include some basic materials or focuses that give you resources. (For example The establishment of steel Factories/refineries that exist in esfehan). Since Iran lacks loads of resources and it takes a long time to establish a good civilian economy to fuel the military buildings through trade.

Just a suggestion
Mein Shaft:Hitlers sex life Feb 17 @ 12:29pm 
@Raza Shah Pahlavi
thanks for the response, but the third one didnt launch at all. Like I manually found the event (its pergovernment 1 2 and 3 right?) and I forced it, because it didnt show, Imma give it a try now too.
Reza Shah Pahlavi  [author] Feb 17 @ 1:58am 
@Mein Shaft:
1: The Description thing is fixed and i will update in a day
2: The focus icons i dont know anything about, sometimes even regular paradox icons glitch up.
3: The events should fire when going for the "Reform the Government" Focus. They will appear like the Soviets Purge focus. In the second one out of the three of these events, picking any option will unlock the Industry Part, as for the civil war, you have to pick atleast 2 bad options to get the event.
Mein Shaft:Hitlers sex life Feb 16 @ 2:17pm 
Hey man, 3 things I notcied so far.
1-In the navy sub focus tree, battleships focus name has the description, and the description has the id name of the focus.
2-Some icons in the focus tree keep disappearing and reappearing, like deal with the soviets (sometimes they show question mark, sometimes the one u intented), some others (like planes focus tree) only have question marks.
3- The industrial revolution doesnt happen, it doesnt have any national focus tree stuff, but ithe agricultural reform (event?) doesnt happen (played till mid 1938). Is this intended? I played to 1938 ish and I still couldnt get it. Also for some reason the events surrounding the pahlavi focus tree (where you used to choose some options, and bad choices may have led to a revolt) never showed up. Is that intended? is it a bug?

again thanks for starting to work on this again, appreciate your work efforts.
I could also do some writeups for events if you want, as well as working on the english and the grammer.
BoxyNinja(CHANNNGE) Feb 14 @ 1:49am 
oh nevermind im blind and didnt see the changenotes
BoxyNinja(CHANNNGE) Feb 13 @ 6:32pm 
so whats new with todays update?
Homeless O'Connor Jan 29 @ 4:59pm 
does it work with vanilla+?
Mein Shaft:Hitlers sex life Jan 23 @ 7:36pm 
yo can you keep having the option of playing with Reza Shah (and/or Mohammad Reza Shah) if you are going to introduce civil war and revolution?