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Mass Effect - Reaper Advisor
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Oct 19, 2017 @ 6:57pm
Jul 7 @ 10:22am
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Mass Effect - Reaper Advisor

Simply Add The Harbinger/Sovereign's voice lines as an advisor to Stellaris.
Lines are synced to cover all events that a vanilla advisor would cover.
All the voice lines are from the original Mass Effect Trilogy, I do not own or claim them.

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EDI Advisor :

Credits & Thanks :

Paradox Interactive
Mass Effect™
EA and Bioware
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Commander Kappa Oct 16 @ 1:24pm 
Fuck I should have used this in my Exterminator Game... -.-
WhEEEEtly FTW Sep 25 @ 12:15pm 
my game crashes at starting load screen with this
any help?
Khaine Incarnate Sep 12 @ 12:15am 
Mass Effect..........Trilogy? I'm not sure what you mean. There's only one game....... ;)
Shade11 Aug 30 @ 2:59am 
Could u do a sins of solar empire ADVENT advisor?
Unhealthy87  [author] Jul 7 @ 10:32am 
@ARZUMATA I wasn't able to find a valid voice line for that. I might try later, no promises tho, i'll check the Rannoch dialogue.
ARZUMATA Jul 3 @ 8:14am 
"Station under attack" Unvoiced. (human voice)
Cryo1147 Jun 29 @ 1:36pm 
Imagine if Harbinger acted on his own and started taking over
GoofaTroopa Jun 28 @ 1:16pm 
GamesCooky Jun 17 @ 9:31am 
It would be cool if someone managed to recreate the reaper voice and create custom voice lines. And then implement them into an advisor mod. It's probably very difficult, but it would be cool to hear some unique lines
nerodarker Jun 11 @ 8:01am 
in your video you have a Collector as appearance.
is there a animated version of that, and if not could you tell me what mod that is?