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[WOTC] EC Map Plots
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Sep 12 @ 8:00am
Oct 14 @ 10:29am
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[WOTC] EC Map Plots

This mod will add unique maps with different environments or style of play

It is compatible with all mods out there including map mods,and total conversions

Currently adds 15 map plots

Slums canal (2)
Crowded slums
Slums Forest
Lost Bridge
Lost Flooded City
Smalltown Europe
Shanty Walls
Shanty Island
Shanty Heavy Storm
UFO Invasion
Snowy City Center
Xeno Smalltown
Alien Base in Sewers
Flooded Sewers
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swl2072 Nov 15 @ 10:29am 
What happens is that it deletes the avenger "defense zone" that you cannot let enemies enter and also takes out the beacon you are supposed to destroy to get going again. So, it totally makes the mission unplayable.
swl2072 Nov 15 @ 10:27am 
Agree with Explodium. Also experienced this.

Any solution yet? Love the mod otherwise.
Explodium Nov 11 @ 1:54am 
Hey mod author, I narrowed down a serious game breaking bug to this mod.

Namely, it completely breaks the standard avenger defense mission. The squad spawns on the wrong end of the map and the disruptor is missing, rendering the mission unwinnable and torpedoing a campaign.

I would provide a save, but trying to disable my mods to the point where only this one is enabled just crashes the game.
eclipsezr  [author] Nov 4 @ 1:42pm 
Yes that is right,Ill b creating a new mod for it.. something happened to my pc had to delete some things n accidentaly deleted mod id too without even knocking.But no biggie the new map plot mod will include all this maps and more...
kbecker797785 Oct 29 @ 1:10pm 
@ Eclipsezr,

This map plots pack will no longer be updated and superceeded by: [WOTC] EC Map Pack?

Dragon32 Oct 23 @ 10:31am 
Hey eclipsezr. Just had a Protect Device mission on the Alien Base in Sewers plot. Not sure if it was RNG but all the pods spawned very close to, within sight range of, the device. Like I say could be RNG and spawn points are actually spread throughout the map.

I did also get Tygan commenting on the alien flora in one of the rooms, looks like there are sound cues from the Waterworld mission associated with the Alien Base parcels (he talked about the Psi Gate mission, which I haven't done yet). Not sure if those sound cues are something which can be set at the plot level or whether they're tied to the parcel?
redsky14 Oct 21 @ 7:25am 
Do we still need missing packages fix, after last patch ? Im trying to have less mods in my next playtrough. Ty
eclipsezr  [author] Oct 19 @ 5:56pm 
Good/Bad news to all:

The good news is that firaxis finally fixed its mood tools meaning i can bring all my map mods back and i can finally start creating maps without the worry of errors...

The bad news is that i decided to remove all my map mods n convert it into a new/huge map mod for WOTC.Of course i wont do it now but will do once i gather all my maps.
tuckercooper23 Oct 14 @ 3:40pm 
I have run into a few of your flooded maps, and they look awesome! I had a terror mission at night with one. The rain, flood water, and fire at night all made it look like amazing
Kaldreth Oct 14 @ 3:01pm 
May not be your fault. I unsubed, validated the game, and resubbed. That fixed it.