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Expanded Ideologies
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Sep 9, 2017 @ 7:55am
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Expanded Ideologies

Expanded Ideologies
Expands the flavor of Stellaris governments by adding new government flavors and personalities to match.
The personalities don't demand the exact government type to be selected, but similar circumstances are required for both, so they should tend to appear together.

Each personality also has unique diplomatic responses, and shares the generic diplomatic responses.

Personalities don't depend on authority, only on election type. Governments however, require a specific authority. If a mod adds authorities, those won't trigger this mod's governments. However, personalities will continue working normally.

Starting a new game isn't mandatory, but existing save governments won't change their personality or government unless they reform government. This includes the player. (Players have hidden personality that actually affects their diplomacy!)

If you deactivate this mod, any empire that uses one of its personalities will turn into Despicable Neutrals, and any empire using one of its governments will have no defined government. I have not tested the implications of this.

Therefore it is highly recommended to start a new game when activating this mod.

  • English
If you wish to provide a localization, either submit it as a pull request on the mod's GitHub, or send the files to me some other way.

Governments added:
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - This government is a loose collection of voluntary contractual obligations with everything being held in private ownership.

  • Corporatocracy - This government has strong corporate lobbies dictating the laws and decisions of the government, effectively making it a corporate oligarchy.

  • Social Democracy - This government is an extensive welfare state with equal access to necessities paid for by taxation.

  • Communist Dictatorship - This government is a totalitarian communist regime, with one ruling party, extensive state surveillance, and central planning of the economy.

  • Nationalistic Expansionists - This government is a totalitarian fascist regime, with one ruling party, extensive nationalistic zeal, and institutionalized xenophobia.

  • Fascist Dictatorship - This government is a totalitarian fascist dictatorship, focused on its military strength and societal order.

  • Crusader Kingdoms - This government is an imperial hierarchical monarchy of kings, dukes, counts, and barons. It is plagued with devious plots and religious struggles.

  • Holy Imperium - This government is ruled by a "God Emperor" with great zeal. It distrusts external influences and suffers not the xeno to live.

Personalities added:
  • Peaceful Libertarians - Peaceful Libertarians care deeply about personal freedoms and liberty. They are anti-interventionist and do not wish to subjugate others.

  • Profiteers - Profiteers are profit oriented, and have no qualms about using violent conquest as yet another tool to expand their market share.

  • Welfare State - The Welfare State is concerned primarily with providing equal access to basic necessities for its people, and treating them as equally as possible. For better or for worse.

  • Revolutionary Council - The Revolutionary Council sees to the perpetuation of the revolution. The workers must rise up against their oppressors. And if they don't want to, they will make them.

  • Worker's Senate - The Worker's Senate is in charge of protecting the living space of its people. Sometimes they try to protect land that isn't theirs... Yet.

  • Xenophobic Warmongers - Xenophobic Warmongers care only for themselves and view others as hurdles to overcome to achieve their own greatness.

  • Religious Crusaders - Religious Crusaders seek to manifest their destiny as the lords of the galaxy. Whether by conquest or subjugation, they will march on the galaxy.

  • Proud Xenophobes - Proud Xenophobes are distrustful, hateful, and of course, proud. More importantly, they do not suffer the xeno to live in their empire.

This mod does not override any files for maximum compatibility with other mods.

Click here for compatibility information[]

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AvenDonn  [author] 19 hours ago 
Yes it is, as far as I know. If you've noticed something, plese tell me about it.
info 20 hours ago 
is it still compatible to the newest beta?
Allowishus Fuddpucker Feb 28 @ 8:40pm 
Thanks great mod
Thanks !
AvenDonn  [author] Feb 22 @ 10:02am 
The wait is over. The mod has been updated for Stellaris 2.0!
Yes, it is also Apocalypse compatible. Have fun!
AvenDonn  [author] Jan 28 @ 12:07pm 
First of all I would like to apologize for not updating the mod for 1.9. As far as I know it is still compatible, but I am not currently playing Stellaris. I am waiting for 2.0 and Apocalypse, as those will introduce new civics and mechanical changes that may require extensive rewrites.

Second, I would like to address Dyplorus' point:
Regardless of your personal opinion on anarcho-capitalism, the core experience of Stellaris, at least for me and most people who pursue mods like this one, is roleplay.

Communism is a historical failure, but who says your space cats aren't the perfect collectivists?

So the same would go for anarcho capitalism. You could image it actually is rife with such corruption, or they have managed, as a society, to overcome that.

I guess it's clear which camp I'm in, but I strive to impartially represent all ideologies in this mod, as a service to those who would want to play with them. All are welcome in their own utopian dreams. This is only a game.
Mack-Daddy Jan 28 @ 8:21am 
so uh Dyplorus does this still work or not?
Dyplorus Jan 27 @ 2:15pm 
Then what? What are you going to do when your job decides to lay you off because massive amounts of fraud crashed the market, and a stimulus is needed? Better question, the economy? How is that even going to get out of the hole when no one has any money to buy any products? Investors? Nope. They only invest if they see a guaranteed return, and a good return at that. That sounds nothing like egalitarianism when millions find themselves in debt over many generations to a shrinking upper class. Don't be an idealogue, be objective. Anarcho-Capitalism, by its very definition is about competition. Someone will be on top and many others on the bottom. Not egalitarian.
Dyplorus Jan 27 @ 2:15pm 
@Yang Wen-Li Disclaimer: All businesses in this example are fictional and incidences where names are the same are purely coincidental.

In ancap society, let's say your neighbor does a bonfire in his backyard. His house burns down, because he didn't pay for the silver plan with Firebreak Inc. The fire spreads to your house. Luckily, you have fire coverage. Response times are slower because Firebreak must stay in the black and cut costs, so you lose your son in the fire. You need the death benefits on his life insurance policy with LifeInc. But it turns out it was just a term plan, and you've been swindled out of paying after it expired by LifeInc. Zero recourse, because the courts--Sponsored by LifeInc.--won't take your case. You're now fucked. Through no fault of your own, you've lost most of your liquifiable assets, and your son is dead. Is that egalitarian?
Dyplorus Jan 27 @ 1:27pm 
@Yang Wen-Li

I'm splitting this post into two parts because of the 1000 character limit.
Egalitarianism is defined by a desire for equality. Anarcho-capitalists are individualists, meaning--since every individual is different--by it's very nature it will never be egalitarian. Such a state would be rife with con-artists, white-collar crimes, fake accounts, bribery, wild inequality on the scale seen in the feudal times, and constant outbreaks of disease, considering how expensive a vaccine would be for those who don't have the mindset to succeed. Also, your assets would essentially be vulnerable to getting wiped out by factors including, but not limited to, what I mentioned above about con-artists. Government keeps things in order and protects your assets, without you having to cut off your arm and leg and selling it, literally.