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Last Knight
October 9, 2014 - Davision

In case you missed it:
Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition is now finally out of Early Access and with it full released on Steam!

All 3 game modes are now complete which includes the Endless Journey mode, the Story Campaign mode and the new Rogue Rider Adventure mode. The new mode packs now a lot of RPG elements with a inventory, randomly generated hats that can have magic abilities, merciless rogue-like difficulty, the randomly generated 3d map, traders, villages, food, power-ups, gear, treasures and wonders of the world!

Here is the launch trailer:

You will also find more trailer on the store page:

The launch discount is 25% currently! But that doesn't last long anymore.

For the future you can follow the Last Knight group to stay informed:
There you will also see all the previous Early Access updates and you can download the Musketeer hat.

See you on the other side!

June 22, 2014 - Davision

You most likely noticed that the Steam Summer Sale has started but have you also noticed that Last Knight is 55% off in this sale?! If you own it already make sure to tell your friends, I doubt it will ever show up on the frontpage of the Steam Summer Sale so spreading the word is the best way to make it known.
Dive into the world:

That is a new shot for the intro.

The next update for the game will feature the first version of the inventory as well as the first shops/traders for the Rogue Rider Adventure mode. A important addition is also the food, because even adventurers need to eat some time. Your rider and your horse can then starve as well as explode when you are not careful. Let me know what you like to eat in this thread here:

Btw, the traders in Last Knight will also offer random discounts. Randomly generated discounts.

June 7, 2014 - Davision

Last Saturday a big new update got released for Last Knight, in fact the biggest yet for the Rogue Rider edition. It features big additions to the world generation, new dieing, new jousting rewards, many new achievements and more!
Check out the full news here:

If you like to keep getting updated on the progress of the game you can join the Last Knight group here: Last Knight Group
You can also grab a special Musketeer hat there.

If you should have not jumped into the game yet now is a great time, also because the game is now on sale as a special 24hour promotion: Store Page
If you already have it make sure to tell your friends! :)

I'm currently experimenting with something cool for the intro here:

May 9, 2014 - Davision

The recently release Update #3 now adds Achievements to the game!

The game is currently on sale over at the Humble Store as a part of the Spring Summer Sale:
It is also on sale directly over website as a part of the PayPal Spring Gaming Sale:

That are not all achievements yet but the most important ones, there will then be more for doing cool things like jousting a Horned Bucket Head into a wooden target, killing a Hitler snowman, finding Santa etc. and also for the work in progess Rogue Rider Adventure mode.

Also new in the latest update are sensitive settings for the mouse as well as gamepad, info boxes for the many game modes (English only currently) as well as some tweaks and fixes. That update also marks the end of the Easter Event, check out the full news post on the update here:

Here is already a glimpse at the next update which will be mostly about the Rogue Rider Adventure mode:

That giant mountain is by far not all what will make the generated world more interesting.

The Rogue Rider Adventure is still a heavy work in progress and still will be for some time but the 2 other modes, Endless Journey and Story Campaign are already pretty polished. If you have not bought the game yet you can also check out some Youtube videos here:

April 20, 2014 - Davision

[Egg hunt is now over!]
But there is still one hat you can get:

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