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Q&A With Moop
June 1, 2015 - joltcountry

Since replies need to be less than 1,000 characters, here's our full reply to Moop from the comments.


It is with great respect that I answer these questions. The admin screen says that one of your votes is worth 7 times the average Greenlight voter. If anything I feel they are short-changing you:

1) Would you describe this as a smart game for smart gamers?

As the premise is that six people were at such loggerheads over their internet connection dying that they left their homes and started getting into vicious street fights, I would not say that it is a smart game. It is a borderline mentally retarded game for smart gamers that requires visits downtown to see the one specialist the insurance company said can cure or at least manage lumpskull.

2) Can I passionately romance any NPCs?

You can give them a kiss... of death! Actually, since I forgot to turn off random encounters in the stores, fights can break out there and I'll add code to let the cashiers take damage. I'm sorry: you asked about romance. For some reason I never seem to be able to talk about romance without instantly thinking of hitting people.

3) Can I dispassionately romance any NPCs?

Yes. Every time I forgot to include the right dialogue option, that means the party's awkward advances were shot down.

4) What kind of crafting system have you implemented?

Thanks for asking. Machinists can harvest copper to improve weapons and armor, but they carry around a W2 and pay stub around to separate them from the "bum" NPC. Chemists can create morphine, Flexeril, Valium, Vicodin and all the other pills I've been taking to ward off the cruel taunts contained in the other Greenlight comments. If discovered, the game's Easter Egg will be a recipe for veggie beefers that you can craft in real life.

5) Are there any plans to release a supplementary novella to expand on your universe's lore?

Yes. I wish I had a bit here, but yes. The other authors finished their bits, I just have to finish mine.

6) Will there be a separate social app / content delivery service?

Well, there's Desura but I hear they don't pay their devs. Actually, judging by the reaction in the comments, Steam and Desura should give me very similar experiences.

7) Can you comment on the inclusion of the following:
- lens flare

Yes! The camera I used took pictures with actual lens flare due to my low competence.

- inverse kinematics

Like how the guys bounced around in Circus Atari? I'll add that to the sequel.

- hardware transform and lighting

It supports all of the built-in monitor functions that your monitor supports with that little button you always hit on accident when you're trying to turn the thing on.

- shaders

Unfortunately no, with four colors the closest shade of cyan we could do was magenta.

- mega-textures

Technically, all the graphics are 600x450 textures, which seem pretty big to me!

- Vive / Occulus Rift support

The boxed copy of Cyberganked will support up to three Occulus Rifts before collapsing under the weight.

- realistic fish behavior

Yes, in so much as every fish I've ever owned has died on me, and they will in this, too.

8) Do you anticipate this being the Citizen Kane of IF, gaming, or culture?

I can't even dare to dream that large. So maybe not Orson Wells's best movie, but perhaps his second? This will be the Transformers: The Movie of interactive fiction. Moop, *you've* got the touch! (To give us your Yes vote)