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Don't Be Patchman
July 21, 2015 - NaturallyIntelligent

Our Early Access release is coming along nicely, we have our SteamOS / Linux builds submitted and approved by Valve, as well as new storefront art! New pixel-art banners and logos were drawn by Ihor Motuz. The first public release of the game includes five levels and one boss - with much more on the way!

Here is the store page:

In the month following the release we will expand our platform support to Windows and Mac OSX.

We hope you join us for Early Access, but if not - be sure to check out the final release of the game.

Thanks Valve and to all the Greenlight voters who said YES to not being Patchman!

June 7, 2015 - NaturallyIntelligent

Good news - Don't Be Patchman was Greenlit by Valve!! We didn't post anything about it right away because we were shocked and unsure if it was for real or not... but we've submitted our paperwork and that got through yesterday so now we have access to the Steam product interface and will be preparing for a launch!

The current plan is to do an Early Access release, originally this was scheduled for July 2015 and while we still hope to meet that goal, we're just getting started with Steam now so we need some time to make sure that is still a realistic launch date.

The game itself is in very good shape, the first boss is complete, and we have a round of five levels that are close to finished. Joystick support is a go, with customization mapping via text file. Most of the art is ready, we still don't have a new bear yet, there is a pile of programmer art yet to be converted into ACTUAL art.

Music has been rounded up for this first batch of levels, all by Keith MacBain. The game still has poor sound effects, which might not be updated until after the first Early Access release. We're also trying out the first cutscenes, and hope to have one for each level, but again, a lot of this is new territory for us so don't hold it against us if we can't get all this done for July! It'll come eventually, that's what Early Access is all about!

Thanks for your support, thanks for following us and taking an interest, thanks to our backers, and thanks to Valve for giving our little game a shot!

April 14, 2015 - NaturallyIntelligent

Ever wondered what Don't Be Patchman is like live in an arcade machine? Of course you've wondered, that, everyone does! Seriously though, it's for real:

Despite making this appear easy, as the arcade game was successfully delivered on time, it was a TON of effort to get this working. The cabinets look smooth and professional but believe me - it was a last-minute WHEW to get them running! Thanks a bunch to CUFFcade, Cole, Mike, Brenda, and Globe Cinema for making this happen and giving our game a place!

During CUFFcade from April 13th to April 19th, 7PM+ on weekdays and 11AM+ on the weekend - at Globe Cinema in Calgary.

If you'd like to read more details on the development blog, it's in our forums here:

March 30, 2015 - NaturallyIntelligent

It all started with an image... who remembers the first image of Patchman from way back in the day? I reckon that feels like it was lifetimes ago. And they grow up so fast...

We're still in shock and disbelief, the Kickstarter campaign reached 100%. It was a wild and bumpy ride, from doom-and-gloom, to STAFF PICK, to a day-before-it-ends save!

What does that mean? For one, that means continued work on the game! :D

This isn't going to be panicked and rushed, but we do want to get the Earliest Alpha Access ready for/before July and the final release ready for December. I think it's doable, but there is still one very big and glaring issue. We still need to be Greenlit. It seems impossible without spending all our crowdfunds on marketing instead of the game. We won't do that. We can always distribute the game on other stores or even ourselves, but we want to be on Steam first and foremost. There is a strong Linux community here, and with us building our game on Linux, it is a perfect fit. Seems impossible, sure, but so did the Kickstarter! Anything could happen!

Does anyone have suggestions to get Greenlit?

March 25, 2015 - NaturallyIntelligent

The goal was reached yesterday, it is now over 100%!

We'll take this opportunity you've given us to craft together a game like no other before it.

Now that our goal is met, we are earmarking the additional funds towards the stretch goals. Our first SMASH GOAL is to add four BOSSES to the game. We are already about 50% of the way there (woohoo), so we're happy to say that we'll be adding the three Drone bosses for sure, and the final mystery boss a very probable likelihood.

What a ride! There is a lot of work ahead to budget, build, and deploy this game. There were a lot of trips, falls, scratches, and bruises, but overall we did succeed and have learned a LOT in the process. Creating a complex game like Don't Be Patchman is the real goal here, and getting back into that on a serious basis is a dream come true.

Why Back Now?

We will be offering Early Access on Steam in July, or earlier, pending Greenlight approval. Kickstarter backers will have sole access to this for a while, and then we'll open up the access to more people, because at that point we'll likely be able to use more funds to create more content.

The same is true of Beta Access, which will be provided earlier to backers. We recommend you sign up for either of those while the opportunity is still available!

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