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Chroma Squad
2 квітня 2015 р. - gty

Welcome to our first major Beta! For the first time you will be able to play the entire game, start to finish!

Keep in mind that this is still incomplete and VERY buggy. If you choose to experience the entire game right now, you will have an inferior experience than you would on release day - but you will help us make a much better game for everyone!



- Seasons 4, 5 and 6 are now available;
- Quality of life improvements to Studio interface;
- Completely redone Crafting system;
- Major overhaul in items and economy;
- Drops and items now have color-coded rarity;
- Major overhaul in story and dialogue;
- Cutscenes;
- Several new playable companion characters;
- New and rebalanced actors;
- Complete overhaul in skills;

- Armor Customization has a few wrong icon-to-sprite relationships;
- Boss Fights unbalanced and unpolished, will change greatly;
- All companion characters lack balance and skills;
- Kaiju bosses are currently only activating one of their skills;
- Economy requires further balancing, especially Season 4-6;
- Several Director Instructions are currently broken;
- A few skills don't work as intended;
- Camera behaving badly at some dialogue sections (you might want to click in the scene to skip a dialogue that is currently missing if that's the case);
- Only one of the different endings in the game has a cutscene;
- Combat HUD lacks a lot of information, especially status effects;
- Last Episode (Season 6) is incomplete and buggy;
- Special suprises after the ending are missing;

So that's right, we are a month away from the release and there you are, before the weekend, for everyone. You might expect bugs which is pretty much normal but we have plenty of time to fix them. Not every bug we had in the previous list was actually fixed but we needed to rush for a few things.

I really hope you enjoy the game and story. <3

Still the same NDA thing, don't make videos nor post screenshots around please. Wait for the final version. (:

28 лютого 2015 р. - gty

The newest beta version for Chroma Squad is already out!



- New season 03 available (7 more episodes). That means almost 60% of the game content.
- We have already completed all remaining content of the game, but it's still private (and still needs to be heavy tested).
1 - Don't stream, don't screenshot, don't record.
2 - Please, do not share any image from Season 03 and beyond publically.
3 - We don't want to ruin the story experience for the ones who can't play yet.
4 - The full content will be available for the most dedicated testers in the end of March.

- Improvements on studios screens: marketing, mecha, actors, skills and record.
- Improvements on battle HUD and battle feedback

With this updated we take our first step towards what we call "Combat 2.0", with significant changes to the feel and pacing of our fights. Our goal is to take Chroma Squad even closer to its Tokusatsu inspiration by making combat faster, flashier and with increasing numbers of enemies. We are also focusing on the long game and making sure that, as you fight your way through Seasons 4, 5 and beyond, you will feel your characters becoming more powerful.

Here are the major changes:

- The "Defense" attribute has been removed from the game;
- The "SP" or "Special" system has been removed from the game;
- All skill use, including Weapons, is now bound by Cooldowns only;
- A new attribute called "Skill Regen" has been added to Roles and Items. Stacking more points into it allows you to use your Skills more often;
- Nearly all attacks in the game knocks characters back at least 1 tile;
- Major changes to all skills. Most utility/support skills such as "Mend Friend" and "Find Weakness" are now free actions;
- Completely revised damage scale and monster attributes - monsters will no longer scale on each Season to match hero power;
- Bosses no longer have multiple life bars;
- Mecha Fight received a bit of love with lots of new skills and new balance for the Kaiju monsters;
- A lot of bug fixes
- And probably a lot of bugs to be found by you!

Read more on chromasquad.com/board/

17 жовтня 2014 р. - gty

Kiddin', new version is live! 8-)

We have fixed maaany bugs, we know that many feedbacks are still missing and many bugs are around. But we know as well that this is a beta version... sooooo new features might appear (and that comes with bugs).

Anyway! Things we've added:

- Very small tutorial! It's not like "tutorial" but it's some sort of introductory episode that can provide you a small info on how to move, attack, use the teamwork movement/attack and finishing move. Here's how it works, once you click on the New Game you'll be prompted to choose the difficulty of the game and then right after it you'll be recording an episode (which is our tutorial).
- Some more episodes that can be played through aka Season2!
- All the things I already said before in the other dev posts (beta access forum related).
- This version will provide you a much better experience of the game.


PLEASE, DON'T USE YOUR OLD SAVES (they will likely bug/crash your game) - Make sure to hit New Game, or even delete the old files (search for CSQ-SaveGameFile-****** for the save files and delete them).

28 липня 2014 р. - Saulo Camarotti

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? We hope every single one of you is doing great.

Finally (*clap & excitement sounds from the backstage*), the beta version of Chroma Squad is now released! For backers that have beta access to the game, simply update your game through Steam and you’ll be able to play an updated version of the previous one installed in your pc. Expect at least 2 hours of gameplay and many more features in the game. Wait, did I say many? Yes, many many more. You have a complete Season to play with, and we plan on update with new seasons frequently! _o\ \o\ \o/ /o/ /o_

We are aware of a list of bugs that are already in this version but we cannot delay it any longer and we have our hopes high that you will have as much fun as we did have making it. It’s a job of love, art and inspiration. Sorry for such delay.

Here’s a list of issues that you may face while playing:

Some infos and known bugs/issues for the Beta Release, v. 0.21:

- Some menus and screens will be redone to increase their usability;
- We have some Dragging issues with the mouse, use you might want to use your keyboard arrows if you’re facing any trouble;
- Some sprites might appear in front of others, losing its depth completely;
- Some sprite animations aren’t final;
- There are many feedback that we would like to improve, mostly into battles, which will make players more comfortable to know what’s currently happening and what's the range of effect of skills;
- Sometimes the teleport effect doesn’t show;
- Passives are activating during the storyline;
- "Robert Plant" monster might bug during the encounter;
- Sometimes the “Chromatize” button might appear again;
- Sometimes it’ll looks like your characters have two helmets during the episode recording;
- Director’s Instructions from “A Wulcan Story” episode aren’t working but maybe you could pretend they are working so you still have nice objectives in that episode. :3 haha;
- Once in a while at the starting of an enemy’ turn, its turn is skipped. You may then skip your whole turn using teamwork with all your characters to make sure the monster isn’t in a disadvantage. Fairplayer!
- Sounds are yet to come, our sound designers might be annoyed with it;
- We lack of explosions, so the game ain’t a perfect japanese hero game yet;
- On Settings screen the current resolution is not working properly, but you can still change it if you want it.
- On the Main Menu the music is not respecting the options in Settings Menu.
- The game is balanced to be hard. Very hard.

Oh! I’d like to encourage you all that are playing the beta to join our forum:chromasquad.com/board, there’s too much to discuss and talk about and too much has been discussed already in there. Thank you all. <3

Special Note

We're talking to SABAN producers, and soon we'll announce our final decision regarding this matter. Thank you all for being so supportive! \o/

8 квітня 2014 р. - Saulo Camarotti

Hi everyone!


If you're an Early Access backer (US$ 25+ tier), the beta DEMO is available now for you on Steam!

1 - Go to https://www.humblebundle.com/store/keyresender
2 - Enter your e-mail and you'll receive and email from Humble Store with your keys, and one of them is the key for Chroma Squad on Steam.

GO get it NOW!

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