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Thanks for your help in getting this game selected for distribution via Steam. More information including a link to the Steam store page can be found below.

Greenlight is being retired. For more information on how to submit games to steam, refer to this blog post.
September 18, 2013 - TekuStudios

This is it, Candle will be distributed worldwide via Steam! And it's all thanks to you, guys!

Thanks. A lot. From the bottom of our hearts.

August 15, 2013 - TekuStudios

It's time for the big content update! Let's talk about Candle's gameplay. First of all, please take a look at the gameplay commentary we've prepared for you. Everything you see there is Work In Progress, what means that there's a lot of placeholders and unfinished work. For instance, the night zone you see on the video will not be in the final game: Candle will not repeat any of its levels.

Now, Candle is not just a pretty game. Yes, we are trying to achieve a visually stunning art style, but there is more! And remember that Candle is not Point&Click driven. Players have complete control over the character and his actions.

The players will play as the inexperienced and vulnerable Teku, in his thrilling journey to save his friends and unravel the mysteries of his world. Through his epic journey he will face many trials and puzzles that the player must solve using his mind and inventiveness.

First of all, Teku is a defenseless character. He can't attack nor has any lifebar. During his adventure, he will have to deal with lots of traps and enemies that will kill him instantly, so you better watch out! And, as you already know, Teku has a candle instead of a hand: this is the key feature of the gameplay. It can be used in dark spots to reveal hidden items, as well as to solve many of the game's puzzles.

Let's take a look at the flame first. Teku can't light his candle on whenever he wants. Instead, he has to look for a fire spot. Fireplaces act as safe spots, players can save their progress there. Also, the are some torches and other small fire spots throughout the levels that Teku can light to use them as fire checkpoints, so you don't have to go all the way back to turn on the candle if turned off.

How can be the flame turned off? Well, there are many hazards that will do that (water, wind, several enemies...), so the player must think hard to avoid them. Also, there are some situations in which the player must not have the candle on. If it's at night, the enemies can detect Teku if the flame's burning (that light is easily noticeable in the dark!), so, if the players want to turn it off, they can do it whenever they want. Stealth is also important in Candle.

Ok, we have the candle, the fire spots to light it and the hazards (or player input) that turn it off. But what can you do with it? Well, almost everything! With the candle, players can solve many puzzles (fire, heat or light based) or play for more subtle uses. What about that annoying animal that keeps chasing me? Maybe it's scared of light! And what can I do with that insects I need to take to another room? Maybe if there was some moving light for them be attracted to... And there's still one more action concerning the candle. The player, by pressing a key (or button if you're using gamepad), can make a strong flash that lights up the level. This way, every item or clue that was hidden in the dark will be revealed. This flash action has some recovery time, so use it wisely!

Let's talk about the control scheme now. We're trying our best to simplify Candle's controls as much as possible. You will have the regular movement keys, a jumping key, a candle key, a quick inventory key and a Context-Sensitive Button. With it, Teku can take part in several context-sensitive actions (each one with its own animation). Pull levers, push crates, use the candle, climb ladders, pick up items, talk to people... almost every action! There will be some unique ones, as well.

And finally, there's also the plaftorming side of the game. You can expect some platformer sections to help diversity. Teku has 3 different types of jump: vertical jump, short horizontal jump and long horizontal jump. By pressing “up” Teku jumps vertically to reach ledges or grab things. When walking, if player presses “Jump” Teku will make a short jump, and if you jump while running, Teku will jump a longer distance.

Of course, the whole control scheme will be fully customizable. If you don't like our recommended settings, just change them :)

We're now approaching the end of our Kickstarter campaign and may close it with several stretch goals achieved. So thank you all for your support. In exchange, we promise to make Candle the best game we can.

-The Teku Studios Team

August 13, 2013 - TekuStudios

This is it, we are funded on Kickstarter! This is an awesome moment, and we would love to thank everyone who has trusted us and our project this last month. Thanks for your huge help and support.

But this is only the beginning! Now it's time to reach those stretch goals before the campaign is over.

Thanks everyone!

August 6, 2013 - TekuStudios

Since many of you want to know more about Candle we will be holding an AMA event tomorrow on Reddit so you can ask us real-time whatever you want to know about the game, its gameplay, the development process...

Europe's timezones are several hours ahead of USA's, so we're trying to hold this event in an accurate time for everyone. The AMA we've planned is scheduled for tomorrow (Aug, 7) 2.00pm EST (Eastern) / 11.00am PST (Pacific) / 7.00pm GMT (London). We will post another update with the link some minutes before we start. Of course, it will happen on r/IAmA

If you think that another time would be better for you, please post it in the comments section so we can decide a time that fits everyone's needs.


August 3, 2013 - TekuStudios

Please take a look at this. It's the very first Candle's FanArt ever! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? The user Daniel, who backed our project 2 weeks ago, has sent us this wonderful piece of art painted over rocks and shells, and we've just had an incredible idea! As you may know, Candle will come with an artbook for some tier levels in our Kickstarter campaign. Wouldn't it be nice to have an exclusive FanArt section in it? This is how we'll do it:

We can't give away anything in exchange. Instead, you can send us your fanarts for Candle and we will build a Gallery to show them (we will post some blog entry here, as well as a dedicated section on our web). And those that we like the most will be featured on the artbook as official fanarts!

We just need you to scan your piece of art (300 ppi will be fine), or save it as a PNG in case you are only using your computer, or take a picture of it if you aren't doing neither of those (high resolution pictures, please). We will clean the background and will include the resulting image into the artbook. Like this:

You can send them to or, and please include the name (or nickname) you want us to put in the artbook in case your fanart is selected. Due date is August 16.

Ladies and gentlemen... release your art!!


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