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July 26, 2013 - defaxer

This is Felix - Inverto's main character. He has a really strong stomach. Animated using default animations from Unity's Mecanim tutorial. There are some animation bugs (like intersecting boots), but it will be fixed later. He will be presented in a next update. By the way new alpha is accepted on Desura[] and in several days you can get new fresh copy there!

July 8, 2013 - defaxer

New small update for Inverto. This time game gained custom input manager, this means you can reassign keys to your liking. Also as some people requested, mouse y-axis can be inverted now. Also music volume and sounds volume separately controllable. Now game has everything decent FPS has in 'options' menu. Download Windows, Mac or Linux versions here[]
As you've already noticed, crowd-funding campaign didn't collected funds required. But that's OK. Funding goal was a little too high for a game project like this. I've learned that lesson. So now I have two options: Restart crowd-funding campaign (with much lower funding goal), or go make some money at work (anyway, game development will be slowed down) and continue development.

June 27, 2013 - defaxer

First of all, now Inverto have a versions for Mac and Linux. Windows and Linux versions were tested and should be working without any trouble. Mac version however is not tested (I don't have Mac to test), if enyone can help me with this problem, you're welcome to download and contact me if anything is wrong.

Download version 0.4 for Win, Mac and Linux[]

What's new:

1. Level #5. Was updated with secret rooms and puzzles. I'm still working on new ones for every level.

2. Player orientation. Player rotation while changing gravity is more predictable and is less disorienting. For most cases this is "around look axis" rotation.

3. Weapon fire rate is increased. It's not uber quick but, I managed to hold player in air with "flip jump" for more than 60 seconds (try it on level #3). I'll make a video on most "gravity flipping" stunts I use while developing Inverto, hope this video will convince some people.

4. Reworked music player. Now it only one track, but it's great: Other directions by Frame. Hope yuo'll like it! Guess first thing to do after {LINK REMOVED} is game's soundtrack!

5. Added some social buttons. So it's easier to find info on the game and to support it by liking, tweeting, greenlighting etc.

So, till next time, hope you'll like this update and thanks for your support!

June 12, 2013 - defaxer

Hello! A BIG Update here.
Since IndieGoGo campaign is on it’s half way and still I get not enough funds, I’m lowering perk prices AND adding one big bonus to every one.

From now on every person supporting project will get his/her copy of the game (consider it a pre-order). Read more info here.

June 10, 2013 - defaxer

Just some days ago Inverto got updated to version 0.3a and has 6 playable levels right now. Download is available on IndieDB page or from Inverto's web page[]. Read IndieDb page for more info on future updates and features. Read more about game project on Indiegogo page.

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