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August 9, 2013 - evankahn1

I'm excited to announce that we've just gotten in the first piece of concept art from Mike Hales[].

View it in all its glory below:

July 30, 2013 - evankahn1

Hello blog followers,

We’re excited to announce that today we’re shipping an entirely overhauled demo featuring a redesigned layout and four new levels.
While the new prototype features much of the same conceptual grounding as the previous one, we’ve introduced a whole host of new puzzles as well as a stronger thematic grounding for the levels that we’re keeping the same.
There have been a number of improvements to the gameplay itself, as well: we’ve added sounds, additional graphics and animations, and lots of new explosions.
This is still a sneak peek of what’s to come, but we’re proud of what we have thus far. More than anything, we’re looking for feedback: what would you like to see from this game? What do you feel could be improved? What left you wanting more? Your feedback is crucial as we continue to build out new content, so please enjoy the demo and let us know what you think.

Get it here[]!

July 25, 2013 - evankahn1

Hello blog followers,

I’d like to update our readers on the current state of the Demolition Steam Greenlight project. My name is Evan, and I’ve been brought on board to help flesh out the concept for this game as well as design levels and write code.
The base concept of our game has taken a few turns since the last update. Although the game’s early stages are designed to get beginners acclimated to the workings of digital circuitry, we hope to allow the game to branch out into a fully-fledged puzzle game – challenging and fun even for those experienced with circuit design.

This conceptual change is effected through the introduction of an interactive world that can be directly influenced by the player’s circuit designs. For instance, a player might be tasked to build a blinking sign in order to direct moving vehicles away from hazardous areas, or to precisely time the motors controlling a drawbridge to allow a constant stream of characters to cross. The ultimate goal is still demolition, of course, and we want the game’s central theme to tie into the responsibilities of a demolitions expert and the electrical wizardry required to accomplish his goals.

At this point, our current prototype encompasses the first tutorial stages. Utilizing the industry-standard SPICE circuit simulation platform gives us the flexibility and power of a professional circuit design program in the form factor of a game, allowing us to go above and beyond the typical scope of educational circuit software. Once the player has completed the tutorial- and puzzle-based stages of Demolition, we hope that they will use the panoply of virtual, analog and digital circuit components available to build their own simulated devices. The software infrastructure is immensely capable – we anticipate that it will be possible to build anything from virtual robots to virtual synthesizers.

Our current levels take a hands-on approach to teaching basic electrical concepts like polarity, voltage, current, and resistance. The player is encouraged to experiment with the parts present rather than told specifically what to do. Critical thinking and effective problem-solving skills are all it takes to solve the early puzzles – knowledge of circuit design comes with gameplay.

We hope to provide a novel and entertaining educational game that will shed some light on the nature of the circuitry that many of us take for granted, and we’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions as we work to make that goal a reality.

June 27, 2013 - winstonw

I can see from the server logs that a few people have downloaded the first prototype and spent a minute or two playing with it. Thanks for your curiosity. My first prototype did almost nothing though so I hope you continue looking as I roll out new versions.

The latest prototype of Demolition now has three levels: (1) simple flashlight that needs to be finished, (2) an exercise in making loops and seeing that current doesn’t flow outside the loop, and (3) overpowering a light bulb. It's got a little explosion at the end too. Yay!

Download it here (Windows and Mac):

June 20, 2013 - winstonw

I've build a Windows version too. You can download either the Mac or Windows builds here:

This version still does very little--just show a broken circuit and when you complete it, the electrons start flowing and the game ends. But hey--it's a start.

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