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Second Chance Heroes
September 5, 2013 - Rocket City Studios

We have two new interviews that offer you a chance to learn a bit more about Second Chance Heroes, the team behind it and what went into making it what it is.

First, The Noobist interviewed Lead Game Designer Dana Massey[]:

Noobist: Who is your favorite hero currently in the game and why?

Dana: That’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite child!

I cannot name a single one, each is quite intentionally unique. I do get an inordinate amount of joy from Abraham Lincoln’s tornado and Marie Curie’s laser beam eyes, though.

It really all depends on circumstances. Caesar is a menace against boss monsters, but no one clears a hallway quite like Napoleon.

There’s also one other who… well, you’ll find out soon when we reveal them!

Then, Dana also spoke to Co-Optimus who did an in-depth Q&A[] that touches on pretty much everything you could ever hope to know about the game:

Co-Optimus: What was the inspiration for this game? There is definitely an arcade feel/vibe to it, coming just short of a “Insert Coin” graphic. Any particular games from that venue that influenced its development?

Dana: I think it was more the general sensibility of that era that really touched home for us. Mario, for example, really makes no sense whatsoever. You’re a plumber jumping on turtle shells to save a princess. Why can you turn into a raccoon and fly? Because it adds something really fun to the game.

We’re much the same way. Of course, it makes no sense when you walk over a power up and suddenly you can make a disco ball come from the sky, float over your head and distract all of the enemies as they stop fighting and start dancing. It’s still just an amazing moment when you first discover it. So clearly, we had to include it.

Both websites recently previewed the game as well. Check out The Noobist's impressions here[], and the Co-Optimus hands on here[].

September 3, 2013 - Rocket City Studios

We recently revealed our 11th playable character in Second Chance Heroes: Leonardo da Vinci. Leo is a ranged single-target renaissance warrior who fires rockets with one hand and can light things on fire with his other.

Read all about him here[].

August 26, 2013 - Rocket City Studios

Let us introduce you to our 10th announced playable character: Cleopatra! She's a long range hero who zaps her enemies with energy bolts, then rains down terror from above doing big damage and some crowd control. Read all about her and see some screenshots on our website[].

We also have a teaser out for our 11th hero who we will announce this Friday. Check it out[].

August 19, 2013 - Rocket City Studios

On Friday we revealed our 9th character: Montezuma[]! Click over to his profile for the full bio, but know this: He's the fastest melee warrior in our game. A dual wielder, he hits fast and can move while doing it quicker than any other character in Second Chance Heroes. His secondary can also be used a bit more often than the average right click and when it is, send your foes flying with a vicious spin.

For more information on Montezuma[] check him out on our website[].

August 13, 2013 - Rocket City Studios

The most thankless job in any game development company belongs to the people who work on the User Interface. The sad truth is that the very best UIs are simply not noticed. They have to be powerful, but never in the way. They have to be pretty, but minimal. It’s a tough challenge and for us it fell to Cody and Cory.

Over on our official Developer Blog, we have an in-depth look at some elements of this latest update to the Closed Beta version of Second Chance Heroes.

Check it out here[].

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