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Cannons Lasers Rockets
Free To Play, Not Pay To Win: Details
23 Ocak 2013 - Sdols

We are happy to respond to all the questions concerning the F2P model that we chose for CLR. Our policy on usage of real money in the game will be based on the following:

1. Players will be able to purchase a "premium account", which will give them increased rates for receiving XP and money in the game, but will not affect combat-related gameplay in any way - this is not, and never will be a "pay to win" game; premium account will also come with some pleasing interface decorations and conveniences;

2. It will also be possible to purchase unique ship designs, skins, and decals, but all gameplay stats of things you could buy this way will be on par with the rest of the available game content.

Thank you for your questions and for your support.

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Sdols 21 May 2013 @ 7:01 
Some news on monetization.

We decided to have two installs. First one - a completely free game with zero donations.
Second - you pay for monthly access and optionally, pay for decals. No premium account anymore. Soon we will post more screenshots and videos from our new mission - team PvP. Thanks to all involved into monetization model discussion.
Gizi o v o 5 Mar 2013 @ 0:42 
Ok guys you miss someting importand.
If a normal play have to kill two to get to lvl2 and gets from each like 50 gold (2*50= 100gold)
and a premium player need only to kill one to geht to lvl 2 it would be unfair to left him with 50 gold because "ships of the same level fight each other" they would be able to buy something.
I think it ok to give thim the same bust in exp and money because "ships of the same level fight each other" so no problem in balance.

if the "ships of the same level fight each other" is true you wont notic if the lvl 5 player your figthing with used a exp/money bost again your who is lvl 5 (IF the exp to money rat is even).
[Mata] MajorAccident 18 Şub 2013 @ 13:02 
I fail to see how you can define your payment scheme as anything but "Pay 2 Win". The broad goal of the game is to advance through the tiers of ships on offer; giving paying players the ability to move through the game faster is indeed a "Pay 2 Win" scheme even if it doesn't offer a direct advantage to paying customers over free players in battles.

If you wish to see an actual non-Pay2Win game, take a look at PoE (or TF2) where the only items you can buy are vanity items. GGG have enough confidence in the quality of their game to not have to incentivise payments in the way that you have. Suggests to me that you might not think your game is very good.

Sadly I just think you're being dishonest, either to us or to yourselves, and you should either reassess your payment scheme or accept that it is broadly a Pay2Win model. I won't be Greenlighting this project. The game doesn't look very good or interesting, and the payment model is a turn off.
dogsonofawolf 2 Şub 2013 @ 12:01 
Accelerating the level advancement of the paying players seems like kind of an odd business model; won't that mean the people giving you money run out of content faster and stop playing? On the other hand, if higher levels unlock things (like new ships/areas/weapons/whatever), playing for free could be annoyingly tedious.
Sdols 25 Oca 2013 @ 11:49 
@Snipechan Thanks for your comment. Idea is that you achieve higher level ships faster with premium. And ships of the same level fight each other. In the other words, people with premium have to invest less time. If we give only EXP bonus, they would not be able to buy a ship long after they got right to purchase it. Thats the idea.
Snipechan 25 Oca 2013 @ 11:40 
I'm a little concerned about the idea of receiving an increased rate of money in the game. More experience is nice because the players still have to work for it and continue through the game. I find that in many games where you get more money for less work, people who are premium end up being able to afford stronger weapons and other items before people who don't pay, making them stronger at lower levels. An increase in gold can definitely work, but I'd be careful with how much of an increase it is lest players (especially new ones) get turned off the game.
Chaosfox 23 Oca 2013 @ 14:44 
I think it will also be important for the rate of which you gain in game currency.

I intend to purchase the premium account but for players that are pure free to play you need to give them a fair sense of progression.

The worst and biggest fails in the F2P market are those that ask for too much grind for in game content.

Having a large player base is the number 1 priority in a multi player game, so anything that will turn players off is a huge problem.

There are many good games that have come and gone due to having no players so tread carefully guys and be quick to respond on launch.