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Fading Suns Noble Armada
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kisguri  [author] Jan 26 @ 10:29am 
Its still in the works, Visit to keep up on the latest!
Scribbles Jan 26 @ 9:46am 
omg please let this be a thing. EotFS is so amazing
errant904 Jun 6, 2017 @ 3:47pm 
I'd love to see EFS2 or EFS re-released too.
Relmor Jun 2, 2017 @ 5:00pm 
EFS2 next please
bagich May 10, 2017 @ 9:33am 
kisguri  [author] May 9, 2017 @ 10:53am 
Thanks for your support @alvx & @Derrick Moore!
Derrick Moore & Son May 8, 2017 @ 3:36pm 
Hey Andrew! It's me Derrick! HOOOWAH, nice to see this here! (Andrew reccommended me to my first game job at Leaping Lizard)
alvx Apr 20, 2017 @ 5:35pm 
@hdiandrew I'm already doing my part ;)
hdiandrew  [author] Apr 20, 2017 @ 8:05am 
@alvx spread the word on this one first, and let's see where we can go from there
kisguri  [author] Apr 19, 2017 @ 9:36am 
The Pancreator makes all things possible...
alvx Apr 18, 2017 @ 5:57pm 
Any chance of an Emperor of the fading suns remake afterwards?
hdiandrew  [author] Apr 10, 2017 @ 8:05am 
Some of you have been asking for links to our playtest videos, so here is one to enjoy:
info3dl Apr 5, 2017 @ 6:09am 
voted YES ! :)
GremlinMo Apr 3, 2017 @ 5:16am 
looks great voted up gl :)
Mamat Mar 29, 2017 @ 7:57am 
Voted, I like the UI ;) Good luck!
Kmany Mar 29, 2017 @ 5:32am 
Voted.. Good job and good luck!
jrdarby Mar 28, 2017 @ 3:08pm 
Voted. Good Luck. :)
SnakesOnABlane Mar 24, 2017 @ 12:57pm 
Looks neat! Voted! :-)
kisguri  [author] Mar 24, 2017 @ 12:07pm 
Thanks guys!
PoetGlas Mar 24, 2017 @ 11:12am 
Looking forward to it!
marclawson3 Mar 24, 2017 @ 10:22am 
Very cool! Looking forward to it.
wonderjay Mar 24, 2017 @ 10:10am 
this game looks so good seen the delvoper stream the game play worth playing
hdiandrew  [author] Mar 16, 2017 @ 7:21am 
We are looking to have a St. Patrick's Day livestream of Noble Armada 8 pm EST Friday, March 17. Join us at {LINK REMOVED}
lwalkerchung Mar 14, 2017 @ 5:57am 
Love Fading Suns and this is looking to be awesome as well. I hope it gets onto steam!
hdiandrew  [author] Mar 9, 2017 @ 11:27am 
I will livestream the Skirmish mode of FSNA at 4:30 pm EST Friday, March 10, on {LINK REMOVED}
hdiandrew  [author] Mar 9, 2017 @ 8:51am 
@errant904 The old demo was for our more elaborate version of the game in the early 00s. Unfortunately, two publishers we contracted with went out of business, so it was never completed. This is more a return to our strategy game roots rather than our RPG side.
kisguri  [author] Mar 8, 2017 @ 6:40pm 
I don't think our version ever had a playable demo available?
errant904 Mar 8, 2017 @ 6:07pm 
Is the playable demo still around?
kisguri  [author] Mar 8, 2017 @ 5:45pm 
Thanks @SinclairStrange and @Beej
Beej Mar 8, 2017 @ 3:14pm 
Looks awesome!!
SinclairStrange Mar 8, 2017 @ 2:47pm 
Voted! Always amazing to see what comes out of Clickteam's software and users ^-^
Izark Mar 3, 2017 @ 2:16pm 
I love everything about this game
hdiandrew  [author] Feb 26, 2017 @ 6:32pm 
For those who asked for a different video, check out this playthrough, with me talking about the game:
INDIE:J Feb 25, 2017 @ 11:36pm 
+1 good luck
Slurreydude Feb 24, 2017 @ 6:52pm 
If this does well there will be opportunities for other fading suns based games. Greenlit and will pick up when available. At full price no less. :steamhappy:
sebastianchamplain Feb 22, 2017 @ 12:08pm 
Great looking game!
SoborovaƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Feb 21, 2017 @ 8:05am 
looks nice!
kisguri  [author] Feb 20, 2017 @ 9:41am 
@Inz3n1ty I personally appreciate the sentiment. I can tell you one of the first real Strategy games I played was on my girlfriends PC almost 19 years ago. She had a "Segasoft" demo cd which inlcuded this ridiculously long demo of Empire of the Fading Suns. I instantly fell in love with the genre.

almost 13 years later I attend my first GDC and show this guy Andrew Greenberg, Whom I only knew from my association with the Atlanta Game Development community, A little game I made for iOS called Vincere Totus Astrum. Basically a "Casual" 4x strategy game I had developed. He was impressed enough to start talking to me about developing this title. Once I found out he was the same guy behind Empire. It kinda blew my mind.

I want this game to succeed, and pay proper tribute to the source material. Over the next week will try and do a better "comparision" with the table top game to show you it is trying its best to pay proper respects. Thanks again for the comment.
Inz3n1ty Feb 20, 2017 @ 9:25am 
For those who are 'hating' on whatever aspect you have a quibble with on NOBLE ARMADA, I say we give them a greenlight, give them a chance to prove themselves- as SUCCESS will pave the way to more opportunities for them to do more things. Bigger, Better, SEQUEL things! It's worth the chance! I personally enjoy the FS Universe enough to want to see ANYTHING in it have a shot to succeed-- even If I personaly don't lke whatever mechanic or whatever irritating [lack of] feature I may encounter. They cannot please all of us 100% - but if they can get a RECENT success out there in this space- then we loyalists can only BENEFIT from MORE beloved FS output as the results!
Del_Duio Feb 20, 2017 @ 7:29am 
The green ships remind me of my beloved USS Defiant (only green)
That alone gets a yes from me.
Veskaida Feb 19, 2017 @ 7:37am 
Looks pretty interesting. The art is pretty solid, except for the explosions. Those need a bit of work.

Voice acting is pretty weak.
akashne Feb 19, 2017 @ 1:46am 
Omg, I have been waiting for this for YEARS <3 and even though I don't really like strategy games, I will definitely buy it and check it out <3
TrebuchetGames Feb 18, 2017 @ 2:40pm 
Voted yes, good luck guys :)
rogueWithLoveForRogues Feb 18, 2017 @ 1:41pm 
art style is good, very slow paced though
admin Feb 18, 2017 @ 12:25pm 
nice game love the style
JusticeInc Feb 18, 2017 @ 7:12am 
Best SF setting in games. Can't wait!
schrodinger Feb 17, 2017 @ 4:01pm 
I have a soft spot for tabletop games, would like to see more electronic versions. This one looks smooth, nice setting and pleasing graphics, GUI and gameboard grids/backgrounds reminds me of good old Master of Orion and Dune games - golden age of gaming. Yes!! Good luck :)
T-Girl Kelley Feb 17, 2017 @ 3:50pm 
One of my favorite RPG settings and a HUGE fan of Emperor of the Fading Suns so you have an automatic sale here.
kisguri  [author] Feb 17, 2017 @ 3:43pm 
@Kebo thank you sir! @oliver.malina We appreciate your support and will look to see what we can do to improve boarding combat.
Kebo Feb 17, 2017 @ 2:59pm 
Huge fan of the Fading Suns universe, ever since the original EFS. Fell in love with the demo of the unreleased Noble Armada. To this day I still think that game would be stellar. So this has my vote automatically.