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ARK: Survival Evolved

SurvivalPlus - Open Beta
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Update: Nov 21 @ 9:34am

Version b. Open Beta

  • Spike walls and palisades now cannot be placed within 10m of a wild dino
  • Fixed bone needle icon
  • Forced recompile of various structures to avoid possibly cooking corruption
  • Fixed stone pile access and collision
  • Fixed stone wall window crafting cost
  • Updated wine box collision
  • Fixed wine box placement box

Update: Nov 20 @ 11:26am

Version b.0.2.33 Open Beta

  • Added new dino size tiers to damage calculation and new structure resistance tiers. This will require further balancing, so please report any obvious balancing issues with structures!
  • Added First Tier of Castle Pieces - Mostly Exterior Walls
  • House structures will receive reduced PvP damage compared to other structures. This does not extend to doors - the intention is to avoid destruction of expensive houses in PvP, but still allow raiding.
  • Made Farmer Prop Stall Inventories food related items only- WILL despawn current invetories
  • Added Large Warehouse
  • Set up building stages for Shop 6
  • Added Castle Work Camp - Starting making castle materials to have them ready (Builder)
  • Added castle materials to the Castle Work Camp
  • Set up building stages for Shop 5
  • Added fat to phiomia multi use harvest. Only available for farmers and only on tamed phiomia
  • Added Lime Powder to Farmer (crafted in Mortar and Pestle)
  • Added rooms to Cottage 1 & 2
  • Added slot count and weight limit info to the storage item descriptions
  • Added hide strips, fiber and plant string to work table crafting
  • Exhaustion now increases faster
  • Buffed iron sword durability
  • Lime fertilizer now uses lime powder for crafting
  • Reduced lard fat cost
  • Updated remaining lumber station recipes to no longer need tools
  • Otters now take piranha meat as cuddle food
  • Exhaustion should no longer reset on death
  • Sheep now drop wool instead of pelt
  • Reduced meat harvest from animals classified as "tiny"
  • Added weight limits on 3 pack of barrels, cupboards, and other storage objects
  • Added weight limits to crafting tables
  • Reduced nutrition levels of raw eggs.
  • Increased sleep amount on finished beds / decreases on thatch beds
  • Increased non farmer harvest time
  • Fertilizing with poop no longer provides XP.
  • Only farmers can get XP from fertilizing now, and the amount depends on the fertilizer tier
  • Adjusted candle burn time out light post
  • Fertilizing crop plots no longer provides xp if no crop is present
  • Spoil times on old meat have been increased significanty
  • Fish meat now spoils to old fish meat
  • Tripled smoker durability
  • Possible fix for carnivores not getting enough food from meat
  • Switched shaft crafting to new tool system
  • Fixed Jug 1 and Jug 2 losing inventory on restart
  • Updated meat name parsing to correctly handle T. Rex meat in custom cooking recipes
  • Minor updates to custom cooking logic
  • Fixed bulk craft firewood in lumber station
  • Fixed durability on metal and food pot
  • Removed possible glue crafting blocker
  • Fixed metal can refilling itself in some crafting inventories when being used
  • Fixed possible issues with multi use harvest
  • Removed an unnecessary snap on dock stairs causing weird snaps
  • Updated misc prices on npc items
  • Spike walls now properly damage wild dinos
  • Fixed door snap points on cottage 13
  • Fixed naming issues on some cupboard inventories
  • Added deed requirements to cottage 10 and 11 descriptions
  • Fixed titanomyrma poison arrow picking up maganeura arrow
  • Fixed duplicate crafting entries in the iron sword crafting process
  • Poison arrows now properly use instigator to avoid PVE issues
  • Scaffolding stairs can now be crafted in builders table
  • Fixed protective cover to snap on scaffolding
  • Fixed Azulberry seeds not being learnable on the cultivated level
  • Added the wine barrel to the work table for the Entrprenuer
  • Fixed bank not placing
  • Fixed pickup on stone doorframes
  • Fixed accidental pickup on boat pieces
  • Fixed powders in windmill
  • Misc ecoStables mod fixes
  • Removed ability for regular trade stalls to be able to sell coins. Must be done through banker
  • Adobe porch now uses clay shingles
  • Updated bone needle to new tool system
  • Added fix for vanilla rare flowers dropping in ragnarok
  • Fix for lack of meat from tiny creatures when harvesting with pickaxes (also slightly increased for axes, but should not be very noticeable)
  • Removed core status from quarry

Update: Nov 4 @ 1:33pm

Version b. Open Beta

  • Fixed blacksmith shop not being able to be completed - Now layered
  • Added Pike
  • Reduced cotton fabric crafting time a bit
  • Slightly increased dodo egg rate - might get nerfed again
  • Updated kettle and metal pot durability.
  • Moved clay trough engram to level 14
  • Increased kettle durability from 100 to 400
  • Updated crafting cost of compass
  • Updated all Armor Ratings Amor/Cold/Heat
  • Updated boat builder parts to be only placeable by boat builders
  • Fixed max quality on supply drops.
  • Fixed an issue where placing wells on pavers could remove collision from the pavers
  • Fixed phiomia over level 70 allowing taming
  • Refactored trading booth / travelling traders and updated their time settings
  • Fixed Cottage 3 height stone snap
  • Fixed carpenter cupboards
  • Removed duplicate trading booth entry in worktable
  • Fixed cloth material
  • Snare trap structure is now properly named
  • Fixed issues with traveling tradesman pricing
  • Nerfed dodo feather loot from dodo coop
  • Added all the carpets back to the tailors desk
  • Balance updates to the loot crates
  • Fixed Cottage 9 crash
  • Fixed empty water can not showing up in grills
  • Fixed troodon not eating modded meat
  • Iron sword now properly breaks into a dull sword blade
  • Vaults ignore tribe members. Personal owner only
  • Removed sound from single candle light
  • Spike walls will now do damage in PvE
  • Fixed water wells no longer irrigating
  • Beelzebufo skin and meganeura gland now get small spoil increase when cooled
  • Metal saw blade will now use sturdy ingots
  • Fixed crate sticking through on Large Boat
  • Metal knife blade now uses sturdy ingots
  • Updated baby food consumption on various tameable creatures to 1/50 of vanilla
  • Increased scissors durability

Update: Oct 29 @ 7:10pm

Version b. Open Beta

  • The journal now shows a "start page" to prevent people from learning a profession by accident.
  • Set up layered building for cottage 11
  • Set up layered building for cottage 10
  • Added icon for fried fish
  • Removed wooden key requirement from key cache
  • Updated Cottage 10 health and damage resistance
  • Updated Cottage 11 health and damage resistance
  • Fixed blacksmith shop cooking corruption
  • Possible fix for fried fish in medieval grill
  • Renamed cottage 10 base file - will cause the built house to despawn.
  • The journal should now work better on high resolutions

Update: Oct 29 @ 12:36pm

Version b.0.2.32 Open Beta

  • Added Traveling Tradesman Booth: Worktable
  • New Structure - Key Cache. Hide your keys under the doormat!
  • Building items now show which deeds they require in the description
  • Quarry now turns off automatically if no more resources found
  • Added Stack of Bricks to be used for storing bricks
  • Clay trough now crafts automatically if all ingredients are present
  • Updated large boat to use stacks of planks
  • More than doubled phiomia baby mature speed
  • Slowed down horse baby mature speed
  • Slightly increased fat harvest from phiomia - will be nerfed again once farmer-only fat harvest for tamed phiomia is added
  • Increased crafting speed on clay furnace
  • Significantly reduced dodo egg rate
  • Palisades now use the new damage resistance balancing and health and crafting was updated to use tier-appropriate resources and amounts
  • Updated damage resistance of spike walls and HD spike walls and updated health accordingly
  • Moved the wall rack down to the work table craftable by everyone.
  • Adjusted quarry and War raft to allow them to be crafted in the carpenters desk
  • Fixed corner stone wall and roof of blacksmith shop
  • All mindwipe ingredients can now be added to cooking inventories
  • Fixed possible multiple spawns of tier 2 townhall counters
  • Fixed Cottage 9 not being buildable
  • Fixed Wooden Coffee Table 2
  • Fixed blacksmith shop issues in some cases
  • Further experiments to allow gestation to include time in stasis
  • Fixed bark chest inventory description

Update: Oct 27 @ 6:56am

Version b.0.2.31 Open Beta

  • Mindwipe potion is now more expensive and requires more poison items. Check the wiki for the new crafting recipes:
  • Added new server size setting option: "Singleplayer" - multiplies the coin value by 4 and sets the maximum professions to "all" by default
  • All deed requiring buildings have been upgraded to construction sites.
  • Added Tavern Ambiance sounds - (Entrepreneur)
  • Deeds are now consumed on placement, not when crafting. SP does not require deeds any more.
  • The server size variable now also automatically sets the default maximum professions (large = 1, medium = 2, small = 3). Can be overridden via ini.
  • Added a 2x3 and a 3x2 painting canvas
  • Meals are now more nutritious when cooked in the food grill by the farmer or entrepreneur. 2.5x vs everyone else. Fried fish N Chips is now 4.5x nutrition vs regular food alone.
  • Dodo eggs now use the egg spawning system instead of the poop system. Initial setting is x6 chance of any other dino, will be adapted overall
  • Ramps no longer need direct access to ground to place
  • Mating timer is now shown on the mating menu entry
  • Dodo coops now will gather feathers
  • Food counter now shows food on it when it has food in the inventory
  • Lowered carpenter and mason tables inventories to 12.
  • Added a room upstairs to the blacksmith shop.
  • Renamed flag structure files to fit naming scheme, can cause despawn of some flags.
  • Fixed brick color requiring bonemeal glue instead of bonemeal
  • Fixed tintoberry powder using fresh berries
  • Renamed dried berry files to fit naming scheme, can cause despawn of dried berries
  • Removed ramshackle item possibility from loot drops
  • Removed unused damage types from old poison weapon system. Should fix some weapons blinding enemies in addition to their actual effect.
  • Fixed meal recipes not showing on food grill
  • Updated stone floor's crafting cost to include stone
  • Fixed azulberry powder spoiling
  • Removed need for feathers for Archer's Arrows.
  • Fixed hesperornis not accepting dead fish
  • Fixed fertilized microraptor egg using a destroy timer when dropped
  • Added bulk crafting for firewood to lumber station
  • Dried berries now vanish upon spoiling
  • Fixed shingles not showing up in lumber station
  • Gestation should now include time spent in stasis
  • Fixed medieval depot spawning multiple traders on server restart
  • Meat stew should no longer cook if fish stew ingredients are present
  • Demolishing the npc trader no longer returns gold
  • Stone brick now properly uses hammer and chisel for crafting
  • Fixed town hall spawning multiple counters on server restart
  • Town hall counters now properly get set to the town hall owner team
  • Counters no longer snap to docks
  • Fixed flags so they would show up in the tailors table.
  • Fixed beer liquid needing beer mug to craft
  • Fixed spoil time of fried fish
  • Updated tanning barrel's weight to match the barrels.
  • Quarry now attempts to simulate what would have happened during stasis when coming out of stasis
  • Fixed multi use harvest on resource spawning creatures
  • Added lock to eco doors crafting requirements
  • Slightly reduced seed weight in berry crop plots
  • Fixed Journeyman Cabinet Maker routing to Apprentice
  • Cleaned up door snaps on Adobe housing as well as added icons
  • Fireplace now only snaps to other fireplace pieces. Same with the sales counters.
  • Reduced xp on fertilizer crafting
  • Added weight limits to various storage items
  • Clay in clay trough should no longer require clay trough engram to craft
  • fixed potatos not getting more yield past semi wild tier
  • Increased crafting times on various items
  • Quarry can no longer be turned off by players not owning the quarry
  • Updated metal nails icon
  • Tamed dino nests will no longer cause wild dinos of the same species to aggro the player
  • Set phiomia max tame level to 70 and decreased melee damage / level
  • Fixed not removing town hall counter 2 when upgrading

Update: Oct 17 @ 3:55am

Version b. Open Beta

  • Added berry powders Berry spoils -> Dried Berry -> Grind Dried Berry -> Powder -> Dyes
  • Public release of the Medieval Depot (NPC Buyer) Tier 3 Item
  • Big updates to the loot crate items
  • Lowered pottery wheel to level 5
  • Updated rope usage and crafting
  • Updated dye crafting requirements to use the new powders
  • Wolf riding should now also work in water if the ini setting is enabled
  • Fixed stamina per level ignoring our settings
  • Disabled autocraft on new dyes
  • Intake pipe now allows placing again
  • Removed duplicate townhall from masons table
  • Fixed townhall not being placeable
  • Tweaks to the roof collision on a few buildings
  • Fixed possible quarry issues and changed info text color to be more readable
  • Fixed Cottage 8 steps snap
  • Reduced harvest amount from dead whale on ragnarok

Update: Oct 14 @ 3:43am

Version b.0.2.30 Open Beta

  • Added new tier 2 town hall that can be upgraded when ready to tier 3.
  • Finally found a way to no longer require a custom gamemode. Should reduce cases of ark overwriting config files. IMPORTANT: Make sure to remove the default character stat configuration from your game.ini
  • Locks can now be attached to boats with inventories
  • Selling rafts now includes all structures on top
  • Trade stalls now operate based on item ID - this allows to sell multiple writs of ownership at different prices
  • Updated compost bin crafting recipe to no longer rely on carpenter
  • Trade sign now properly shows outline for 60 seconds instead of the 5 seconds we used for debug
  • Added all vanilla flags to Tailor
  • Added new canvas sizes
  • Added all remaining known colors
  • Added fried fish to Food Counter
  • Added clay furnace - Journeyman Mason's
  • Cottage 5 can now be placed again
  • Updated health & damage settings on Adobe housing.
  • Doed's no longer act as vacuums for Archer Towers. (Towers can kill them now)
  • Removed need for Chester Station to be close to water
  • Doubled Iron tier armor's armor rating.
  • Fixed it so that the adobe door will take the new locks and keys
  • Fixed ecoStable Wood Ceiling not giving the correct item.
  • Target Dummy can now be picked up
  • When selling structures the new owner name is now the character name, instead of the account name
  • Increased iron armor durability
  • Added icon for bonemeal glue
  • Set Medieval Depot to only purchase full sale qty's
  • Increased dodo coop a pig pen's health
  • Fixed the demolish resources on boat parts
  • Updated palisade item damage settings
  • Cut safe resources by a 1/4 to align with needed sales price of banker
  • Increased large boat storage
  • Updated feeding trough crafting recipe
  • Fixed bonemeal glue crafting cost
  • Archer tower will now snap to the scaffolding
  • Small scaffolding steps no snap in the correct spot on scaffolding and to itself
  • Archer tower will now use the server size setting
  • Fixed troodon harvesting
  • Added wood beams and wood shingles to lumber station
  • Fixed issue where text and boolean values would not be correctly read from INI file
  • Fixed food counter not picking up meals from food grill
  • Wooden lock now properly uses 5 wood instead of 5 wooden keys for crafting
  • Crafting multiple locks at once will no longer duplicate their lock codes
  • Sheep meat can now be cooked in fireplace and grills
  • Added deeds to tier 2 housing
  • Clay trough should now only show tap if actually connected to a pipe
  • Removed info text from prospectors pick - ark won't stand for it
  • Increased amount of limestone per node
  • Updated pieces on the stone quarry.
  • Weapons should now be allowed while riding terrorbirds
  • Armarberry give proper nutrients again

Update: Oct 7 @ 6:53am

Version b.0.2.29 Open Beta

  • Added Trade Sign - allows selling of multiple structures in an area
  • Added Painting Canvas to Tailor.
  • Added Fried Fish meal to the Farmer via the Food Grill. +100 Food (You'll need a metal pan)
  • Added Medieval Depot (npc buyer) Limited capacity for testing. Official server only
  • Added Chester Station. Similar to Trading Docks, but does not need to be on the water. (Mason)
  • Coal pile is now crafted with charcoal
  • Updated coal pile visuals
  • Lance can now be crafted
  • Updated copper arrow texture
  • Fixed snare trap pickup
  • Set different dino meats as hyaenodon
  • Updated crafting cost of Pavers, Stone Fences
  • Increased the dino block height on wooden and stone fence. (Noticed the pigs could still walk over when in the coop with ground)
  • Fixed more snapping issues with the scaffolding
  • Cut water well permit cost in half
  • Doubled crossbow durability
  • Fixed some spike walls not showing up for carpenters
  • Replaced guanaberry with bonemeal in dye recipes
  • Fixed food counter not showing up in carpenters table
  • Slaughtering animals now might allow harvesting in PVE with friendly fire disabled ( needs to be tested )
  • Fixed glass pane icon
  • Tavern cupboard can now be placed
  • Fixed the placement height of a few items
  • Increased slots on the Counters
  • Fixed water can not subtracting correctly
  • Recreated the mindwipe potion (new spawncode! Check cheats list) to fix file corruption
  • Feeding troughs now transfer 5 (instead of 1) food items at once to counteract starving on unstasis

Update: Oct 3 @ 3:45am

Version b. Open Beta

  • Added wooden lock and key - limited to 20 uses and works only on doors
  • Buildings 5 & 6 now use construction site process
  • Bank vaults are now set for owning player only.
  • Fixed curing rack having only pickup option
  • Fixed pickup option being default on drying racks
  • Updated cost of Trading Company A
  • Trading Companies and NPC buyers will now have a minimum distance away from each other
  • Blank writ of ownership should now show in the worktable if paper crafting is learned
  • Fixed missing mating option for some animals, including ovis
  • Fixed missing imprint multi use menu entries
  • Added info to prospectors pick if equip was denied
  • Updated remapping for ice cave chests