Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Update: Jul 20, 2016 @ 5:26pm

Hotfix 1.02:
-Fixed networking issue with the violent sphere's glow.

Update: Jul 18, 2016 @ 7:23pm

Hotfix 1.01:
-Fixed a graphical error with the Violent Sphere's projectile.

Update: Jul 18, 2016 @ 5:31pm

Patch 1.00: The Weapons Update (Part 2)
-Added Craftable Weapons (Solar Sphere, Violent Sphere, Metal Claw, Shadow Claw).
-Added Config option to lower attack costs of aura spheres slightly.
-Default Aura Sphere has recieved a slight range nerf.
-Grammar fixes and added dialogue.
-Sanity Drain at night slightly increased.

Update: May 27, 2016 @ 4:42pm

Patch 0.97: The weapons update (Part 1)
-Corrected a few grammar mistakes
-Adjusted brightness of the Aura Sphere
-Added more custom dialogue for some of the newer things in DST (Petrified Trees, etc.)
-Added Two new Aura Spheres (Dream [Green] and Swift [Yellow])
-Added Bone Rush
-Added ability to extract boneshards from fish
-Added Aura Guardian Hat
-Some minor art adjustments

Update: Apr 18, 2016 @ 5:27pm

Hotfix 0.95.5:
-Players should now be able to place structures within the aurasphere's light.

Update: Mar 17, 2016 @ 4:42pm

Hotfix 0.95.4:
-Fixed the short hair face (again...).
-Fixed head being slightly lower when wearing headgear.

Update: Mar 9, 2016 @ 4:04pm

Hotfix 0.95.3:
-Fixed the aurasphere item not creating light when equipped. (Thanks Neutral_Steve on the Klei entertainment forums)

Update: Mar 9, 2016 @ 2:42pm

Hotfix 0.95.2:
-Fixed Face positioning on the short hair model.

Update: Mar 8, 2016 @ 11:07am

Hotfix 0.95.1:
-Removed some unnecessary files to reduce the mod size.

Update: Mar 8, 2016 @ 10:56am

Patch 0.95:
-New mod icon (More accurate for the mod, RIP PSMD mugshot)
-New more compact head (sideview only)
-Recolored ghost sprite
-Tons of grammar fixes in Lucario's speech