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Phantom Halls
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
11. Juni 2016 um 7:29 Uhr
31. Okt. 2018 um 0:00 Uhr

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Veröffentlichungsdatum: Oct 31st 2016
Squad based survival horror / action adventure!

A group of teens enter a haunted mansion and prepare to face the undead terrors that stalk the phantom halls!

Team up and survive the night using whatever you can find, but remember - you can’t kill what you can’t see, so be sure to bring a flashlight…

Dare you enter the Phantom Halls?! Then thanks for your support on Greenlight!

With your votes, we hope to bring Phantom Halls to the Early Access platform in a couple of months with plenty of polish and a ton of new features. We're eager to get an Alpha build into the hands of the community, but first we'd like to gauge interest in our project and get some feedback from the comments section, so please do share your thoughts with us - we're always open to a lively debate!

We're well on our way to realising our vision for an awesome haunted house adventure, so here's a taste of what we hope to achieve for the release build of Phantom Halls:

- Multi-level mansion layout to explore with Metroidvania minimap, retrace your steps with new items and abilities to unlock new areas and conquer adversaries previously blocking your path.

- Hack your way though overgrown gardens, wade across swampy sewers, dive into flooded basements and jump from steampunk elevators. Scrolling levels, outdoor levels, platforming elements, and a variety of pitfalls and deadly drops will ensure varied gameplay that keeps throwing curveballs.

- Winding corridors and vast hallways lead to a bizarre assortment of rooms, follow a ghostly melody to the music lounge, face diabolical creations in the laboratory, gear up in the armoury, and try not to end up on the menu in the banquet hall!

- Unique passive skills and abilities for 12 playable characters, over a dozen enemy types and a myriad of mini-bosses to face before you reach the master of the house for the ultimate showdown.

- Infinite replay value with procedurally generated mansions, each with a unique evil presence to discover and defeat. Name generation for mansions, manors, halls, and masters and mistresses to ensure a record of your escapes, triumphs, and defeats.

- Customisable weapons, traps, potions, and other combinable items to enrich the looting experience and allow personalisation of your play style. Survivors of each mansion can continue on to the next conquest with all the gear they’ve amassed.

If you got this far, then thanks again!
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65 Kommentare
Ttv/thirdyplays 14. Feb. 2017 um 4:54 Uhr 
Can't wait to get the early access and stream this awesome game!
Zoso 26. Juni 2016 um 10:54 Uhr 
the art style looks great
Maritime_-M- 24. Juni 2016 um 19:21 Uhr 
The game is very cool
Dave Microwave 21. Juni 2016 um 11:44 Uhr 
Looks great! Finally, a good greenlight game. Haven't seen one of those in a long time.
Old_Right 21. Juni 2016 um 0:19 Uhr 
Support,can play when please send me key!
NerFeD GoexX 20. Juni 2016 um 18:15 Uhr 
looks nice! :)
Lord Wurstgollum 20. Juni 2016 um 11:54 Uhr 
Wolves of Ragnarok Studios 20. Juni 2016 um 8:32 Uhr 
Love the art style. Voted!
Source CatE 19. Juni 2016 um 8:07 Uhr 
Looks awesome! Voted! :steamhappy:
默默無聞 19. Juni 2016 um 0:16 Uhr 
Cutesy, I like the style. The animations are a bit wonky, though.