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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
29. Juli 2014 um 1:45
2. Sep. um 12:20

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Game Released
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  • Two major crashes fixed
  • Can't build on debris anymore
  • Auto build menue switch when deselecting, selecting nothing
  • Wall-Tower damage increased, slight balancing adjustments

Build&Battle is a turn based tower defense game that plays like a rts:

  • Base building
  • Resource gathering
  • Unit training
  • Technology researching
  • Plan your turn and put your strategy into action
  • Defend your portal
  • Unlock new building levels, towers and units by finishing levels from the world map
  • Use magic orbs to combine the power of the elements and improve your towers with it

You basically play Build&Battle like a rts with focus on the tower defense aspect and the obvious difference that it isn't realtime, but turn based.

Build your base, gather and manage resources and train units to defend the portal to your home world. Vicious creatures try to get through the portal, attracted by the magic it emits.
Plan your steps carefully, place towers to change the enemy’s path to the portal and repel their attacks.
With each level solved you progress on the world map in a non-linear way and unlock new technology to build better towers and gather advanced resources.

The game’s current state of development is between alpha and beta. The main gameplay mechanics are done by about 70% (you can build, gather resources and fight), but the content creation needs more attention.

What else is planned:
- 5 large areas on a world map (Swamp, Dead Forest, Necropolis, Desert, Demon World)
- Story campaign
- Magic orbs that can be added to towers in order to enhance their power and individualize your defense strategy
- Mac and linux release

Most of the graphics are still work in progress and i am currently very busy to completely overwork the gui and prepare a kickstarter campaign to push the size of the game way further! I want to create a really exciting game that starts out as an easy tower defense and becomes a complex strategy game with lots and lots of hours to play.
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22. Aug. 2014 um 14:07
What defines a great tower defense for you?
19. Aug. 2014 um 11:19
About the developer
30. Juli 2014 um 8:02
SteamOS / Linux support?
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82 Kommentare
Bolanzarts  [Autor] 22. Okt. 2017 um 6:39 
Game was dead, reviving it recently. Release and more infos follow soon.
Noxiozz 7. Mai 2016 um 6:20 
Un jeu qui a l'air interessant
DMT Serpent 20. Apr. 2016 um 5:22 
Really like the looks of this game, but it hasnt had any recent updates...
T4ng0V1k!ng 20. Feb. 2016 um 11:44 
Is this one still alive?
The_Ladies_Man 29. Apr. 2015 um 19:33 
When might this be available in the full version? I'm sure you're working very hard but i have noticed less and less news from you and i'd be really exctied to see a full version and play it.
jayanam.games 18. Jan. 2015 um 10:03 
ah cool you're greenlit, I like the game
Smer4 18. Nov. 2014 um 18:27 
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Cool game! vote please for mine too. Thanks in advance!
iosoftware 12. Nov. 2014 um 14:23 
Hugo Holk 29. Okt. 2014 um 22:16 
wahuy 1. Okt. 2014 um 0:14 
looks kinda cool game