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Elder Sign: Omens
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 28, 2012 @ 10:39am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Travel to Egypt to Discover The Dark Pharaoh
Fantasy Flight Games is eager to offer Elder Sign: Omens and its expansion content in one, all-inclusive edition to Steam! Elder Sign: Omens is based on Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson’s popular dice game, and it places you in control of up to four intrepid investigators as they fight to keep all-powerful Ancient Ones from invading our world through a museum’s arcane exhibits.

Face untold horrors in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic weird fiction. Try to keep your sanity intact as you collect Elder Signs in an attempt to seal away unspeakable creatures before time runs out! If the Ancient One is able to fill its Doom Track, it awakens, and the investigators and museum alike are obliterated by the unstoppable monstrosity!

Play unfolds by revealing randomized glyphs, then using combinations of those glyphs to slay monsters and complete adventures. As rewards for successfully overcoming these challenges, investigators pick up weapons and spells to increase their chances of survival, as well as Elder Signs, ancient artifacts used to imprison the Ancient Ones. But hurry! Time passes with every turn, bringing the Ancient One’s awakening ever closer. New monsters and negative effects also come into play each time the clock strikes midnight.

*Build a team of unique investigators, each with special skills* 
*Explore an ever-changing museum or travel abroad in the expansion content* 
*Face challenging arcane tasks*
*Experience the horrors of Lovecraft’s universe*
*Save the world from absolute destruction*
*Face a variety of Ancient Ones, each with their own unique challenges*
*Based on fan feedback, we are pleased to offer all of the expansion content (Cthulhu, Ithaqua, and the Dark Pharaoh) as part of one, all inclusive edition of Elder Sign: Omens especially for Steam!*
*Projected price of $15.99*

Can you stand against the impending arrival of a malevolent Ancient One? Visit the Elder Sign: Omens website for more information!
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I thumbed this up, but I need to be able to play this online with friends.
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Cthulhu demands this be available for purchase.
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Elder Sign gogo
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Cmon FFG get the game out already!
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Are there really no Ally cards? What a pitty!
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still no news? :(
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