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Harrow PART all drop locations!
By Dr Livesey
In this guide, all drop locations are listed to farm parts for the Harrow Warframe.
Main Blueprint
I'm not going to talk that much about how to get the main blueprint, because this guide is focussed on the part-farming.

To get the blueprint, you need to start the Quest "Chains of Harrow". To start that quest, you must first complete "The War Within" Quest and have played the mission "Mot" in the void. To complete "The War Within" Quest, you need to complete "The Second Dream" Quest, be Mastery level 5 at minimum and have the sedna junction unlocked. To complete "The Second Dream" Quest, you need to be atleast mastery level 3 and have the Neptune Junction unlocked, aswell as the "Natah" Quest. To complete the "Natah" Quest, you need to be atleast Mastery level 3.

So yeah, pretty end-game warframe. To craft the blueprint, you will also need "Kuva". You can get Kuva after the completion of the "War Within" Quest, by going to a planet near the "Kuva Fortress" and doing "Kuva Siphon" missions. These missions can get you up to 1300 Kuva per mission and the minimum is 550.
The only way you can obtain the Neuroptics Blueprint for Harrow, Is by playing the mission Pago (in the Kuva Fortress). It is a spy mission, and will only drop at Rotation C (Have all data retrieved, without any being destroyed.) The drop chance is 11.28%. It has the highest drop chance in the mission with the "Frostbite mod" of all 14 items you can obtain from Rotation C. (The other 12 are all 6.45%)

You can get the Chassis blueprint for Harrow, by killing Corrupted void fissure enemies. Each single corrupted void fissure enemy you kill, has a 3% chance of dropping a blueprint, with a 100% chance of it being the Harrow Chassis blueprint. So actually, the only blueprint void fissure enemies will drop is the Harrow Chassis blueprint with a 3% chance.

You can find these corrupted voice fissure enemies by opening void relics. In each void fissure mission these enemies will spawn, but you gotta keep an eye open for them to spawn. They always spawn in groups at a yellow ball as stated below.

Aka, you need to open a Lith, Meso, Neo or Axi relic.
Okay this is where it really becomes a pain in the butt. for sure. Personal experience.

There are 3 different missions you can get this Systems Blueprint for harrow. 2 of them at 11.28% drop chance, and the other one at 7.52% drop chance. Let's NOT talk about that 7.52% drop chance one, because who the * would do that if you can get in a mission with higher chances.

The missions where you can get this blueprint at are as following: Yursa on Neptune and Caracol on Saturn. They both have it at 11.28% drop chance and they are both defection missions. The Systems blueprint only drop at Rotation C, which means they drop when you've rescue'd your 8th squad (Which takes, around 40 minutes..). You can also keep going till let's say 16 or 24, that will be faster but harder.
Farming this Warframe, is a pain in the butt. (The Systems take the longest in personal experience.)

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