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Crazy Taxi (Steam) - Original Music / Voices / Sounds
By Air Chomp
Ready to do some Crazy Taxi Drivin', but wanna do it to the original tunes, voices, and sounds? Here you go!
Hey hey! (Introduction)
Welcome to the guide, let's go make some Crazy Money!

... Or at least we should, but first, you gotta know where you came from.

Crazy Taxi Origin and Impact

Crazy Taxi was originally released in arcades back in late 1990's, and found it's way into all sorts of other places too.

Not only did the Crazy Drivin' and other fun gameplay mechanics make it a fan-favorite, but the Soundtrack also made it AMAZING, right?

It featured The Offspring and Bad Religion, two well-known punk / rock bands, as the main focus of the soundtrack, and man what a great fit! It's almost synonomous with the Crazy Taxi series!

Steam Version and the Badvibes

Alas, licensed musics (and voices) only last so long, and they replaced most of the music in the Steam version with some stuff that sounds just plain blah and unfitting.

Sure, it's some kind of rock, but it doesn't sound right. My personal opinion is that it's more garbage than substance.

The voices are also patched up and such, being the voice actors from Crazy Taxi 2's cast.
Yes, you can play as Crazy Taxi 1's cabbies in Crazy Taxi 2 on the Dreamcast and possibly the PSP version.

Beat the Crazy Pyramid completely to unlock them.

Let's Give it Another Go!

How about we at least fix that lousy soundtrack they've dubbed in, and put the original voices back? Maybe even get the game sounding even more authentic with the original sounds?

I got you covered on that, soooo..

Ready!? (Download and Extract)
You'll be needing three different files, which are below.

Download Files!

Crazy Taxi (Steam Version) - Original Music (DropBox, 52.5mb, 7zip file, 14 .ADX files)

https://www.dropbox .com/s/be7n5ezih0s1e89/Crazy_Taxi_Steam_-_Original_Music.7z?dl=0

Crazy Taxi (Steam Version) - Original Music (Crazy Taxi 1 Only) (DropBox, 23.8mb, 7zip file, 14 .ADX files)
https://www.dropbox .com/s/71gv426sj23rpb8/Crazy_Taxi_Steam_-_Original_Music_CT1.7z?dl=0

Crazy Taxi (Steam Version) - Original Voices (DropBox, 10.8mb, 7zip file, 1 .AFS file)

https://www.dropbox .com/s/l84fn5v7ktlgf77/Crazy_Taxi_Steam_-_Original_Voices.7z?dl=0

Crazy Taxi (Steam Version) - Original Sound Effects (DropBox, 6.6mb, 7zip file, 5 .AFS files)

https://www.dropbox .com/s/n20tz4iu7s6tjsj/Crazy_Taxi_Steam_-_Original_Sound_Effects.7z?dl=0

Extract the Files!

In order to extract these, use 7zip, it's a near essential program by now.

If you use 7zip, right click the file and extract them to a folder of the same name, as in,

"Extract to "...\"

You should end up with the files in subdirectories that match up with the "Crazy Taxi" Steam directory.

Now they're ready for placement! Let's roll!
Let's GO!! (Installation)
Alright, what do you do with these files, you ask?

Browse Crazy Taxi's Local Files!

Right click Crazy Taxi in your Steam Library, click Properties, then click the tab called Local Files. Under that you'll find Browse Local Files, which when clicked will open up the game's file directory in your file browser.

Replace the Files!

Using the overall structure of the extracted files / folders as a guide, you can figure out where the files go, but to be specific...

Crazy Taxi is where VOICE01.AFS goes.

This contains all the original voice clips, and of course, the original voice acting too.

music_adx should be where the .ADX files go.

The Music (.ADX) files are named exactly like the stock stuff, but contain the original good stuff!

Crazy Taxi is where everything related to sound effects goes.

The Sound Effects are in .AFS files, and are labeled as BINC1/2/3.AFS and LANDDC1/2.AFS .

Depending on if you wanna be all safe and such, you could make backups.
Not sure why you would want to though, the stuff included is much better quality!

Now we're ready to make some CRAZY Money! (In-Game, that is!)
Crazy Cool Music! (What's Included)
Since the soundtrack for the Steam release has several extra tracks to fill compared to the original game's lineup, I decided to look to later Crazy Taxi games for music to fill the gaps.

All were mixed and properly compiled using adxencd.exe, a much more useful tool than some soccer game's file converter. I'll be detailing how to use my tool of choice later on.

Here's a listing of music used in this, in chronological order of appearance in the series.

Crazy Taxi - The Original!

The Offspring - Change the World
Bad Religion - Hear It
Bad Religion - Inner Logic
Bad Religion - Ten in 2010
Bad Religion - Them and Us
The Offspring - Way Down the Line
The Offspring - All I Want

Crazy Taxi 2 - The Apple!

The Offspring - No Brakes
The Offspring - Walla Walla
The Offspring - Come Out Swinging
The Offspring - One Fine Day

Crazy Taxi 3 - High Rollin'!

The Offspring - Want You Bad
Bad Religion - Empty Causes
Bad Religion - Punk Rock Song
AWESOME! (Conclusion and BONUS!)
I've put a lot of work into this, originally was gonna release this kind of thing ages ago, but hard drive failures aplenty set it back quite often.

Well, it's out there now, and I'm hoping you can enjoy it!

A CRAZY Challenger Approaches!

Do you happen to know of Crazy Taxi 2 on the Dreamcast? Around Apple is my jam!

It had DLC long before it was a laughable thing, and this was actually cool.

I'll boast for a bit, I have one of the highest scores for Crazy Taxi 2's Another Day mode.

No, I didn't edit the files. While it's possible, I don't mess around when it comes to setting records.

Yes, I have access to the files, and I'm hoping someone out there will step up to the challenge of beating that score.

If you've got a Dreamcast and Crazy Taxi 2, you're welcome to use the this custom DreamExplorer image you can burn to a CD-R, get the DLC for Crazy Taxi 2, and challenge my score!

I don't expect you to show any proof of accomplishment, but hey, at least you get some game-time with your Dreamcast!

I reccomend using IMGBurn, which should be available out there somewhere.
If you need help setting it up, just send me a shout, I'll help out!

DreamExplorer - Crazy Taxi 2 DLC (DropBox, 2.77mb, 7zip file, 1 .cdi file)

https://www.dropbox .com/s/vpnsdsm0mkwekfs/DreamExplorer_-_CT2_DLC.7z?dl=0

Crazy Taxi 2 - Another Day Gameplay Video


Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, leave a comment!

Special thanks to BorbingoBoy for the idea to make a "Original Music Only" package!
See the Downloads section above for it, below the normal download link.

Alright, get out there, have fun, and enjoy some Crazy Taxi!
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Air Chomp  [author] Mar 18 @ 5:30pm 
I kinda doubt it, @Anon2 . SEGA takes a while to update things, if ever. Sonic Adventure 2 on steam for example, I don't think that one's been updated since it was released! Rest assured though, it'll probably still work.
Anon2 Mar 18 @ 12:33am 
If ever an update comes for this game. Do I have to do this again?
Anon2 Mar 16 @ 10:10am 
Got it, thanks for answering. Great job btw.
Makes much more fun like that.
I suggest you guys to use the "Analog Controlls Fix" too. So you have proper analog steering.
Have fun guys!
Air Chomp  [author] Mar 16 @ 5:20am 
@ghost13 You're welcome! Have some fun with Craaaazy Taxi, alright? XD

@Anon2 Music contains a variety of Bad Religion and The Offspring, including the original tunes from the first game. Music_CT1 is a to-the point mix that has the original tunes only. It's all up to personal preference at that point. Hope that helps!
ghost13 Mar 16 @ 3:13am 
THX Mr. Air Chomp

I really like The Offspring and Bad Religion Songs from OG Crazy Taxi:mudpop:
Anon2 Mar 15 @ 10:56pm 
What's better? Music or Music_CT1?
Idk what to choose...
Air Chomp  [author] Mar 15 @ 1:03pm 
Again, I will say, I edited the links due to Steam's dumb filtering system. Just remove the space in the address and it should be fine.
R' Mar 15 @ 8:31am 
i can't download.
ghost13 Mar 15 @ 8:15am 
links are dead
Omallis Feb 13 @ 11:09am 
Dude thank you so much! You're a champ! This game is my childhood