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PV - 2015 Ford F-550 Ambulance
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Jun 21, 2017 @ 10:29am
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PV - 2015 Ford F-550 Ambulance

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2015 Ford F-550 Ambulance

Another Ambulance wtf?. Thanks to Marcus over at Kontaxon, this ambulance now features a custom rear door script that lets you open the rear doors by simply pressing E on them. Simply amazing and a Big thanks to Marcus for letting me use his script.

Custom Features:
  • Realistic Exterior vehicle model
  • Realistic Interior vehicle model
  • Custom Bodygrouped lights
  • New animated rear doors
  • VCMod ELS and Main support


This vehicle is UV-Mapped by me. The vehicle currently supports 10 skin slots, The extra skin slots for you to use is ex "skin2" and up to prevent overriding the skins released with the vehicle .You can find the template for the vehicle Here []

Note: the path for the skin files is "materials/models/perrynsvehicles/ford_f550_ambulance"

Porting vehicles and modding in general takes time and costs money, So to keep on going i need something to work with. If you feel like you have some spare change, feel free to donate below. Thanks

Paypal Donations []


Thanks to the clients i've had in the past, this vehicle was made a reality, so big thanks to the people trusting me to port their vehicles.

And a big shoutout to Marcus over at Kontaxon for sending me the rear door script and helping me making it work.

Bugs and Problems

First off all, Check the required addons section to the right before you comment that it's not working. Thank you

If you have any problems with the vehicle, comment on the Bugs discussion.


Model assembled from various vehicles by Perryn
Rigged, animated and ported by Perryn
AMR Skin by Perryn
Rear door script by Marcus


You may not Edit and Redistribute any of the content i have created within this addon without my permission!

© Copyright Perryn 2017
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QuacksLxgic | BlueLM Oct 21 @ 1:56pm 
nvm it fixed itself
Perryn  [author] Oct 21 @ 6:28am 
Voltez Oct 21 @ 6:26am 
all I had to do was put it to $bumpmap "null-bumpmap"
Voltez Oct 21 @ 6:26am 
Thank you! (It fixed it fyi)
Perryn  [author] Oct 21 @ 1:58am 
The thing is i have no idea what's causing it. There seems to be a lot of people having trouble with textures on this vehicle and a lot who don't so there isn't an easy way for me to figure out what is wrong. But on your pictures it looks like the bumpmap is the thing at fault on the skin, so try having a look at that
Voltez Oct 20 @ 8:46pm 
I am having an issue with this ambulance, I am new to making skins for your vehicles, It is checkered for whatever reason. , If you could help me out I would appreate that then if not, thank you for reading this!
Firyo Jun 13 @ 2:45pm 
It doesn't work for me, I'll retry later
Perryn  [author] Jun 13 @ 1:25pm 
Let me know if that works, Otherwise i have no idea
Firyo Jun 13 @ 1:24pm 
I'll try this
Perryn  [author] Jun 13 @ 1:22pm 
try resubscribing to both shared textures and this addon and restarting your game between the subs