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Steam Profile Textures and Templates
By Aevoa
This guide provides a collection of various Steam profile textures and templates.

There's quite a few textures and templates that come in handy when creating images for your Steam profile. I made this guide so I'd have them all in one place.

Open this guide in a browser, right click the image you want, and click "Save Image".
Some images are blurry in this guide. Don't worry, once you save them they won't be!
Profile Textures
Transparent Avatar Texture:

Default Avatars: (Current, Old)

Full In-Game, Online, Offline, and Golden Avatar Textures:

Small In-Game, Online, Offline, and Golden Avatar Textures:

Transparent Favorite Group/Guide Texture:

Transparent Workshop Showcase Texture:

Transparent Achievement Showcase Textures:

Transparent Artwork/Screenshot Background Texture:

Blank Background Texture:

For the full texture you can tile, download this image:
Full Showcase Texture:

Profile Templates
Workshop Showcase Template

266x266 Artwork/Screenshot Template

506x506 Artwork/Screenshot Templates

For a long extended template, download this image:
Closing Notes
This guide was mainly made so I could keep track of some textures, but hopefully it's helpful.
If you have any questions or requests, feel free to leave a comment.

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B E R Å T Dec 1 @ 2:34am 
everyone can add me
гнилая вишня Jul 1 @ 11:08am 
click with magic stick on place, when you need transparent, after selection, press delete , switch template layer on upper layer and select all layers, click RMB , merge layers.
iBehalez Jun 15 @ 9:43am 
but how do i use the transparent template on a picture? because everytime i open a new layer it goes away (i use photoshop cs6 or cs5)
ゴレタ - GOLETA May 12 @ 2:03am 
+rep Good player
+rep Amazing Tactics
+rep Epic Clutch
+rep Clutchmeister
+rep Killing Machine
+rep Best Awper i´ve ever seen
+rep Nice player
+rep Insane Skills
+rep Top Player
Jake Feb 28 @ 11:38am 
@Aevoa, in new update of steam is different texture for workshop showcase cuz there are now 5 slots and not 4, can i ask you for upgrade of it? please :frepeaking:
Aevoa  [author] Feb 20 @ 2:57pm 
its already in this guide? from the last event.
Unless the gold texture is different.
Qieera Feb 20 @ 2:44pm 
any texture for avatar golden profile? :3
ispy Feb 13 @ 2:51am 
Please Update workshop showcases