SteamVR Knuckles Driver

SteamVR Knuckles Driver

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Knuckles Quick Start
By Lawrence and 3 collaborators
Learn how to set up and start using your Knuckles Dev Kit.
Knuckles Dev Kit
You or your company will receive the Knuckles Dev Kit directly from Valve.

The Knuckles controllers are currently only supported in the SteamVR Beta branch. To opt into SteamVR Beta, open your Steam client and find SteamVR under Library > Tools. Right click SteamVR, select Properties, and select 'beta' from the drop down under the Betas tab.

The Knuckles driver is available upon pairing your Knuckles controllers. See the instructions below to learn how to pair your controllers.
Knuckles Overview
Pairing Knuckles and Downloading the Driver
You will need a Vive Headset (or extra wireless receivers, like from the Vive Trackers) to pair your controllers.
  • Make sure your Vive Controllers are turned off
  • Press the System button to turn your Knuckles controllers on (in the same location as the System button for Vive controllers)
  • Open SteamVR and go to Menu > Devices > Pair Controller
  • Ignore the Vive controller pairing instructions screen. Please reference the instructions below to put Knuckles into pairing mode.
  • Make sure the controller has been booted for 3 seconds before performing the pairing gesture
  • Press and hold the System button and the Outer Face button (button closest to the metal) until you hear a beep to pair. See below:
  • Once paired, you will see a prompt in SteamVR Status to install the Knuckles driver. Click Install and follow the prompts to complete the Knuckles driver installation.
  • SteamVR will need to restart in order to complete the installation.
  • If your Vive controllers were previously paired, they will still be paired to the headset. To switch between Vive and Knuckles controllers, simply turn off the set you do not wish to use.

Put on Knuckles
  1. Slip your fingers between the body of the controller and the soft strap
  2. Tighten by pulling on the looped cord at bottom of the controller
  3. Loosen by pressing the release button near the bottom of the strap
Finger Tracking Calibration
When the controller is powered on, finger tracking initializes to an uncalibrated state and will be very poor. You must perform a finger tracking calibration before finger tracking will behave correctly.

Note: The need for an explicit calibration procedure should be considered a temporary measure that will only be required for these dev-units.

To perform a calibration:
  1. Make sure your controller is cinched comfortably
  2. Close your hand around the controller for one second–don’t squeeze! Make sure your index finger is resting on the Trigger.
  3. Quickly open your hand and hold it open for one second.
  4. The last three calibration events are stored in the controller’s memory, and the median result is used for finger tracking. So, from a cold start, two good calibrations will fill the buffer and finger tracking should begin working.
A few other things to note:
  • You can trigger a recalibration at any time while the controller is on.
  • You can perform a calibration on a single controller by itself—you do not need to calibrate both controllers simultaneously.
  • If calibrating both controllers at once, one may calibrate before the other—this is normal. Keep trying with the remaining controller.
  • A recalibration may be necessary if you significantly change your grip or if a new user picks up the controllers.
  • Recalibrations will occur automatically over the course of a play session as you reach out to grab items, throw things, etc. This is both expected and necessary, as your skin capacitance will change over time. The intent is for the controller to adjust to these changes automatically after the initial calibration has been performed.
SteamVR Home
One of the first things to try with your new controllers is SteamVR Home. If SteamVR Home detects that you are using Knuckles controllers, you will automatically get the developer five fingered hands.

SteamVR Home a great place to calibrate your controllers. As a reminder, here are the steps:
  • Close your hand around the controller for one second–don’t squeeze! Make sure your index finger is resting on the Trigger.
  • Quickly open your hand and hold it open for one second.
  • Repeat this until your hand opens and closes normally.

Controller LED States
  • Hold the System button for 3 seconds to power-down
  • Closing SteamVR will also turn off the controllers
Battery Life
  • Knuckles controllers currently have a 3 hour battery life
  • The controllers charge from a USB micro-B connector at 500mA
  • They take about an hour of charging to reach full charge.

  • If the controller is stuck in an unexpected state and will not power off normally, it can be forcibly powered down by holding the System button for 10 seconds.
  • There is a reset button on the back of the controller, beneath the trigger and within a small hole.

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gemararab May 12 @ 2:18pm 
comeon pleas when can we buy these controllers
MASSOC J666 Apr 18 @ 7:52pm 
I would like to get a pair of Knuckles to have it compatible with my Game. How can I get one, two actually.
snoopy47390 Mar 11 @ 7:03pm 
Il seront quand en vente
GSJ - Feb 25 @ 1:31pm 
You guys should work in a version of the Knuckles non-dependant of the external sensors, with some lights to be able to work in WindowsMR models. I would certainly get one.
DenHudo Jan 24 @ 8:11am 
omg. Again this terrible trackpads...
MSellars Jan 9 @ 10:10am 
how would I get my hands on the Knuckles Dev Kit?
Brainstorm Jan 5 @ 8:32am 
The kunckles should work for NON-VR games as well, it's basically a steam controller split in two (like the joycons) which would be MUCH!!! better, because that would ltierally make it just as good as a M+K, even for competitive shooters.
DDeathlonger Dec 25, 2017 @ 8:20pm 
I agree, USB-C Would be wonderful!
scattering_rodd Sep 28, 2017 @ 6:08am 
Greetings! I understand the controllers are still under development, but once they are ready for the end consumer where can we buy them? Also, what do you think guys, are they almost ready?