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Change Outline Glows
By AshesBeneath
Are you bored from same color outlines?
Many players think it cannot be changed but it is not.
In this guide, I will show how to change color of the survivors and infecteds glow (the colored line border of the models that make you see the model behind the walls)
To make the game a little bit more interesting.
This configuration is all about some console commands. The game let us change the glows but developers didn't explain it to the players clearly. (although you can access them in cvar list for l4d2 in official Valve Developer Community web site.)

These commands are not cheat-flagged so it is safe to use them, you won't get VAC Ban. They are also works in official servers, local servers and most of dedicated servers.
If you already have a autoexec.cfg you can skip this part

Unfortunately these cvars are "Client Side (cl)" which means these changes will be reset everytime you close the game, we need a autoexec.cfg to keep these changes forever.

For who doesn't know: What is autoexec.cfg ?
It is a configuration file which contains some console commands submitted automatically when you open the game.
Including glows, you can write as many commands (which cannot be saved to Steam Cloud) as you want.
You can also use autoexec.cfg for other Valve's games such as CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 1.

How can I find my autoexec.cfg ?
    For Left 4 Dead 2:
  1. Browse game files via Library
  2. Follow "left4dead2\cfg\" folders it must be here

I don't have autoexec.cfg file. Can I create a new one?
Of course yes,
First you need to create a new notepad there and name it "autoexec.cfg" [change the extension (.txt) as well], open it with notepad(all cfg files are edited with notepad)
IMPORTANT: In Windows Folder Options you need to uncheck the box below to see the extensions. (If you don't do this, .txt extensions doesn't show up and .cfg extensions that associated with notepad will disappear.)

ALTERNATIVE WAY (apply if you couldn't make it): There are lots of cfg files in the folder. Copy one of them to the desktop, open and empty all of text in it, save and rename it "autoexec" (you don't need to do anything with file extension because it is already a cfg file.)
Calculating RGB Variables
Alright you need to know RGB models of the color that you wish. You can see some of them here[www.rapidtables.com]: (The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors.)

Each glow has 3 commands:
* End with _b is Blue intensity number
* End with _g is Green intensity number
* End with _r is Red intensity number

Normally, color intensity number interval is 0-255 but in l4d2 it is 0-1. So you need to calculate the number for the game (you might need a calculator unless your maths is great)
Your formula is:

Let's say our color is Royal Blue (R: 65, G: 105, B: 225) and we will change the survivor teammate glow color

Calculating of Red intensity number:

Calculating of Green intensity number:

Calculating of Blue intensity number:

So we must add these commands to your autoexec.cfg to see the changes in the game:
cl_glow_survivor_b "0.882" cl_glow_survivor_g "0.411" cl_glow_survivor_r "0.254"

What happens when I set all RGB values to 1?
Same thing as you mix colors in physics. You will get WHITE glow.
What happens when I set all RGB values to 0?
No glow will appear, you can use it for unwanted glows. There is no black glow.
Can I change glows of gas canisters in Dead Center and The Passing finale?
No, they are map specific glows so you can't configure them. You can see more map specific glows in custom campaigns.
Survivor Team Outline Glows
cvar "default value"
1. Your fellow survivor glow
(When you see a teammate behind walls)
cl_survivor_glow_b "1.0" cl_survivor_glow_g "0.4" cl_survivor_glow_r "0.3"

2. Objects that you can interact
(such as weapons, throwables, crescendo event starters etc.)
cl_glow_item_b "1.0" cl_glow_item_g "0.7" cl_glow_item_r "0.3"

3. Objects that you can interact (from far)
(from pretty far distance)
cl_glow_item_far_b "1.0" cl_glow_item_far_g "0.4" cl_glow_item_far_r "0.3"

4. When your fellow survivor is puked
(also applies to infected hit with bile jar)
cl_glow_survivor_vomit_b "0.0" cl_glow_survivor_vomit_g "0.4" cl_glow_survivor_vomit_r "1.0"

5. When your fellow survivor is in trouble
(caught by a special infected or incapacitated)
cl_glow_survivor_hurt_b "0.0" cl_glow_survivor_hurt_g "0.4" cl_glow_survivor_hurt_r "1.0"

6. Objects that you can interact (in black&white screen)
(they are red in default)
cl_glow_thirdstrike_item_b "0.0" cl_glow_thirdstrike_item_g "0.0" cl_glow_thirdstrike_item_r "1.0"

7. The special infected which is attacking to a survivor
(such as pounching hunter, crashing charger or riding jockey)
cl_glow_ability_b "0.0" cl_glow_ability_g "0.0" cl_glow_ability_r "1.0"

If colorbind mode is enabled, 6th and 7th commands won't work. Right commands for colorblind mode are:
cl_glow_thirdstrike_item_colorblind_b cl_glow_thirdstrike_item_colorblind_g cl_glow_thirdstrike_item_colorblind_r
cl_glow_ability_colorblind_b cl_glow_ability_colorblind_g cl_glow_ability_colorblind_r

Infected Team Outline Glows
1. SI Teammates
cl_glow_infected_b "1.0" cl_glow_infected_g "0.4" cl_glow_infected_r "0.3"

2. SI Teammates
(not spawned yet & ghost form)
cl_glow_ghost_infected_b "1.0" cl_glow_ghost_infected_g "0.4" cl_glow_ghost_infected_r "0.3"

3. Puked Survivors
cl_glow_infected_vomit_b "0.72" cl_glow_infected_vomit_g "0.07" cl_glow_infected_vomit_r "0.79"

4. Survivors whose health is above 40
(Green color in their HP bars)
cl_glow_survivor_health_high_b "0" cl_glow_survivor_health_high_g "0" cl_glow_survivor_health_high_r "0.039"

5. Survivors whose health is between 25 and 40
(Yellow color in their HP bars)
cl_glow_survivor_health_med_b "0.032" cl_glow_survivor_health_med_g "0.45" cl_glow_survivor_health_med_r "0.59"

6. Survivors whose health is below 25
(Red color in their HP bars)
cl_glow_survivor_health_low_b "0.0" cl_glow_survivor_health_low_g "0.25" cl_glow_survivor_health_low_r "0.70"

7.Incapacitated survivors & Survivors whose health is 1
(Can be incapacitated or killed by single CI attack. (sometimes it doesn't show up although the survivor has 1 HP.)
cl_glow_survivor_health_crit_b "0.098" cl_glow_survivor_health_crit_g "0.098" cl_glow_survivor_health_crit_r "0.63"

8.The Witch which is not angry
(just crying, not disturbed)
cl_witch_glow_idle_b "0.2" cl_witch_glow_idle_g "0.4" cl_witch_glow_idle_r "0.2"

9.The Witch which is startled by a survivor
(or about to be startled)
cl_witch_glow_angry_b "0.0" cl_witch_glow_angry_g "0.0" cl_witch_glow_angry_r "1.0"

Like survivors, if colorbind mode is enabled, survivor health glow commands won't work.
You need to add "_colorbind" before "_b" or "_g" or "_r" too.
(e.g. cl_glow_survivor_health_low_colorblind_g)

My guide ends here. Thanks for reading
If something is not right or I missed something please let me know so I will edit the guide as soon as possible.
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CRAZED MERC Jul 27 @ 9:55am 
Aight, thanks dude! I've used this guide to customise my own game and it worked perfectly! I must've done something wrong because my glow items are changed, but the Tank toys are still the same default glow (Red) Thanks for the help either way
AshesBeneath  [author] Jul 27 @ 8:46am 
changing outline glows of weapons objects on the ground will also change them as well
CRAZED MERC Jul 27 @ 7:49am 
What about the Tank's toys (the cars and dustbins and things you can throw at the survivors?) Is there any way to change the outlines for those?
Miles Jul 2 @ 8:29am 
Okay thx :)
AshesBeneath  [author] Jul 2 @ 1:26am 
Miles Jul 1 @ 10:27pm 
Are these numbers the default numbers? I messed up my glow settings and I want to revert them back to the original settings.
Thinking Corpse Apr 6 @ 11:50am 
It's bloody miracle. 10x m8. It changed my life.
AshesBeneath  [author] Feb 24 @ 12:08am 
Hello, sorry for late reply i was busy with real life stuff, add me so i can help you out if you'd like
✪ Halo Feb 21 @ 10:51am 
Doesnt work and pls explain it better i did everything u told me to but still didnt work thanks 4 nothing bud
AshesBeneath  [author] Feb 1 @ 10:50pm 
It is not so hard to see I think but just choose dark colours from the link I gave in "Calculating RGB Variables" section but I haven't tried darker colours so far but I know that black glow is not possible. If they work too let me know please :)