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Solar Struggle
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
Aug 31, 2012 @ 6:46am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Solar Struggle now available!
  • Conversion of all 37 awards into Steam Achievements (Yes, there are 37 of them!)
  • 6 different Trading Cards for you to collect
  • Choose between the original XBOX360 release color scheme or the newer, stylistic color scheme
  • Better support for keyboard controls

Apart from that, you still get the story and skirmish mode!

We're so excited that we could do this thanks to your support and your belief in the game! Space on!

Place #84
Release date: March 2012
Greenlit and available on the Steam Store

The long awaited demo is now available for download! Visit our blog for instruction where to download:

Solar Struggle is an Arcade Action Spaceshooter. The whole game world is in 3D, but the action takes place on a 2D plane which makes the action and controls very fluent and accessible.

You take control of one of the nine space ships. Experience the thrilling story of a young pilot in 11 missions and assert yourself against tons of enemies in the skirmish mode.

Originally the game has been released for the XBOX 360 on the Indie Games Channel (XBLIG), where it is still available. The PC version is fully functional and already available, but we want to bring this Spaceshooter to Steam so people like you get to know it and the game is introduced to a broader audience.

The game has been developed by the small independent development team Z-Software from Dortmund, Germany.

A whole lot of information about the game is available on:


  • High-definition graphics
  • Thrilling story in 11 missions
  • Challenging skirmish mode
  • 9 different ships
  • 36 unlockable awards
  • Story


Till the year 2016, the budgets of all the government space programs have been reduced to a minimum. To forward the space exploration, a private group of companies started comprising the consortium. The consortium was able to demonstrate amazing success within a few decades. It quickly assumed a monopoly position in the development and production of space equipment. During this time mankind overcame the differences it had and united to a world government in 2087. The armed forces of the former governments joined to serve as police and security forces of the new world government. The first success of the new world government was the establishment of a permanent Mars colony in 2094. The consortium took actively part in. Today it’s the year 2169. Mankind has long since penetrated to the far-thest corners of the solar system. A gold rush has set up mining colonies whereever it has been possible to mine raw materials. The consortium has thus developed into the largest economic power in the solar system. It controls a large part of all mining operations and earns revenue from the sale of ships and technology to the colonies. But the general prosperity also attracts individuals who seek to enrich at the expense of the honest workers. The huge distances between the planets make it extremely difficult to the military to retain control. Therefore, unfortunately, again and again tragic events are happening…

Here begins the story of the young pilot who nearly escapes death while his convoi was attacked.


In order to build one world governance, the armed forces of the former governments were united. The military was under the command of this world governance and maintained law and order in the solar system. At the outset, the military was – apart from the pirates- the only power in the system. The pirates however, did not dare to interfere with the skilled pilots of the military. Therefore, transports with military escorts were practically safe. Yet when the consortium started to educate their own security, the military budged was reduced severely and many pilots were dismissed. Most of these pilots turned towards the outlaws or joined the consortium as mercenaries. Since the consortium paid well, it was not hard to entice the pilots away.

From the start, the consortium continuously strived for more power. Building an own security enabled the consortium to keep up with the world governance on a military level within a short term of time. Using their own pilots to protect freighters made it possible for the consortium to gain independence from the military. The consortium accoutered their pilots with special ships, which differed from the military ships.

In general, all lawless people are called outlaws. Several of the dismissed pilots of the military now earn their living with dubious activities. Nevertheless, some of the outlaws suspect a conspiracy and try to fight for human freedom. This group is being hunted. Despite the great danger, these brave men from the underworld risk their lives to uncover the conspiracy.


Originally posted by XboxHornet:
A very polished and enjoyable single-player experience! [...] the quality of the game is through the roof

Originally posted by
Solar Struggle has all the elements of a terrific space adventure with its marvelous graphics and setting

Originally posted by
It oozes polish and the effects are like nothing else on Xbox Live Indie Games. [...] Solar Struggle is easily one of the best-looking games in the XBLIG marketplace.

Originally posted by Gamergeddon:
The visuals are well above par, the gameplay is intuitive and fun, and Awards introduce a competitive element much more impressive than mere leaderboards.
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