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Aug 30, 2012 @ 4:09pm
Mar 19, 2013 @ 8:15am
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Alpha v0.01 has been released to the Alpha Level Backers of our Kickstarter.
Release date: Early Access Fourth quarter (Q1) of 2014
This game is in on-going development. Yogventures is currently scheduled to release the open beta version Second Quarter 2013!

Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!

The game will allow you to create and shape worlds, then easily share them and play with friends! We're going to take the idea of "build your own adventure" to the extreme. Yogventures will provide simple-to-use tools to design worlds that match your imagination and are packed with thrilling stories and epic treasures. You'll have control over everything from buildings and dungeons to the NPCs and mobs. Yogventures will be the ultimate modder's game where even the rules of winning and losing can be tweaked. The terrain will be vast, interesting and fully destructible - you'll be able to diggy diggy as much as you like or just say 'Balls to it!' and blow it all up!

But that's not all - there will be other gameplay modes to play alone or together, and we will be kicking off your imagination by making brand new adventures for you to play! These will feature all your favorite characters from our series, the heroic Honeydew and Xephos, the bumbling wizard Fumblemore, the raucous Professor Griswold, the Knight formerly known as Old Peculier, and many more! And of course this means we'll be launching an even more epic and amazing video series to run alongside the release of Yogventures - potentially even featuring maps that you have made. All of the maps and adventures we make for this will be released to the community so you can play along with us or re-imagine the adventure and make it your own!
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To Be Continued Aug 4 @ 2:11am 
CANT WAIT! I Love yogs cast my favourite part of the lore is when they scammed fans of 500k+ and when Sjin was accused of r*pe!
To Be Continued Aug 4 @ 2:09am 
CANT WAIT! I Love yogs cast my favourite part of the lore is when Sjin was accused of rape!
Musa Jun 18 @ 9:20am 
Ersbon Jun 10 @ 5:14pm 
Any updates? I'm waiting for my copy to come in.
(Not) Gary 43 Feb 14 @ 11:28am 
Cant wait for this! The hype is real!!!
Zenn22࿖ Oct 20, 2020 @ 7:23pm 
hi im 13, ill send you nudes for a beta key ;)
Red Hood Jul 17, 2020 @ 3:43pm 
I can't wait until this comes out! :GDCreep:
aestheticjmack Apr 4, 2020 @ 8:13pm 
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