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STARDROP Official Play Guide
By | DeRaNgEr
In this guide I will go over a number of general tips that can be helpful when playing the game.
This guide is currently being revamped with more details and much richer content. Most sections have been heavily tweaked but not everything is finished yet.

Hello, my name is Joure Visser. I am the creator of STARDROP and I wanted to provide you guys with a players guide that offers useful tips for those who could use some.

This guide is designed to offer help and is not a walk-through. I will continue to update and extend the guide where needed. I will listen to feedback as well, so if there's something not entirely clear then let me know and I'll attempt to address it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun playing the game.
Gameplay - Overview
In this video you will be introduced to the core gameplay elements in STARDROP.

Gameplay - Exploration
Basic Gameplay
STARDROP's core gameplay consists out of 'exploration' segments' and 'narrative segments'. Always be sure to take your time while exploring, it's easy to overlook something if you rush your way through.

However, the game has been designed in a way to prevent players running from one end of a ship to another. Gameplay sections are compartmentalized to keep exploration focused. Puzzles can almost always be solved within the immediate area as well.

Of course there might be instances where you'd have to go from one section to another but most of the time this is the result of progression rather than having to solve a problem. Mainly later on in the game and also for a number of the more hidden areas.

The player has various tools to help them discovering items and finding items they might need to solve minor puzzles or find key-codes as well as aiding them through some of the light-stealth sections by using the APD Suit's functions. Certain objects may also be powered down, in which case you will have to figure out how to power them back up.

Data Save Stations
You can save your progress using Save Stations. While the game auto saves progress, you can use them as a progress indicator for when you take a break from playing the game. They can also be used as a "pit stop" of sorts after a long session of playing.

Some Save Stations might be powered down, requiring you to restore a power generator. Other times a Save Station might not be authorized to you or is tied to a specific individual. These kinds of Save Stations are rare however and for the most part you'll be able to save your progress without any issues.

You'll find these things everywhere. DataPads are incredibly important as they might hold crucial information, such as key codes. DataPads also include log entries. These can be written or audio based. On top of that, they might also provide interesting background information as well.

You can detect them easily by scanning the area you're in using the Object Scanner or by looking at your Mini-Map which shows objects of interest. On top of that, when you're close enough a DataPad will make a distinct sound. At which point you will need to look at it directly to be able to pick it up.

Computer Terminals
You'll find these Computer Terminals all throughout the game. They offer a variety of functions such as being used to read emails, or you can view personal logs as well as being able to open doors. Some Terminals might be locked by a key code and you most likely will have to find it.

Computer Terminals are also owned by a user and you can usually determine which key code belongs to which terminal if you keep the username in mind.

Door Panels
Door Panels are just that. They can open doors, or, open airlocks. In some cases they can be locked or even worse, powered down.

Control Panels
Control Panels, very much like the Computer Terminals, offer various functions. You can unlock a door or use it to override androids and take control over them directly.

They can also be quite versatile and may open, close, unlock other objects in a level. Controls Panels may also come in different forms. You'll just have to keep an eye out and when in doubt, use your Object Scanner to see if anything is being highlighted.

As the name implies, KeyPads are used to unlock doors and other objects. Just like most other objects they may not be receiving power and you won't be able to use or detect them.
Gameplay - Stealth
Basic Gameplay:
Stealth gameplay revolves around Security Systems, avoiding detection and using Stealth to slip through. As Aryn might find herself in situations where she is an unauthorized individual on a ship, a security system will treat her as an intruder. In STARDROP these systems are non-lethal, designed to trap an intruder or halt their progress.

If you do get caught you will need to head to the nearest Security Station and reset the system. Usually the security is linked to doors or buttons that will close and lock when the alarm is raised. You will also not be able to leave the area you're in or progress any further until you reset it.

The stealth mechanics however, are very forgiving. Just make sure you keep an eye out using the Location Map and, of course, use the Object Scanner to see androids through walls and objects.

The Androids and the Security Cameras make up the Security System. Cameras are very easy to bypass while Androids are a little trickier.

Security Cameras
Security Cameras are based on movement detection. You'll be able to see the detection cone and if you're caught in it, you will have a few seconds to move out of its way. If you take too long then the alarm will sound and you'll have to reset it.

The detection cone changes color from green to yellow when it's triggered. It will turn red if the alarm is triggered. Security cameras, however, are very easy to bypass. You may be able to walk underneath it, or you can simply wait until the cone turns away, leaving an opening for you to swiftly run across.

Androids are there to do maintenance primarily, but they can also function as an extension of the Security System. Androids are much trickier to avoid. They are mobile and can hear the environment. The best way to deal with them is to simply walk, or sneak around the place. Using the Object Scanner is crucial in these segments.

When an Android hears a sound, it will investigate. This is your cue to move away from your current location. When an Android is investigating it will ignore other sounds in the process. Try not to run when Androids are around, you make much more noise when you run compared to walking and they'll hear you much more easily when you do.

Androids also communicate their states. It will prompt a message when it hears an anomaly and when the anomaly is lost. Make sure to listen to these prompts, as they indicate when you're able to move away from them.

Androids show up on the Mini-Map as well, so you can keep a look out for them if there are more than one.

There are a number of tools and skills the player can use during these stealth sections. In general walking or sneaking is highly advised while using the Object Scanner to see where androids or security cameras are located and be able to plan ahead accordingly.

Object Scanner
The Object Scanner can see through walls and other objects, making it a lot easier to plan your next move in order to avoid androids roaming around the place. Make sure to utilize this ability as much as possible.

Walking in general is fine if you know where androids are, but if you need to get even closer to one and be able to slip behind its back, you'll have to try and sneak. While sneaking you barely make any sound at all, so it's highly unlikely they will hear you. Of course they might be done with their task at hand and turn around, spotting you instantly, so be careful.

Network Override Stations
These stations are a means for maintenance androids to interact with local networks. You can use them to overload a network node. It will then dispatch one of the androids, distracting it in the process. Androids that are walking towards or interacting with a network station that's been overloaded will ignore anything else until it's done.

A timer will start counting down once the android arrives, which should give you the exact time you have left to do what you need to, before the android goes back to it's normal routine.
The APD Suit
APD (All Purpose Design)
Your APD (All Purpose Design) Suit has a number of built-in tools to help you explore areas in the game. It's important to utilize these functions throughout the game to make life all that much easier for yourself. You'll be able to use the Object Scanner for instance to detect objects, or, use the Flashlight to see in darker areas as well as utilizing the information provided by the HUD.

HUD (Heads Up Display)
The HUD, as any HUD, is used to show useful information. Most information only shows up when its relevant to a given situation. It's important to keep an eye out on your HUD at all times. A sound cue may also play to alert the player on a status update or change in situation such as an update regarding your mission objective, or when you pick up an item for instance.

On top of that, the HUD also indicates Aryn's stamina and power levels. Aryn will recover her stamina the moment she stops running. It will take a little longer to fully recover when walking. Standing still will make her recover a lot faster.

The suit will drain power when certain functions are used, such as the Flashlight or the Objects Scanner. Turning them off will refill the internal power supply by recycling Aryn's body heat. If you fully deplete either all the stamina or all the power a cool-down will initiate until at least 25% is recovered.

Aryn's helmet has a built-in Flashlight system which has quite a hefty range. Two lights on each side of the helmet will make sure you'll have some solid visibility in dark areas.Make sure to keep an eye out on your power levels while using it.
Default Key = F

Object Scanner
The Object Scanner is a vital tool during your explorations. With it you can easily locate usable interfaces such as Control Panels or DataPads that crew members left behind.

It can be easy to overlook an object that may contain vital information but using the Object Scanner you can easily identify which object you can interact with. Make sure to frequently scan areas to make sure you haven't missed anything.

The Object Scanner can also detect objects through walls or behind crates for instance. This is especially useful when you need to apply a stealth approach when avoiding androids.

NOTE: Not every object or item will be visible if certain requirements haven't met. Some of these can be an object not receiving power, or in case of a secret purposely not showing up.
Default Key = R

Zoom Function
The APD Suit is also equipped with a Zoom Function. This feature does exactly what its name implies. If you need to look at an object from a distance, the Zoom Function will do the job. This is useful for reading signs from afar, or it can be used as some high-tech magnifying glass.

While you're inspecting an object, you can also zoom in on an object if you wish. This may make reading letters that much easier.
Default Key = Z

Zero Gravity System
The Zero Gravity System is mostly a passive feature. When in zero gravity, the Zero-G system will kick in automatically and you'll be able to move Forward or Backwards, Left or Right as well as Up or Down. The Zero-G System also comes with the ability to do a Full-Stop, halting any momentum instantly.
Default Key Up = Mouse Right
Default Key Down = Left Ctrl
Default Key Full-Stop = Space

The DataPad
The DataPad is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. You'll be able to receive mission objectives and updates from John while collecting logs and such from other DataPads you will find throughout the game.

There's also a Location Map app plus a hidden app which will be revealed during the main game. Make sure to use the DataPad if you feel lost or not sure what to do. John does his best to make sure Aryn always knows what she needs to do.
Default Key = Q

The DataPad is useful in a number of ways but probably most important is the objective system. John will constantly update your objective depending on your progress.

He will always try to be as clear as possible, telling you where to go and/or what to do. It also serves as a reminder if you leave the game and come back at a later time.

While exploring Aryn will come across a number of DataPads who belong to the ships crew and other individuals. These logs may contain important information or clues leading to uncover secrets.

Logs can also help paint a picture of each crew member and who they are. It offers a glimpse into their personal lives or life in general on board these ships. Be sure to keep an eye out for these logs and collect as many as you can find.

Location Map
The DataPad has a built-in location map system (Mini-Map). It shows the immediate area you're in and you will be able to move the map around using the movement keys. There are also three zoom levels available. The map is a very useful tool for keeping your bearings. If you're lost or not sure where to go, be sure to consult your map.

The map also shows points of interest through colorized Icons. These can vary from computer interfaces to DataPads. In general the map shows almost everything but it might not show locations you are not yet meant to reach, or hiding secret areas. Any object that is not receiving any power will generally also not show up at this point.

All interactable objects
Data Save Stations

The location map will also hide secret areas, so make sure you don't blindly follow what's visible on the map alone and make sure to find as much information as possible to figure them out.
Inspecting Objects
Object Inspection System
Certain objects in the game can be picked up and inspected ranging from soda cans, to a calculator and documents for instance. Documents may have important information or they provide with interesting tidbits about the crew and its ship.

You can zoom in on any object that you're currently inspecting at any time, even without wearing the APD Suit. You will also be able to rotate an object to see it from various different angles if you wish. Sometimes this may be even needed.
Default Key = E

A number of objects can be collected as souvenirs. Once such an item is picked up, a sound cue will play informing that this item can be collected. Objects that are collected will be proudly displayed in Aryn's apartment. You'll be able to create a nice, diverse collection of items to display to remind you about the journey you underwent.
Default Key = MOUSE LEFT
SRO Side Missions
Once the main game has been completed, the SRO Missions will become available. SRO MIssions are side missions which offers smaller portions of narrative gameplay. Each side mission will include its own self-contained narrative. Offering the player to explore different kinds of locations with different types of environments. This potentially opens the game up to additional content in the future.

When you select this option the game will load up the starting area and you'll be able to select any of these side missions at will. Once you exit the Computer Terminal the game will fade out and the mission will be loaded.

If you select R&R (Rest & Relaxation) you will head back to Aryn's apartment. There you can take a look at your souvenirs and just relax. Further events might happen in the future as well, such as being able to celebrate Chrstmas or Halloween.
Default Keybindings
Mouse & Keyboard
Click image to enlarge

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Walk Faster
In the Game Options menu you can change Aryn's walking speed from default to fast. Running and other movement speeds will remain the same.

Hide The Helmet
You can turn off the helmet being rendered in the game. Head into the Game Options menu to turn it on or off. This only affects the helmet itself and not the HUD.

You can change the FOV under Video Options. This may also fix issues where the helmet is not drawn correctly.
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All In Jul 11 @ 4:38am 
I don't usually go in for walking simulators but after playing through the demo I'm definitely buying this, love what I've seen so far and eagerly looking forward to the rest of the story!
techead81 Feb 2 @ 3:01pm 
i beat the main game, it was so good I couldn't stop playing! i did want to mention 2 things I noticed.1, the part where you use the cameras to complete certain actions, I was unable to interact with that menu at all and had to resort to mouse, and 2. in the section where you have to lower the elevator to progress, even though I opened the door at the terminal, it wouldnt open. I had to take the elevator back to the previous floor, then back down again, then open the door again. other than that, the whole game was amazing, incredibly beautiful, and you did a great job with foreshadowing and hints throughout. I believe you said you were working on additional content via side missions, I am very excited to play them! thank you for all your effort, it was worth the wait!
| DeRaNgEr  [author] Feb 2 @ 1:20am 
Thanks for reporting back. Yeah I had to create a custom keybinding system and it's not easy. UE4 doesn't provide an easy system out of the box, I will try to see where the issue lies and hopefully be able to figure out a fix for it. And yeah it is supposed to separate the two but seems it's not working 100%.

Appreciate the help I'll try and see what I can do. But I'm glad you're able to play at least. :)
techead81 Feb 1 @ 6:22pm 
Oh, one small thing I wanted to mention. Working the slider with a mouse pointer is workable. but it would be much easier if you could scroll the menus with the right stick on the gamepad. Just a thought :)
techead81 Feb 1 @ 6:20pm 
Hey there. So, I finally had da chance to play test the game following your updates. I have 2 things to report. First of all, I am able to re-map controls. However, for some reason, if I delete an input, I need to back out of the controls screen and go back in for it to let me re-map that control again. Also, it would seem that keyboard and gamepad controls are not seperate. The only way I was able to get Interact to work was to map it to the same control in the gamepad AND the keyboard section. Normally, keyboard commands are not mappable to gamepad controls and vice versa, so I'm thinking there is some sort of input overflow going on there. In any case, I finally got in a spaceship and am able to play at long last, but I did want to get back to you and report my findings. If you need any further help, I am at your service :)
| DeRaNgEr  [author] Jan 21 @ 8:14am 
I have cleaned up a lot of code.
I removed old unused input commands and I also removed old keybinding options. I haven't been able to fully verify if this fixed the issues but I'm guessing that it should. I would be grateful if you could let me know if it is fixed on your end or if you still have issues with it. :rascal:
techead81 Jan 20 @ 3:53pm 
Did you fix the gamepad remapping problem?