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Tell a Demon
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 15 @ 5:49pm
Jul 21 @ 2:38pm

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Release date: Summer 2017
Tell a Demon is a visual novel set in a 1920s style fantasy world, centering around themes of love, loss, and vengeance. Your choices affect the character development of each of the three protagonists, leading to sixteen different endings. Many endings also vary based on your decisions throughout the story—some choices affect a viewpoint character's personality, while others alter the plot. The stories of the three separate viewpoint characters intertwine, but how much those stories intertwine—and who survives to the end of each playthrough—depends on you.

Tell a Demon employs a few additional features for the reader's convenience, such as the toggling of timed choices, and the ability to switch in-game text to the OpenDyslexic font.

It is built in Ren'Py, so you can also rollback and cheat if you make the wrong choice. ;)

The Protagonists' Stories:

Julius died six months ago. When you're dead, other people get to worry about the things that used to keep you up at night. Same applies if you're a shadow demon—especially a demon belonging to the Immortal Empress' cursed line.

But everything changes when Julius is freed from the chain of minds that connects all shadow demons. He learns that he was killing people as a mindless puppet—dangling from strings held by his immortal mistress, the Empress' Shadow. Now, Julius has a second chance to get his life back—or at least his mind—and the key lies in his memories.

Something is going on in the far too quiet, far too empty city-state of Asher. Kalevel intends to find out exactly what that is. Yet, when an old companion in immortality betrays her, she is prepared to dismiss it as another demon game.

When she realizes that he'll stop at nothing to keep her out of the way this time, Kalevel begins to grasp just how much is at stake, and how much her detachment—one side effect of immortality—has cost her. She must adapt and change—as the mortals do—or she will lose.

Some years ago, Tell's cousin died, casting a shadow of grief over her family. Now, Tell has moved to the city to live with her beloved aunt, and to carve a life for herself away from her country home and its sad memories.

Only it's not to be; one day, Tell looks into the eyes of a demon, and everything changes. Another, more literal, shadow from her past must be confronted—and overcome, or she'll never be free.
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kuroinosaruva Jun 23 @ 8:09am 
Beautiful game, i like the setting! Different character stories which intersect and effect another is very interesting!
Queenie Jun 2 @ 6:47pm 
quite a beautiful game, and I'm very interested in how different chara stories are going to intersect and affect one another.
I'll buy it!
filthy May 25 @ 4:22pm 
Wow, I'm really loving the art style - I mean it's a visual novel, you gotta have a good art style! But, this as it's own thing looks incredibly interesting, loving the story so far - definitely would buy when it hits the Steam store!
zatartheorc May 24 @ 9:06pm 
Looks interesting. I especially like the multiple main characters and the beautiful art style.
yasmin201 May 23 @ 9:41pm 
Looks really cool! Great job :)
rina May 23 @ 6:30pm 
Looks interesting and I love the art style! Would buy.
Mana May 22 @ 9:41am 
The graphics look fantastic, and the story seems quite intriguing! I can't wait for it to come out!
OneDumbJoke May 18 @ 3:47pm 
Gorgeous art and an intriguing story, can't wait to check it out!
skull_trumpet.gif May 17 @ 9:04pm 
not a game