Veil of Crows

Veil of Crows

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Inventory / Armory Guide
By Yesilbey
Clearification about how to build own Armory and change gears of your Hero.
Inventory / Armory Quick Guide
A) Inventory Guide

To gear up, you have to reach your inventory. But to do so, there is some steps.

I will go for hard way, if you get this you may go and find a town with armory and can buy and sell staff.

To gear up your hero, you need a town, like this;

When you get your town or start with it, you need a Armory. But Armory is expensive to build. So you need to increase capacity of your stockpile. Every generic material have it's own capacity. Increase ;

Warehouse (wood) to 220 capacity.
Stonemason (stone) to 220 capacity.
Blacksimith (steel) upgrade it 1 time.
Tannery (hide) upgrade it 1 time.

With these upgrade you may be able to build your own armory. This one;

After armory build up, there is a new section to click on appears... Click this;


After entering armory this screen awaits you. Gears to wear and get good !!

Helmets, horses, shields , swords etc.. Everything at your service... For more gear, please do upgrade your armory with following first steps.
TokkaRazz Oct 25, 2018 @ 8:17am 
Agreed :steamhappy:
Emperor Stanwyck May 21, 2017 @ 11:27am 
Good guide.