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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Updated Classic: GTA San Andreas [ENG]
By Philips_27 and 1 collaborators
This guide is dedicated to my personal build of modifications for your favorite game. The assembly carries in itself a lot of recovered things from the PS2 version, which were lost at the port on the PC, and also contains several fixes of the game itself.
Differences from the PC version

Changes from PS2 version:
  • Co-op, with all original modes.
  • The whole map (with some objects cut out on PC).
  • Script component.
  • Setting the weather and the atmosphere.
  • Icons of the radar.
  • Icons of radio stations.
  • Different interface textures.
  • Grass.
  • Parked cars.
  • Different textures that differed from the PC version.
  • Some pedestrians and characters.
  • Text on the walls in the Ammu-Nations.
  • Transport.
  • Text files.
  • Different effects.
  • Reflections on the vehicles.

  • Now that you eat in different establishments, Carl will have a burger or a piece of pizza in his hands.
  • Enemy groups are now hitting your car in free mode.
  • Fully working Hot Coffee mod. (It is activated and deactivated by the cheat code "HOTCOFFEE").
  • The game allocated more memory, which fixed the problem with the disappearance of textures.
  • Pedestrians now do not disappear when you point camera at them.
  • The interference with rain have been removed.
  • Fixed "black roads".
  • Now when you use Alt + Tab, the game is not paused. (This fixed the problem with textures on the whole screen in the interiors).
  • When an airplane exploded (when a player was inside), it no longer disappears.
  • The "secret" Pay'n'Spray in Las Venturas has been completely refined.
  • In the desert now appears the sheriff of the desert (in the original was the sheriff of the countryside).
  • "Red Rain" has been fixed.
  • Various fixes on the map (including interiors).
  • Fixed the "black side" of palms and trees.
  • Now you have access to the San Fierro police department.
  • On the mission "Life's a beach" to get a van, you now need to score 4000 points, as on PS2 (2500 per PC).
  • In the first cutscene, the train is now traveling at the correct speed, as on the PS2.
  • The siren in the mission "Black Project" was taken from the PS2.
  • Fixed a problem with anti-aliasing and reflections in mirrors.
  • The game now has a window mode.
  • The night sky has been corrected (those same "bands").
  • The light from the headlights was fixed.
  • The radio station "CSR" received a frequency of 103.2, as on the PS2. (On PC - 103.9).
  • Texture processing is taken from PS2.
  • Various transport fixes.
  • A double pair of wheels at the trucks.
  • Parachute animations was restored.
  • The mouse on new systems now works correctly.
  • The mouse no longer goes beyond the screen, which allows you to play on multiple monitors.
  • The sensitivity of the vertical axis of the mouse now corresponds to the sensitivity along the horizontal axis.
  • More accurate counting of frames per second, which removes lags when the frame limiter is on.
  • The game now works a little better with a high FPS. However, there are still problems. Therefore it is recommended to play with the frame limiter turned on.
  • Fixed reflections on wet roads.
  • All text now has correct shadows (depending on the resolution selected).
  • In the folder "ReadMe" you can find manuals for the game.
  • Added mip-map levels for all game textures.
  • Added full support for gamepads.
  • The interface now has the correct size relative to the screen resolution.
  • Various script fixes.
  • The NUM5 key works correctly (as in 1.01).
  • Now, if the game does not have a configuration file, then the resolution in the game will default to the resolution of your computer's screen (instead of the standard 800x600).
  • DirectPlay is no longer required for the game.
  • The EAX and Nvidia screens have been removed.
  • The size of the subtitles and radio stations is reduced, as in the Steam version.
  • Fixed glare of the sun.
  • Fixed a bug due to which melee weapon spawned by cheat code was replaced by another weapon when entering the marker.
  • Rotors of helicopters and airplanes now work correctly.
  • Hunter's interior no longer disappears when you look at it through the glass.
  • Illumination of objects no longer changes when changing weapons.
  • Fixed a bug with the disappearing weapon icon on the jetpack.
  • Blown up cars no longer shine.
  • Fixed a problem with dirty vehicles. Now you can dirty and clean your cars in Pay'n'Spray (as in 1.01).
  • The moon now has several phases (depending on the day of the week), as on the PS2.
  • Fixed lighting of objects.
  • User Tracks now support the FLAC format. (Only 8/16/24 bit, Mono / Stereo and up to 48 Khz).
  • Temple and Queens are now properly reported by the police.
  • Fixed a problem with the gym, when you could not indulge in endlessly.
  • Fixed dumbbells in gyms.
  • Saving in the house Madd Dogg no longer causes a problem with the basketball.
  • Cheat code for floating vehicles with PS2. (Activation/deactivation - "SEAROADER").
  • Cops textures in "Reuniting The Families" and Quarry missions have been fixed.
  • All music on the radio is present, unlike the standard Steam version.
  • Fixed facial animations.
  • Cut art in main menu was restored.
  • Trains now have a glow effect from the headlights.
  • The tram now has a dynamic change of signage.
  • Added all parked vehicles from PS2.
  • All game models of story characters are improved.
  • Ryder's number 9 in the "Drive-thru" mission now has the correct textures.
  • Fixed a problem with the aero on Windows 7.
  • Fixed a problem with long characters hands, when using skin mods.
  • Fixed problems with the radar render.
  • Improved smoke effects from car exhaust pipes.

Much is also in the "Updates" section.

From words to deeds:

I present some screenshots made in the game:
And also videos representing the differences between PS2 and PC versions (not all) by Vadim M:

Download Build

I'm signing versions of my builds so that it's easier to navigate with the freshness of the versions. At the moment, Build 32 is available for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

You can donwload here (for choice): (Size: 3.74 GB)

So, you downloaded the archive and do not know what to do next.
1. Remove the Steam Version:
To begin with, we need to remove all files from the original Steam version of the game. To do this, click on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with the right mouse button in your Steam library and select Properties > Local Files> > Browse Local Files.... After this action you will have to open the folder with the game files. Just delete them all.
2. Rehabilitation of Game:
Further everything is simple. All you have to do is take the contents of the folder GTA San Andreas Build 32 and put the files in place of those that you recently deleted.

If you have any technical problems/questions, see the "Support" section.


In this section you can see a list of changes in one version or another of the assembly.


Since 15th may (2017):
  • Tampa fixed.
  • FBI Truck fixed.
  • Freeze in mission "OG Loc" has liminated.
  • Crash when you open a door of Trans Fender in San Andreas Multiplayer has liminated.

Since 21th may (2017):
  • Headlights of the train now have light.
  • Fixed map and radar on area 69.
  • Fixed bugs in the "Catalyst" mission.
  • Fixed crashes when the game was closed.
  • Fixed a wheelchair.
  • A little work has been done on the graphic part.
  • The documentation about the mode for two players has been updated a little.
  • Fixed bugs with the desert sheriff.
  • Micro Uzi has been fixed.
  • Fixed a grass a little.

Since 25th may (2017):
  • HPV-1000 has been fixed.
  • Fixed crash when using User Track Player.
  • Not big fixes on the map.

Since 28th may (2017):
  • Small fixes on the map.
  • Changed one background in the menu and the start screen.
  • Update for addon HD Interface.

Since 20th july (2017):
  • Table with stop on the tram now depends on the place of its appearance.
  • Fixed small errors.
  • All game models of story characters have been improved.
  • Updated plugins.
  • The mouse sensitivity has been improved.
  • Updated Multiplayer addon.

Since 24th july (2017):
  • Updated Multiplayer addon.

Since 27th july (2017):
  • Added Low Patch addon.

Since 24th september (2017):
  • In the main menu of the game, the build number is added.
  • Small corrections.
  • Fixed all the billboards.
  • Updated plugins.
  • In the mission End of the Line, the bosses now have the correct weapons.
  • Updated HD Interface addon.

Since 6th november (2017):
  • Added HD icons (can be found in data/icons folder).
  • Fixed air conditioners in the mission Architectural Espionage.
  • Fixed Mafia representative in the mission of Key To Her Heart.
  • Fixed the barriers in the Explosive Situation mission.
  • Fixed the M4.
  • Minor adjustments.
  • Updated color correction.
  • Updated Low Patch addon.
  • Updated San Andreas Multiplayer addon.
  • Updated HD Interface addon.
  • Fixed a statue of Big Smoke in Crack Palace.
  • Fixed some animations.
  • Fixed rare crashes.
  • Corrections on the map.

Since 16th february (2018):
  • Fixed Dune.
  • Fixed some animations.
  • Minor corrections.
  • Added icon for unused Pay'n'Spray.
  • Updated HD Interface addon.
  • Radars in aeroports is now animated.
  • Fixed Barbara Schternvart skin.
  • Fixed LVPD underground parking.
  • Updated Low Patch addon.
  • Fixed Ammu-Nation in Downtown Los Santos.

Since 16th february (2018):
  • Fixed some crashes when loading saves.

Since 28th april (2018):
  • Hydra pilots in N.O.E. mission has been fixed.
  • Fixed Hunter's color in police reports.
  • The game now can use up to 4 GB of RAM.
  • Updated co-op mode.
  • Changed the weather algorithm, now the weather changes every 24 hours, instead of the standard 8.


In this section I suggest some interesting additions for your favorite game. By the standard in the assembly they are not included, so that everything is your choice.

1) HD Interface.
This add-on bears only the improved interface textures. That is, a better font and icons, without a strong loss of style.
1. Download all the same link archive Trilogy HD Interfaces.rar (Size: 70.1 MB).
2. Copy the contents from a folder Trilogy HD Interfaces/GTA San Andreas/put in game folder from archive and put in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

2) Multiplayer.
Many favorite mod, giving the opportunity to play with your friends over the network - San Andreas Multiplayer.
1. Delete cleo folder in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas directory.
2. Download all the same link archive [SA] Multiplayer.rar (Size: 21.4 MB).
3. Copy all the files from the put in game folder folder to the game folder, confirming the replacement.
4. Launch sa-mp-0.3.7-R2-install.exe and specify in it your game folder.
5. Before running the game, run samp_fix[F12].exe (customize it to your taste, save the settings) and when you join the server, press F12 to activate it.
WARNING: After install this addon single player will not working more.

3) Low Patch.
If your computer is too weak, then this add-on is for you. What's changing:
  • Removed all the trees from the map.
  • The textures of the game world are lowered.
  • Many graphic effects are disabled.
This patch can increase the number of frames per second by about 15-20.
1. Download all the same link archive Low Patch (Size: 28.3 MB).
2. Place the contents of the put in game folder folder in the game folder and confirm the replacements.

Download all the above-mentioned add-ons here (for choice):


In this section, you may be able to find answers to some questions related to the assembly (the list will be updated).

Recommendations: 1. Turn on Frame Limiter in game display settings. 2. Install all the components necessary for the game from the folder ReadMe/Prerequisites. 3. Make sure that at the end of the screen resolution (in game) you set "x32" (needs game restart if changed).

Q: Can I install third-party modifications to the build?
A: Yes, but please note that this can cause various technical problems/errors and you will lose my support in these matters.

Q: Does build works on Windows XP?
A: No, Windows XP is not supported.

Q: The textures in the game are soapy, but they cost the maximum settings.
A: Put the value of anisotropic filtering in the settings of your video card to the maximum value available.

Q: The game is very slow.
A: In file Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/cleo/Mix Sets.ini put AntiAliasing value -1.

Q: Into movies don't work.
A: Update codecs. If after this you have only sound, try compatibility with some operation system.

Q: I don't like the blur.
A: Open the file Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/scripts/skygfx.ini and set 0 to the next parameters:
  • blurLeft
  • BlurTop
  • BlurRight
  • BlurBottom

Q: How to active a Windowed mode?
A: In Advanced Display Settings (in game) in resolultion find a windowed value.

Q: How do I activate the tooltips with the Xbox gamepad buttons?
A: In the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/scripts/GInputSA.ini file, set the PlayStationButtons parameter to 0.

Q: When I try to decompress the archive, it produces an error: Can not open file or Archive corrupted.
A: Update your archiver or use another.

Q: After installing build, my saves made on Steam-versions stopped working.
A: A Guide to Converting Saves:
1. Go to and upload your save file there (located in My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/GTASAsf1.b - where the digit 1 in the file name indicates the slot number).
2. After uploading the file to the site, expand the Modifications section.
3. Change the value of Binary/EXE Version to unmodified.
4. Change the value of Script/SCM Version to v1.
5. Below choose one of the eight slots in which you want to save your file and put it back in My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files.

Q: I do not like dynamic shadows.
A: Open the file Grand Theft Auto/San Andreas/scripts/skygfx.ini, then set the parameters pedShadows and stencilShadows to 0.

Q: When setting the resolution corresponding to the resolution of the monitor, the game freeze/crashes.
A: In the file Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/scripts/GTASA.WidescreenFix.ini in the parameters ResX and ResY set the resolution values of your monitor.
Example: ResX = 1920 и ResY = 1080.

Q: Game doesn't launch.
A: Update DirectX and install DirectPlay.

Q: How to enable/disable the "black bands" in cutscenes?
A: In Advanced Video Settings (in game) change value of parameter "Widescreen".

If you have any questions about this assembly and its components, you can write in comments below.
Also you can write me a mail:

Warning: If you have an error, I advise in some way to tell me, under what conditions it happened and throw these files:
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/modloader/modloader.log.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/cleo.log.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/scripts/scrlog.log.

Russian guide:

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Philips_27  [author] Jul 11 @ 2:43pm 
F-ZeroRacer_07, you know, I working on this mod since 2014 and I already forget many mods which I used.
F-ZeroRacer_07 Jul 11 @ 6:40am 
I see. Could you at least give us an idea on what mods were used?
Philips_27  [author] Jun 21 @ 3:06am 
F-ZeroRacer_07, sorry but almost impossible to make guide like this.
F-ZeroRacer_07 Jun 21 @ 2:20am 
Question: Will you make a guide on how to make custom builds like this? I know that downloading your build is the quickest method, but I've been curious on what mods were used (other than the obvious ones).
Philips_27  [author] Jun 12 @ 11:41am 
Joyster, I think we needs a demonstration from you.
Joyster Jun 12 @ 11:22am 
Didn't do the trick for me man :/
Mr Mojo Risin' Jun 11 @ 11:17am 
Ok, thanks!
Philips_27  [author] Jun 11 @ 11:15am 
Mr Mojo Risin', in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/scripts/skygfx.ini set parameter "colorFilter" value "PC".
Mr Mojo Risin' Jun 11 @ 11:11am 
Is it possible to reduce that orange sky thing? just wondering..
Joyster Jun 2 @ 12:54pm 
I'll give it a try!